Saturday , November 28 2020
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'I'll do everything I'm required to do by law': Pompeo on whether he will testify | ABC News

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is interviewed on “This Week” Sunday on Syria and the impeachment inquiry.

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  1. pardon him! we can never afford to feed big mike at club-fed unless he gets a lapband.

  2. Great job George, keep up the good work. Together we can extract the cancer in the white house.

  3. Why do people like pompeo sell their soul for Trump? What do they get put of it?

  4. Fuck the commie subpoena….go don.

  5. NO, Pompeo, it began with Trump entering the WH.

  6. our national debt will double if we try to feed big mike pompeo in prison. he must be pardoned for budget integrity!

  7. Notice how often he and the whole administration use the word "apropriate" relentlessly in the last couple of days?

  8. Interviewer lets him off so easy….

  9. Fighting over The Wall was more important
    ….WE the USA are
    NOW facing ….GENOCIDE

  10. Should be more worried about CALIFORNIA

  11. POMPEO Sound's pretty SCARED

  12. You can tell he busting his chops😂 when you got to say George over 100 times

  13. Pompeo just loves saying George's name.

  14. Get used to the sound of President Pence. I think Pence is as guilty as Trump but anything is better than Trump. I have never, not once put president in front of POS's name. Oh POS stands for what he is piece of shit.

  15. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Dayum… ITs ABC FakeNews Would have watched it otherwise. Mike Pompeo should not bother with them.

  17. Pompeo: “George…George…George…George…George…George…George”.

  18. For every answer he makes sure he starts with “George, I…” Drove me nuts!!! He’s just like Stephen Miller and Kellyanne Crackhead—a ROBOT!
    George George George!!!! Argh!

  19. I'm imagining Trump first considering him for the job….corrupt, check. Smug, good! Arrogant, better! Lies continually – You are Hired!

  20. To see this man squirm at direct questioning from George. Trump has one up on his buddy Kim. He has mastered the ability to remain invisible as the had hold of Pompeo’s balls . The lying turd.

  21. "The Turks said they got everything they wanted"
    "We achieved the outcome that president trump sent us to achieve."

    Yeah, exactly… giving the Turks everything they wanted… haha

  22. A lesson from the Third World. It's not the president that's your problem- it's his enablers.

  23. Why should anyone cooperate with a sham impeachment inquiry where Schiff won't even allow Republican committee members to look at documents without his staff members being present?

  24. Pompeo is an asswipe…no, an asswipe is useful…I mean an abosute fuck wad!

  25. Pompous Pompeo, won't be so pompous in a cell with the girls. Squeal piggy

  26. Pompeo is going to prison.

  27. How many times is this muthafucker gonna say "george"? Lol

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