Illinois ends cash bail requirement in major criminal justice reform

The State of Illinois is ending the cash bail requirement, meaning those who are accused of a crime will not be required to pay to be released from detention while they await trial. NBC News’ Shaquille Brewster has the details on the major criminal justice reform.

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  1. It makes sense. If the crime and the evidence is compelling enough to keep them in jail, then they should stay in jail. The only thing cash bail does, is give a different justice system to wealthy people. For example, if person (A) is charged with a crime and person (B) is charged with the exact crime with similar / same evidence, why should person (A) go free just because he's wealthy enough to buy his freedom? If the people are dangerous to society based on their crime, then why do we let them out if they're rich enough? If a person has a histroy of fleeing the law, then it's on record not to release him/her no matter how petty the charges may be.

  2. That means u wont get out period

  3. All hail the liberal hive mind, do not disobey … you must comply 🤡

  4. They are about to lose out on a lot of guilty pleas

  5. It’s disgraceful that progressives see this as “criminal justice reform,” when it will just make communities less safe with more criminals out on the street. I don’t understand why they are so adamant about destroying this nation!

  6. Get ready for more crime Illinois. When your stuff gets stolen, there is more drug use and violence on the streets just remember…you voted for this when you voted for the clowns with a (D) next to their names. Just like your overcrowded sanctuary cities are crying over all the illegals taking up resources, you will be crying about out of control crime…and it will all be your own fault.

  7. Seattle Bulls, there’s ur team, Seattle!

  8. I want reform but this will be horrible. They should have required 5% of bail instead of 10% for low income. This will definitely increase crime and save money spent on jail inmates.

  9. All the MAGA thugs are free to go now.

  10. Crappy state, getting worse.

  11. It's amazing that democrats do not learn…WOW..

  12. If you're rich you can easily post bail, but what average person has $10,000-$250,000+ laying around?

  13. Earth you yours were cond. Your knowledge of the basic law, or blue print to life is wrong. You all have been living influencing countless in these flawed tactics. Your industries can pre plan there products, tactics, achievements, becoming know by the citizens of. This honorable approach to sustainment will rally the masses to be proud to use these products in all of our lives. Advancing said citizen's all of meditatable inspiring by.

  14. so, the quick answer to can chicago get any worse? yes, just wait. liberaltopia is failing.

  15. Stupid is as stupid does.

  16. They’re absolutely trying to create absolute chaos in Chicago. I’m convinced.

  17. Sure let's also shutdown jails, prisons as well as getting rid of law enforcement and the law because it unfair for criminals.

  18. Reform? More like regress

  19. Lockem all up. The way it used to be. Society doesent want nor need them.

  20. Canada needs to follow Illinois.
    It's just a business ,it protects nobody.

  21. Australia doesn't require money, cost substantially more to imprison someone, it's illogical if they are deemed a non risk be still cost tax payers.
    Illinois will save a lot of tax payer's money. Qualifying for bail and being unable to pay doesn't make you more of a community risk. If you're a risk, you don't get bail.

  22. Are you crazy? (I knew many people in prison, don't ask me how I know) POINT BEING…even most of them would say…are you crazy??

    It's not about money (at this point)…it's about IMMEDIATE consequences (which is a deterrent in itself)

  23. the ones complaining are the same ppl that ignore the facts of trumps guilt.

  24. 1:26 It shouldn't matter what color you are if you commit a crime

  25. It's going to be a disaster.

  26. So what will they consider a threat to society? This won't end well.

  27. more criminals let go until proven guilty

  28. Illinois get ready for crime to skyrocket. enjoy.

  29. Next step, letting all criminals out of jail.

  30. That’s a State I would have loved to move to….NOT anymore!!!!

  31. Why? They haven't seen what it does to increase crime?

  32. Basically violent crimes won’t make bail.. It’s a curve ball they throwing y’all.. It’s really going to benefit the justice system because violent criminals won’t be able to make bail.. Money or not..


  34. Prickster wants to take the guns and sick the criminals upon the citizens of Illinois.