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'I'm ready to play': Smith fully recovered from concussion

Steve Smith talks about his recovery from concussion, wearing protective stem guards on his helmet and his battle with England pace bowler Jofra Archer


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  1. Tell Warner we hate him because he ruined your capitaincy, Steve.

  2. first ball from Joffra Archer to you is again gonna be at the same spot bro….this time you wont be able to say 'im ready to play again'

  3. Smith is very good player of world and team australia has good luck with the smith Australia is all the best team of world ☺☺👌👌👌❤❤😀😀😄my favourites is team australia and player is smith😊😊😚😚and starc and tye

  4. Go through it and nailed it! Steve you're the best and now more mature and a kind of funny if you understand what I mean! Love ya Smudge and will support you always Go Smudge Go!!!!

  5. What a boring man has he had a personality bypass. But then again they all are

  6. Glad to have the boring bollocks back archer will finish the job. The fear factor will get to him

  7. 11and half kms in four minutes what

  8. Steve Smith should take a rest, let someone else who is performing play.

  9. I Can NEVER FORGIVE ENGLAND and that umpire for cheating I have cried soo much I’m soo hurt I don’t know if I’m able to watch England play against my aussies they’re disgusting 😰😰 xxx


  11. 3rd ashes test was between Australia vs Ben stokes. And 4th ashes test between Ben stokes vs Steve smith.👌🏿

  12. Cricket Australia please return his captaincy
    Who want to see him as captain for Australia in all three format

  13. Bad captain.. Ball tempere
    Get him lost

  14. Smith u r the best in the world

  15. Steve Smith's batting is better than kohli, root and Williamson, equal to sachin but needs to prove himself more to be compared to Sir Don Bradman.
    I wish him best of luck for his next match. He will destroy english bowlers👍👍👍❤❤

  16. Smith is back and ready to do a hundred

  17. beware England The Real don is back 😍😍😍😍

  18. Stokes be prepare because your father is ready

  19. 10 min of media press with staying stand ,he is absolutely Soooogood!!

  20. I was so lucky to meet such a humble guy good luck Smithy!

  21. God bless you Smith. Was very concerned about you, believe me or not. Take care brother. Can just rest for this year's Ashes.

  22. Who is better
    Steve smith – comment
    Dhruv Shorey – like

  23. I think tim poor batting cost aus… they need think about it

  24. Waiting for looking he is blast batting agiants English bowler…..

  25. Good luck you will kill it❤❤

  26. Lucky that the ball that hit him hadn't been scuffed with sandpaper. It would have hurt him a lot more.

  27. I like Virat friend'S.Aus .smith

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