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'I'm deeply disturbed' by whistleblower complaint: Former Trump adviser | ABC News

Former Trump homeland security adviser Tom Bossert reacts to Ukraine controversy on “This Week.”

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  1. (The phony dossier part 2).

  2. I get it right, I understand very fast, I'm a very fast learner, but I need to be explain a very long time; the Democrats people get the missiles to Ukraine but Prez Trump got them $ money💵💸

  3. I just read the conversation between Prez of USA with Prez of Ukraine, he doesn't speak any word about corruption of sleepy creepy Joe and Hunter!!! 😁😍🤗😂🤣😂

  4. This hearing, and many others, are public. A simple solution for those that want unbias FACTS, Watch it and see for yourself.

  5. That dude sounds like a 14 year old boy.

  6. "There was no evidence of collusion" THAT"S NOT WHAT MUELLER FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Mueller Report has almost 200 pages in Volume I of collusion. No evidence and not enough evidence (due to the obstruction of justice) to charge a criminal conspiracy (between the Trump Campaign and the IRA/GRU, which no ever actually alleged) are NOT THE SAME THING!!!

  7. CORRECTION: "There was no evidence of collusion [conspiracy]" is not entirely true. There was a lot of evidence for the case, but the evidence did not prove upon a reasonable doubt.

  8. First off let's be realistic. Biden couldn't beat Trump on his best day so stop with that non sense. This is about payback for the 2 plus years of false allegations of Russian collusion. Biden has something to hide and it's about to come out in a big way.

  9. From Bill Still: Was the RumorBlower Document a Fake?? Someone contacted Bill and said, "They keep reporting the whistleblower form was changed in August. If you go into the properties of the pdf file of the form, it shows it was actually CREATED on Sept. 24, 2019. It also shows it was then modified on September 25, the very next day. The reason for modifying it the next day was likely due to having forgetting to change the prior revision date on the form which was 28MAY18. They changed that on Sept. 25, 2019 to Rev: August 2019. They tried to BACKDATE it to August when the phony whistleblower submitted his complaint but the actual change in policy to allow heresay was actually changed on Sept. 24, 2019 which was right after lawyers like DeGenova revealed this person cannot claim whistleblower protection because the law does not allow for heresay." There is more….

  10. The rule of law should apply to everyone—-POTUS and ILLEGAL immigrants!!!!

  11. At about 4.26 sec in Bossert says something about a "quintessentially donald trump statement". The statement was in regards to Germany and how it wasn't helping Ukraine and so why should we hand over money to them. You know why this is quintessential D. Trump? Because it's not true. Germany chipped in about $190 million, and European institutions have helped Ukraine with 425 million. Donald Trump is the epitome of false news.

  12. He is Repeating the IC's position. Incase you were in a Coma the President and his supporters is in a battle with the IC. This guy has produced nor cited NO evidence, only "Say So".

  13. First off the US is NOT the biggest Democracy, that alone leads me to dismiss this shill.

  14. F*ck Trump choke on a cheeseburger

  15. It's called Pay Back from TRUMP!!! To all THESE SOCIALIST LIBERALS!!! SINCE Day1 been trying very hard, to IMPEACH TRUMP. NO CIGAR, TRUMP 2020!!

  16. Trump likes the conspiracy theory because it shows his unrelenting support toward Putin. Pursuit of the theory demonstrates a form of fealty toward Putin which may later result in restoring the Moscow Tower project, the most valuable monetary project ever for Trump.

  17. What a misnomer, a whistleblower who blows
    it out of his arse, and criminally so. Whistling
    a Democratic/Socialist/Communist "Internationale."

    *It is the sound of a human pestilence and barbarism!!*
    *It is ……………………………… the Democratic Ideology!!*

  18. USA is the oldest democracy but no where near the biggest. Isn't India a country with elected officials?

  19. Isn't strange that the left wing coupe media gets top billing while supporting left wing treason. Trump is getting your jail cells ready.

  20. Funny, where is this networks report on Biden’s disturbing statement, in context with his son’s activities and gains through the Ukraine. Nothing disturbing or substantial here: https://youtu.be/urTk6O4c0mU

  21. I am ALL about facts. Kindly explain how you walk into a foreign energy company office….unable to speak their language…. demand a million bucks…. and fifty grand a month…..with no experience in any way shape or form…. and not even reside in the country.

    If you can give me a good answer we can both go and get a "job" together. What say you ???
    I am all ears.

  22. This guy is just DEEP DISTURBED ! End of story ! Just have a look at this guys blank stare , this ghoul's face is a little premature Halloween !

  23. In fact European countries have contributed an estimated two-thirds of all of the aid to Ukraine since 2014. Trump and Bossert don't seem too well informed.

  24. The Ukrainian treachery investigations are only a few days old, by what we already know, the fill in, explanation and revelations of TRUTH and FACTS are going to confirm how ignorant and patriotically bankrupt Trump and his Republican apologists are. Thanks for stupidly stepping out ahead of the truth and honesty express Republicans. It's not the light at the end of the tunnel Republicans, it's the train.

  25. Europe and specifically Germany have provided considerable aid to Ukraine although they like the rest of the world could do more to resist Russian aggression.

  26. that a conspiracy theory has "no validity" is exactly why the WH believes it.

  27. Informative interview but India is the biggest democracy in the world not the US.

  28. Why does all of the Trump team look like white supremacists that wish they were supreme at least in looks?

  29. And ABC is not interested to look at Biden's son case?

  30. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1BsWtp1d6w jimmy dore tell the truth. that this media doenst tell you get that straight

  31. He’s disturbed that Trump GOT CAUGHT.

  32. When George Stephanopoulos says something is "debunked" you KNOW you're on to something.

  33. Under any other circumstance this would be laughable…whitsleblowing innuendo and rumor is now treated as credible lol. Our government is a joke…welcome to the banana republic. Our next presidents whomever they are face a new Alice in Wonderland political environment. Only people who will run will be tied to the hip to the swamp…no one else will risk dealing with the nonsense. Clearly, anyone can fabricate any allegation now and its enough to spur on a congressional investigation for the entire admin, unless you're an approved swamp creature of course.

  34. I can't wait until ALL these clowns get dragged out and hung for treason….can't wait.

  35. I will never vote for a democrat again.

  36. Trump never read the ‘memo’, IT WAS NOT THE TRANSCRIPT, anyway, and, only 1/2 of the phone call was put into the memo.
    If he’s calling Rep. Schiff a ‘liar’ for reading, verbatim, a memo TRUMP’S OWN STAFF WROTE then every single person in America are lying about Trump’s and his crimes!
    His sycophants keep harping on what THEY perceive Hunter Biden did illegal; even though several prosecutors found nothing illegal was done on Hunter’s part. Hunter. Is. NOT. Running. For. POTUS. Some have stopped throwing his father’s name into the mix.

  37. Why aren’t republicans disturbed over trump and his behavior? Our very stable genius admitted treason while violating the constitution.

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