Saturday , December 5 2020
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'Impeachment' author David O. Stewart on Trump's impeachment letter | USA TODAY

‘Impeachment’ author David Stewart says the “President Trump impeachment letter has no legal basis.”

Trump impeachment letter from the White House is “disturbing” in its misinformation, says “Impeachment” author and lawyer David O. Stewart.

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  1. This is their strategy, to manage the process by making up their own rules, and thru insistence & repetition trying to convince the public that the House doesn't know what it's doing. Trump is obviously incompetent, not suited to be POTUS. And the lawyers that are protecting him are also criminals. I'm angry that this farce has, and will, go on for so long, creating havoc & disgust the world over.

  2. Please protect the BDSG that is aligned with Privacy Act that has been violated within the US, please help LIBERTY RISE

  3. Hilarious. Dems will have to prove it in court and there is no precedent for this fake impeachment without House vote.

  4. President Trump is truly a great man who only wants whats best for hes people. Its so sad to see someone doing hes best and helping others to still be put down and had lies made up about him. Very sad. Im from Australia but dont worry even all the way over here through all the fake propaganda I can still see this man is a legend. Good luck Mr president and Gods speed sir 🙏

  5. David Stewart is an idiot.

    If there are no formal rules right now on impeachment as Pelosi contends then neither side has to comply with formal subpoenas, etc. If there are formal rules then both sides have to comply with formal subpoenas, both sides can call witnesses, etc. Formality follows a vote.

    If this is a grand jury then a judge would be present but since there is no judge, among other reasons, this is Democrats playing fast and loose with terminology thst is self-serving and thus Trump nor the WH does not have to comply until after a vote is taken.

    Dems also cannot conduct things in secret and claim they have a righy to access to vital records, information, etc, while denying these same rights to Republicans, which these bums are doing.

    No way around this for Democrats. Hold firm, Republicans. If you don't it will be eternal investigation against all future presidents. Scorched Earth, salt the fields, burn it all to the ground if you have to, to use colorful phrases.

  6. Everyone should watch this video.
    Thanks for posting.

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