Iconic Democrat teases possible third-party run in 2024

2016 Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson discusses the chances of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running as a third-party candidate on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast.’ #foxbusiness #cavuto

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  1. Kennedy’s got my vote 100%!🇺🇸 He’s a true leader with integrity and cares about the people!

  2. This guy is the Trump for the Democrats.

  3. I'd distance myself from them, too.

  4. I like RFK because he’s a democrat who can actually think.

  5. I’m voting for Kennedy. 🇺🇸


  7. The Two party system is flawed, because the Politicians are all corrupt.

  8. Dems already rigging election

  9. RFK will take more Republican voters than democrats. The democrats who are left for Biden are the most pre-pre-programmed group. Most real liberals are independent, not democrats.

  10. The problem with third parties is that it’s short sighted and keeps focusing only on the presidential election. The smaller parties (Liber, Green) should run senate, congressional, mayoral, gubernatorial candidates and build familiarity between voters and them before they run presidential candidates.

  11. ❤️🇺🇸
    President Kennedy 2024

  12. He’s showing Americans that they don’t really have a democracy.

  13. I am 52 years old and have never been excited about a presidential candidate, however I am very excited about RFK Jr. I have donated $1,000 to his campaign and will continue to support him.

  14. The DNC cannot be trusted to give RFK Jr a fair shot at winning the Democratic nomination.

  15. RFK should try to get the libertarian nomination. It will get that party out of the fringe and will put him on the ballot in all 50 states if he gets it.

  16. I hope RFK runs with a 3rd party for Pres He will make the Democrat lose!!

  17. Just watch largely American affairs, until you completely lose faith in men. Outsourced to you.

  18. Robert, this is NOT your father or uncle’s party!

  19. Hes a recovering heroin addict…..why is anyone even humoring this clown🤭 Definitely a Trump plant. Nice try, Rob. You disgrace the name of your father.

  20. America needs more political parties, two parties can not represent millions of diverse views.

  21. But, Governor, how many votes would a libertarian take away from…D or R ?????

  22. Why would RFK even want to be affiliated with these disgusting people, go Independent Sir, you deserve respect and these liars have none for anyone.

  23. Red and blue voters are tribal. They have no critical thinking skills.

  24. If RFK was smart he would just sit on the sidelines and hold his peace and just get some popcorn and enjoy the fireworks until next time

  25. God Bless this Kennedy , persally equal representation and equal oputunity. If he is for this country entirely!

  26. Them showing a This Past Weekend clip on Fox is hilarious to me, shout-out Theo

  27. Biden's 81, so GOP is only the other 19% of chance at winning.

  28. For insightful, balanced, and credible elections in the context of two Presidents facing legal obstacles, within the USA and facing the world, it would be great if Mr. RFK Jr continues to take part in the race if he so wishes🙏

  29. He needs to do to them as they have done to him

  30. You're a schmuck Cavuto. Bobby didn't say he is considering a third party run. Someone asked him a question, and he responded by saying that "if the DNC does not allow him to run in the election in a fair and just manner" that he "would then have to consider other options." He wasn't asked if he really believes that the DNC would risk burnishing their reputation even further by making it virtually impossible for him to win the election and become the nominee. That would also mean that the DNC would disenfranchise the state of New Hampshire. They are not going to do that.

    He continues to say that HE DOES NOT HAVE A PLAN B AND THAT HE BELIEVES HE WILL BE THE NOMINEE OF HIS PARTY. Why do most of the Fox News commentators insist on rewriting the narrative and claim that he is considering running as an Independent candidate. Let's wait to see what happens. Apparently you don't know that the state of New Hampshire is planning to hold its primary on January 23rd, and if that happens, Iowa Democrats will most likely hold their caucus on the same day as the Iowa Republican caucus which is on January 15th. Even if Biden's health holds up, he will not win Iowa and New Hampshire. This is why the administration is trying desperately to have S.C. to hold the first Democratic election in the primaries — which I don't believe will happen.