Thursday , January 20 2022
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ICE raids: 680 illegal immigrants arrested across Mississippi

Border Commerce & Security Council President Nelson Balido discusses how ICE arrested hundreds of illegal immigrants throughout Mississippi.

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  1. The largest round up in decades ????
    COME TO TEXAS . Illegals have took over !

  2. just quit eating chicken… illegal filthy undocumented people in our food. who knows how many people are sick because they contaminated our food.

  3. Illegal immigration special need children

  4. Indictments of workers mount after the Mississippi immigration raids, but no employers have been charged. So tell me, how smart do you have to be to understand that if you charge the EMPLOYERS that those who want to hire illegals will not dire them any more, and if you are an illegal who comes over here and can't find a job, do you think many illegals would come over if they couldn't find a job???……….do you think that would work? But hey, what do I know, a wall is much more dramatic, much more of a show piece for the masses. By the way, how is that wall coming up? Yeah………….it hasn't.

  5. Outstanding news. Illegal is illegal no matter how you look at it.

  6. They should take the owners to prison.

  7. No news about the company's management going to jail, but they did hold a job fair two days later….the owners of the company must be friends of trump….and they may have made a deal with i.c.e….

  8. Getting sick of Jobs and Government Favoring illegals giving them the upper hand over the American people

  9. Now raid Uber and fine them big for every single illegal, fake, account renter, out of status driver.

  10. If 700 illegal visitors where located within United States borders for deportation then nothing less then 140 of them should had been black skin from County's such as Africa – Haiti and Jamaica- Also 150 of them should have been from foreign White County's such as Canada , Europe and UK now should l proceed ….Now it looks like to me Someone has a Personal Vendetta against a Southern American Indian as well as Latains- SO IF THIS IS TRUE THAT 700 SPANISH speaking people were rounded up l would Clearly consider this operation to be RACIST'S TOWARD A LATIN EMPIRE

  11. Now u C these Krackers don't give a fuk about you. So keep voting for trump. And acting like yall better than black people. Need 2 stick 2 gether

  12. In 1999, Payne settled with the SEC over a complaint alleging that on at least eight occasions, His home-based business. recommended that its clients purchase members stock through robo-call messages on its telephonic stock recommendation service. The complaint also alleged that Payne failed to disclose that he received payments from members to promote members stock. Without admitting or denying the alleged violations, Payne consented to the entry of a permanent injunction against violations of Section 17(b) of the Securities Act of 1933. In addition, Payne agreed to pay a civil penalty, performed 100 hours of community service and pled guilty to a lessor misdemeanor charge of harassing phone ally.

  13. My grandpa migrated in the late 80s he worked in the fields to give both of my uncles papers and sense of security. .yet I see many immigrants who act like they can't pay for the process but have money for trucks and big party's. .my grandma did it working in the fields and picking up his kids could have a future ..and after he did it for them he started the process him self and he's been a citizen for decades. So stop acting like you don't know it can happen to u..

  14. good job 680 new Jobs I Wish they would come to Cleveland TN 37311

  15. Happy to hear that I really don’t have work

  16. A chicken company that hires illegals under the table would also sweep a problem with their chicken under the rug!

  17. Don't you think it is strange company owners where the 'illegal' underpaid and under verry bad conditions are working, not beeing arrested while they actually earn millions and miljons. The sad thing about Trumps "final solution" is, America's economy needs six million illegal immigrants every year just to keep it going. The only thing Trump has done is reintroduced slavery after Abraham Lincoln ordered the freedom of all slaves in 1863.

  18. Great work ICE and local law enforcement. Catch those bastards!

  19. Mr.President Trump keeping his word. What a great POTUS!

  20. How come I don’t see white immigrants getting arrested

  21. Employers need to be accountable period. GO I.C.E GREAT JOB!!🙌🎉🎊🎉

  22. Adios! All you are doing is giving them a free ride home to visit relatives . They will be back in two weeks!

  23. Nationalism is more organized and widespread. It’s not just white supremacy groups and online hate platforms but also the denied intentions of stock piling weapons profiles and the awaiting leadership running for office and how they intentionally target and okay the actions of their own constituency as readied militias. There is a widespread terror threat to Democracy in America and the old Confederacy is a good model and summation already in place. This will birth forth chaos to setup its own government until it is satisfied. Holocaust is inevitable. It is awaiting the go ahead to become it. Its voting in its coinciding Congress that gridlocked throughout the Obama Presidency, racist fears keep on mounting to other traits offensive to these sizable segments. They are like triggers to the Confederacy, as a complex to an underlying genetic instinct. When instinct is taunted the predisposed genetic makeup of a group begins to get defensive, and Trump is feeding it as a mutually understood goal based on fear. He just does what his marketing tactics do for him and if he can fuel it, he will. There is also a spiritual element creating negative stronghold, of which to him it is likely unconscious and just by nature of his antisocial character has an appeal to a negative spiritual element also being mobilized to take advantage of the low grade personality that has taken office.

  24. Misplaced justice! The charges should be against the employer for EACH illegal employee. I’m not saying illegal immigration should be allowed, but employment is the “candy” that draws people over our borders.


  26. Ice are using the tears the heartbroken immigrants as a negotiation

  27. Lol so many american businesses,are gonna go bankrupt. I'm sorry for the families who got separated. But your sacrifice was worth it. Now time,to watch how American companies collapse. No more cheap labor,no more bonuses for greedy bastards.

  28. Just so everyone knows, illegal isn't a race. Wasn't sure if everyone knew that…

  29. ok since these kids already hate americans why don't we make a golden path for them to follow back across the border? and feed them along the way. and once theyr back across the border we seal the border with glue?

  30. Fox viewers, come out of your comfy little bubbles and look at what's happening. Your president is an arse-hole.

    Who would leave young children crying on the street after arresting their parents? Why didn't you social services get involved? We have the answer from Trump's own lips : "It's a deterrent."

    Punishing children is a 'deterrent'. Calling him an arse-hole is an insult to arse-holes.

  31. Why they are given a chance to handle their affairs ? Americans get thrown in jail kids taken to Foster homes . Give Americans a chance to handle their affairs. This is all wrong. Have you people heard about cost of living. Those people can live together twenty-five in one room. Americans do not live like that.

  32. Bfd, so they round them up and let them go.

  33. It is time to really crack down on employers, knowingly hiring illegals should result in automatic forfeiture of the business and all assets. The revenue from liquidating the businesses should be used for border security.

  34. JUST WONDERING….Has Fox "News" told you that Trump has used illegal immigrants to work at his clubs for construction jobs and still is doing that?  Do you think ICE will raid those places? If you ever get tried of not getting the complete news because Trump TV will go to all lengths to protect the president (just this one), then be brave and check out MSNBC. I swear, I won't tell Trump. Yes, I know he conveniently told you all news he didn't like was fake… Do you still believe that BS? Pretty clever, I have to admit but he can't expect people to be fooled for this long. Seriously.

  35. If the employer knows they be are illegal, the also need to be held accountable!


  37. Hold these employers accountable starting with trump the biggest hypocrite.

  38. Raise minimum wages because no one wants to work two strenuous laboured jobs at 7hr? Raise the pay and Americans will want to work these types of jobs.

  39. What happened to the dems Mueller chant "no one is above the law". Guess some people are.

  40. We need more raids all over the Country because this has been going on to long , these law breakers need to be sent back and the Companies need to be find . Does the price of hambuger or steaks get any cheaper with cheap labor ? i have not seen it .

  41. I don't blame these immigrants at all. I blame the laws we have in place, laws that implemented by Obama's administration, who gave status to over 12 million illegals, and open the door for others, I'm an immigrant too, but I came to US trough the front door, respect the laws, this is not Europe, this is USA.
    I lived in US for about 15 years now, never been so bad economically up until Obama took the office and opened the doors for everyone to come in and take our jobs. Let's be honest, 680 illegals working in a factory, while thousands of US citizens who pay taxes have no job at the moment, or cant find the right job. Is this what Dems want? F#$%ck US citizens, Love Illegals????? Are you kidding me….. Again… immigrants build this country, only legal immigrants. COME TROUGH THE FRONT DOOR, YOURE WELCOMED HERE.

  42. When will ICE raid Mar-a-Lago?

  43. arrest the company owners and HR hiring people and these criminal illegals will leave the country

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