Ice storm death toll climbs to at least 8 as thousands are left without power

A severe ice storm that is sweeping across the southern U.S. has caused the deaths of at least eight people. NBC News’ Guad Venegas reports on when residents are expected to get their power back and if more extreme weather is expected.

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    Plus cover his 👂🙉 STAY WARM…
    not worry about HANDSOME IMAGE. for broadcasting.

  2. Why can't you say 112349 people lived instead of the 8 dead. Always trying to scare to get views

  3. Prayers to those folks- seniors….animals….prayers to all

  4. I still can’t believe these programs waste our time with trivial weather coverage…when our country and society have serious issues.

  5. It’s crazy how further south global warming is going. This ice stuff I’ve been around my whole life living here in Nebraska. But they have no idea how to deal with it down there.

  6. No salt trucks or snow plows you’d think they’d contract for them from other states

  7. Did anyone else catch the voice that says they're dead when she is saying Ice storm at the very beginning? If you listen carefully you can hear a male voice say they're dead.

  8. Global warming Climate change Global warming Climate change…..🤪🐒👽👽🐵

  9. Beautiful weather should be like this all year round

  10. Hopefully they dont have to rely on EVs!

  11. Watching Savannah repeatedly trying to get this inept field reporter to talk about something a shade more relevant & interesting than the piece of ice he's clinging to was kinda painful.

  12. If Wisconsin was like Texas. They'd never have power in the winters.

  13. It’s called global warming 😅😅😅😅😅

  14. Pray for our truckers.

  15. 25 years ago Al Gore said winters would end.

  16. What is it about Texas and refusing to spend the $$$ needed to mitigate issues like this?

  17. Oh yeah with the power outage you're not allowed to use your fireplace or your gas propane or whatever Biden says so you're supposed to roll over and die that's what he wants so don't you dare put a log on that fireplace or break out the propane Biden says so yeah right I don't think so enjoy your fireplace the propane to keep you warm screw him

  18. Poor Texans. People have known ice is slippery for millions of years and they're still getting killed everytime it's icy. Some people are just plain unlearnable.

  19. Was it (BLACK ICE) go ahead and say it. Key and Peele. He keeps clearing his throat when he was talking about the road ice….

  20. I couldn't give this a thumbs up. It's news but it's Deviation

  21. It's -40 below zero in Northern Minnesota and will get into the -50s below zero with the windchill. Last year we had actual air temperatures into the -40s below zero. Get use to it, and learn how to drive! I got snow up to my windows here… idiots. Omg… drama….deal with it..


    from Hawaii

  23. Minimize TRAVEL,,,,,if possible no travel during snow storms…..

  24. Thank you sleepy joe and the democrats for stopping global warming this is so much better when combined with the destruction of the electric grid!

  25. As far as Texas is concerned, I know two people who are gonna be real warm for a very, VERY long time, as that's Abbott and Cruz.

  26. that’s more people than covid

  27. Why are you holding on to a piece of ice for 3 hours?

  28. If only you had gas lines to your house when the power goes out. Nah freeze too death for climate change 🫡

  29. I am sorry for those suffering from the cold.I hope this helps those in power to revisited their climate crisis delusions and devastating police decision and plans

  30. Don't understand why Dallas hasn't invested in vehicles that can service the roads

  31. Currently 10 below 0 here in Minnesota

  32. Does everyone suddenly not remember how to handle winter weather? 🙄

  33. Thoughts and prayers should keep all the stupids warm.

  34. Where are the Climate Change deniers now

  35. Global warming is total scam

  36. I love how the rest of the world thinks this is catastrophic while places like Alaska look at this and see Tuesday

  37. I arrived in Fort Worth Texas Monday to deliver 3 shipments. I move Military Personnel. I choose to sit this one out until it warms up. Heading out Friday. Some things are not worth trying when the odds are against you and the risk is not worth the reward!

  38. How are those windmills and solar panels working out?