Tuesday , June 22 2021
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'I'm Numb': Isaiah Brown's Sister, Attorney Speak About His Condition After Being Shot By Police

The attorney for Isaiah Brown, a Black man who was shot by police while holding a cordless phone, said that Brown was shot “at least 10 times” and his condition was “touch and go.” Yolanda Brown spoke emotionally about her brother and explained that the shooting is “a lot to process.”
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‘I’m Numb’: Isaiah Brown’s Sister, Attorney Speak About His Condition After Being Shot By Police


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  1. It seems that there has been an uptick in the number of citizens shot by police this year.

  2. The police murdered someone else, I guess the police think it is OKKK. I find it to be sickening.

  3. Sad day in America, not good at all. This is United States of America? What is wrong with these white police officers. Serve and protect, give me break.

  4. guns are not normally carried next to one's head…duh

  5. The sheriff actually went on tv to say the deputy performed CPR and saved Isaiah's life. LMFAO, I think someone owes a big thank you when he gets out of the hospital! 😂

  6. Multiple internal FBI reports over the past 15 years have labeled white supremacist infiltration of police departments as a serious threat. But last year, FBI officials refused to testify in a hearing about the topic, repeatedly telling congressional staffers that “it did not believe that this threat was supported by evidence” and “that there would not be any utility in the bureau offering testimony”, the Maryland congressman Jamie Raskin wrote in a letter to Wray on Tuesday.

  7. Don't give guns and badges to people who don't even have college degrees.

  8. Unload your gun, you fu**ing coward. He’s still moving

  9. Call the cops saying you have a gun and was going to shoot your brother,,,,,, whats the worst that could happen?

  10. Bro they are just trying to trigger us!! Race baiting!!

  11. Just realize that we all look dangerous when completely refusing
    to do what the nice Cops tell us to do. That will help you in the future.
    You're welcome.

  12. Oh dear Lord, please help us. Thank you for your mercy Father.

  13. I guess Ben Crump didn't make it here yet🙄

  14. I guess a lot of cops need to have some life sentences in the prisons where they have sent innocent people in order to stop all of these murders and abuse.

  15. What kind of a name is Isiaih?

  16. Praying for our Brother..Where are the LBGTQ activist that always yell Black Trans Lives Matter..at the end of the day…LBGTQ groups care nothing about black lives…they are trying to separate us but at the end of the day it is black people riding for our LBGTQ brothers and sisters…the white front groups only us our race to get white LBGTQ rights

  17. The SUPREME COURT has repeatedly shown that there can be MULTIPLE pieces of evidentiary value to JUSTIFY a fleeing felon & use of deadly force. THAT'S why EVEN just a Video should NOT be allowed for view EVEN by Families unless a GAG ORDER issued!

  18. So because the cops cudnot see wat in his hands they shoot him so if u can't see y shoot

  19. Do you think the cop will be charged is the golden question

  20. Every day I wake in America and I can’t watch the news I’m emotional I have depression from all of this happening in America

  21. Come back to Africa that's the only way.. America is done

  22. This is a coordinated attack

  23. At least Andrew aint got to deal with the bs left us in the world with…covid.bills.laws.ect….R.I.P…no more pain bro.

  24. I'm here because I thought this video was about the shooting of Andrew Brown…the number of shootings is just monstruous…

  25. When will this sh** stop this is getting out of hand those responsible should be in jail

  26. Dam ..10 times..Go get that $$ and prosecute.

  27. Wowww, ten bullets, wow, nice work…is this a retaliation for the arrest of Chavanist????

  28. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so that we all make it to heaven

    Like so more people can see this

  29. CHAUVIN'S CONVICTION is a NOT a PASS for CRIMINALS and PROLIFIC OFFENDERS to RESIST, FLEE and FIGHT OFF arresting OFFICERS. They will be SHOT at and that's their CALL. They're LUCKY if they come out ALIVE. There are more WHITE DEATHS than BLACKS during POLICE ARRESTS. But why is it that BLACK DEATHS are DRAMATIZED and HYPED especially in NOTORIOUS FAKE NEWS MEDIA? It's CHINA causing DESTABILIZATION through these FAKE MEDIA NETWORKS like the CHINA NEWS NETWORK (CNN).

  30. Was he a law abiding citizen?

  31. They shot him 10 times ? There is no excuse for this. We have to get rid of the unnecessary evil infecting our police departments. It is as if racist police officers are trying to start an uprising by killing as many black people as they can.

  32. Now maybe some of these stupid people will realize why we have been kneeling 😢

  33. Release the body cam footage. I will reserve any judgment until then.

  34. Life is cheap, like in Nigeria and Mexico. It’s cultural, genetic and nobody will ever understand, or be able to change.

  35. I'm so mad 🧐🤨🤨🤨🤨 I'm tired of watching our black (son, brother, uncle, husband, fiance) being killed by police officers. 10 times when when oh Lord this is going to stop?????!!!!!!

  36. OMG !!!!! 10 bullets… no way… please stop these Killer Cops.. this has to end… Cops show up and someone dies.. this is nuts and so sad.

  37. This is RAW!!! PEEIODT!

  38. Those officers need to be dealt with when they reach in jail

  39. Every week a new case on the media, imagine those that are not covered. It's like the U.S. police is stepping up their war against people of color. 10 freaking bullets in the man's body. WTF

  40. Let's not rush to judgment people……..too late.

  41. 10 bullets 10 bullets 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,… bullets

  42. The body cam footage shows only seven shots. How are there ten bullets? Seems like misinformation.

    That said, this was unacceptable and tragic. I hope he recovers.

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