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Iconic Test Moment: Waugh's magical Ashes ton

Under intense media scrutiny, Australia captain Steve Waugh produced a fighting knock in front of his home crowd and capped it off with a four off the final ball of the day to bring up a famous century


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  1. Every Australian cricket fan can remember exactly where they we’re when this happened

  2. Thank You CA for keeping the old memories alive by producing these little videos. BCCI should learn to keep up with public demands. After all BCCI is the billionaire of cricket. Little money on the side for these types of videos from their archives won’t hurt them. Will it???

  3. The day this happened was my Mum in Laws funeral- the last guests left the wake as he got into the 80s !!

  4. Who do you think will win the ashes?
    Like- Australia 🇦🇺 will retain the Ashes
    Comment- England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 will regain the ashes

  5. Micheal Waugh was absolutely amazing in this inninngs

  6. If your name starts with Steve and you play for Australia there is seriously something special about you!!

  7. 0:08 127 kmph??? i though he was a spinner XD

  8. All time Greatest captain of the world

  9. Best cricket team Australia 💪👌

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