Illinois teens killed in Colorado sledding accident

Police say two high school students on a spring break trip were on a halfpipe that was off-limits to sledding when they crashed. KUSA’s Matt Jablow reports.

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  1. Sounds like they went sledding after dark in a restricted area. Law and order!

  2. This is why people around 17-20 years of age are also dying in car crashes. They are not fully grown adults with a fully developed brain. They still kids.

  3. Prayers for families and friends. 🙏🧡🙏🧡🙏🧡

  4. Joe Biden keeps the Border wide open to get Democrat voters in . Fentanyl coming in kills hundreds of kids everyday nbc news says nothing about that

  5. Trespassing and ignoring warning signs isn't a tragedy; it's consequences.

  6. God Bless there Family 😢😢❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏

  7. To all lawyers. No lawsuit. They violated the law and paid the price. Don't make my wallet responsible for someone's poor judgement

  8. Heartbreaking but I feel like they'll be sued

  9. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

  10. Breaking the rules. Imagine that

  11. Sad story but it’s not national news. I guess they will cover anything to keep your eyes off the Biden crime family

  12. ' ! ❤️ ! " Responsibility Matters for ALL Lives " ! 🇺🇸 ! '

  13. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  14. This is why I don’t go do these winter activities. Already dangerous but add the average low IQ American, and there’s a 50/50 chance you won’t come home…maybe worse!

  15. Dont underestimate a mountain. Very sad

  16. Mountains are dangerous, teenagers are stupid.

  17. Most people are taught that "you only need a good job to become rich". These billionaires are operating on a whole other playbook that many don't even know exists.

  18. Very sad😢sending my condolences to the family 🙏💐

  19. And these are ones adults want to carry and use firearms. No common sense. R I P.🙏

  20. It’s a shame that they didn’t know any better. Can we expect more ignorance in the future? We sure know how it ends.

  21. So sorry for the families. Prayers for God's peace, comfort, and strength. 😢🙏

  22. That's why there's rules, policies for anything. You don't follow them, you'll end up like Trump, dismissing law, rule, policy.

  23. they weren't killed. they died.

  24. So are they going to ban sleds now?

  25. It's interesting that this made national news. Over the last year, 37 children were shot and killed in Chicago…but no coverage. why?

  26. I hike in the Adirondack mountains, and coming down the mountains no sled 🛷 needed. All ice, if you fall you get going 100 MPH, and if you hit a tree 🌲 you will be hurting, break a leg or crack your skull 💀