Saturday , January 16 2021
Home / News / If stimulus deal not done by election, it won't be done until February: Rep Reed

If stimulus deal not done by election, it won't be done until February: Rep Reed

Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Josh Gottheimer and Rep. Tom Reed weigh in on the stimulus stalemate and New York Gov. Cuomo urging non-essential travel to be avoided.

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  1. of course the politicians don't care if the people get a stimulus, THEY GET PAID FOR EVERY DAY ALL YEAR LONG, THE DO NOT MISS A CHECK, REMEMBER THIS PEOPLE WHEN YOU GO VOTE!

  2. Prosegue Nancy Pelosi evil devil

  3. They are out of there minds give us our stimulus checks so we can live

  4. SHAME on the SLURRED Speaker of the House for not Helping the American People…..

  5. Polls are lies if Texas votes Biden I am a pumpkin lol… dems have just ruined this whole last 4-6 mos she’s a nightmare!! Dems will do everything they can to win, if Biden’s family can get away w all their stuff let’s pray that dems don’t corrupt votes again!!!!!!

  6. I don't think people are crazy enough to vote Joe bidin in

  7. The pole ratings are a hocxs

  8. Nope we the people will NO LONGER wait. We want what we are owed all the way back to the first . We the people will flood the streets of DC and make it happen. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO GO AFTER AND RETALIATE AGAINST A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. THEY CREATED A MONSTER OF PIST OF PEOPLE NOW THE CAN DEAL WITH WHAT'S COMING. F*** THE SYSTEM

  9. Wolf, I am calling out all of corrupted polictians for calling wolf too us the Americans. We have no trust in anyone. We're treated like a 3rd country. When did Pelosi get more power than our President Trump. Don't yall see how low she's going to go? Let see why.. 1st she is wanting a panel for the 25th article to remove a president. Everyone knows Biden needs to retire. He is not fit. Pelosi and Harris wants him to win and that is why she wants that panel assembled. Biden if he gets elected Pelosi is get control fully then. If he don't dance on that stage of how she wants, she'll turn the heat up and he will. She can have him removed as unfit. Then Harris steps in as President, Pelosi is then going to be VP, and she goes down as they are the 1st women President and V.P. See that's why she didn't do this stimulus and kept finding reasons. The devil is sneaking in the back door while she's got everyone watching our President. Tell me does this make sense to you now. Pelosi does not know whats best for us. We are just her stepping stone.Just my opinion.

  10. No stimulus payments for the American people has become a HUGE JOKE CRIME AND SHAME!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Government is worthless
    U should get no money period tax payers shouldn't have to pay taxes period we need our dam stimulus checks right now

  12. Nancy Pelosi has got to be the sorriest speaker of the house is country has ever had

  13. We the people will never get another stimulus IF NOT IN NEXT FEW DAYS. WE WILL BE DESTROYED FINANCIALLY. STOCK

  14. Fake polls
    Fact checkers
    Same Bosses
    globalist eliEte🐍👿🎩

  15. Trump is another Rev Jim Jones Drink the Fuckin Kool-Aid TRUMP followers

  16. People should be FIRST the hell with the election

  17. You talk about rioting God help Mitch and NANCY people will burn their house down

  18. Nao sou politico mas sofro como voces pelo desgoverno

  19. Entao voces tem a soluçao se reunem e vao agir sei a soluçao nao sou politico mas sei como resolver o problema dos EUA e de qualquer pais mas cabe a voces resolverem este problema

  20. So agora voces descobriram que ele joga dos dois lados so olhar o Metal Gear Solid customizad que verao o rosto dele nao estou fazendo campanha para ninguem mais este jogo foi feito em 2015 e para voces ficarem mais alerta nos estamos passando situaçao parecida os preços dos alimentos por hora da MORTE OLHEM BEM EM QUEM VAO VOTAR

  21. Quem colocou ele no poder foram voces eu nao voto em ninguem nao perco o meu tempo porque a corrupçao e desvio de dinheiro esta demais

  22. How could Texan's vote for Biden when he is going to remove oil? Don't believe polls, put people first, vote for President Donald J Trump. Save our nation.

  23. This is terrible, so many people are really really hurting and so many are going to not be able to live. It is really terrible. Food boxes, free electric,free water, free credit cards, people including children are SUFFERING and it's NOT from the wrong flavor of ice cream!!!!!!!!

  24. Impeach Nancy Pelosi and shut down the democratic Traitor Party.. Are they going to take Christmas away from s too due to lack of money? What a shameful charade

  25. Trump needs to do executive orders now for stimulus and fpuc with 800 billion left over that's not in treasury for American people for relief lock downs are coming here shortly to busy campaigning not paying attention to American people or business now ignoring wallstreet shame on Washington

  26. I don't believe any of these polls. Just like 2016. Its going to be a red wave.

  27. Nancy Pelosi does not care about the American people she is holding up the stimulus

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