Thursday , January 20 2022
Home / News / ICE released 'many' parents to go care for their children: Tom Homan

ICE released 'many' parents to go care for their children: Tom Homan

Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan on the decline in arrests along the U.S. border with Mexico and the ICE raids in Mississippi.

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  1. ARREST THE EMPLOYERS! TRUMP is STILL employing ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS at his golf resorts and hotels.

  2. They released them to go take care of the children? How noble. Why not take the entire family? They all got here how? How about this plan. They all go to Puerto Rico and work there. After proving their worth they are permitted to apply for citizenship.

  3. What was the final total-most were back to work the next day. What a farce.

  4. I bet there are Alot of parents in jail that will be asking that they too be released to go care for their children… good luck there… Have to be an illegal alien to get that kind of pass.

  5. Only unfortunate thing is that illegal immigrants were released back to American soil.

  6. at least they r on the books now amd they may be able to stay but believe they all have a home to go to back too thats why they r here

  7. Awww, isn't that just too precious for words????????

  8. 😕LMAO .."ICE", "We for the kids"

  9. deport them all back to Mexico,,,,,we have 1.6 Million American " Starving" children and 16.8 million hungry American families we need to help , not some Illegals who don't belong here,,,,,give those jobs to Americans and help our own first and always…

  10. How does that work you can come here illegally use phony Social Security numbers file fraudulent taxes steal someone else's job and then go home after you been arrested and if I don't agree with it I'm a racist.

  11. gotta go after the businesses that hire these criminals, and instead of releasing mom or dad you should have given the kids time to pack up a few things and deported them with mom or dad, otherwise you will only get half – typical " good enough for government work" attitude

  12. think of the children… of the American middle AND lower class.

  13. And run to hide some were else. 😒😒

  14. The "think-of-the-children" gambit. Works every time.

  15. That's infuriating, they need to go grab the children as well. These people are economic terrorists.

  16. This whole thing is a tragedy all the way around, this is a direct result of not securing our border. I hope we can all agree to secure our border now to keep this from happening again.

  17. What "Home Run"??? Homan! QUIT LYING!

  18. Go care for your children's. Patriarch parents go care for your children. Fond of making love😍😘 and now raise your twinkling stars and store them in your barns. These census count will be REMOVED from earths Book of Life. For there is NO place for adulterers and lawless in KINGDOM of GOD.

  19. This is ridiculous,these rats will just run and hide somewhere else,they should of stayed in jail and the kids deported to family in their countries

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