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Impeachment battle heats up as the president's defenders present his case | ABC News

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll finds 43% of the public think Trump’s Ukraine phone call is a “very serious” problem.

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  1. Trump is guilty of treason and should be treated as the Benedict Arnold that he is…

  2. Bull shit! This nuts! I am ignoring all impeachment talk in the news from this point forward…

  3. If they are indeed "Nothing Burgers", why are so many found HIDDEN in their pockets?

  4. Hearsay is Susan Gordon is the whistleblower.

  5. Fuck all the people in power. They’re all fake no wonder the news is.

  6. And nobody cares that Joe Biden used his influence to give his son a job with a Ukrainian company that paid him $50K a month? WTF ABC, lay down the crack pipe.

  7. No Mr. President…. They're trying to stop you because you are breaking the law 😂

  8. If the President doesn’t get impeached he will win in 2020. Everyone will think that the “left” are hateful and bitter because of the rigged elections fiasco. What if this was the plan the whole time? What if the whistleblower was vetted through Trump team just to deceive everyone? I have a felling that this isn’t going to end the way that everyone thinks. Trump still hasn’t released his tax statements, so why would he release this manuscript so quickly?

  9. Hey remember that time Jeffery Epstein was murdered and then nothing happened?

  10. Wait so the Dems are pushing the envelope for impeachment because the President simply wanted to find out how the previous administration tampered with the election via outside sources? And they aren't facing consequences for the acts they committed for covering up and tampering with the election? Also no punishment for wicked Hillary and her acts? But we want to impeach him for actually trying to make our country strong whilst ousting all the corruption and violations that the previous administration committed against our people and country? Name one thing the Democrats have done in this administration's period that was positive and beneficial for our country! People ought to march on the capital and hang everyone of those worthless unproductive Democrats! If they put as much effort into serving productively as they are at impeachment and hearings we could actually have a fully functioning government! Instead sadly we have shitty democratic assclowns causing our country to look weak with zero unity! Might take a modern day civil war or an act of God to correct all the fuckery going on in our country!

  11. I think someone should shoot the police for being dumb. Don't impeach.

  12. Y’all really think he’s going to get impeached?

  13. Trump Is Fighting For Trump ! Trump Don't Want to Face Attorney General James In New York city

  14. Democrat Logic: A Russian planted Agent becomes president only to ask Russia's enemy (Ukraine) for help Lol.

  15. There is NO crime to impeach you delusional biased liberal buffoon.
    Carrying water for the Dems is killing your credibility.
    Will you be airing Biden's TV remarks where he shakes down the Ukraine
    and threatens to withhold $1 bill in aid?

  16. Trump sure knows how to spin a yarn. He has NEVER actually done anything for America, but he sure keeps lining HIS pockets.

  17. Used to be: Russia Russia Russia! Now it’s: Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine!

  18. I don’t know what public is slipping away ? trump 2020!! Fuck cnn cunt news network

  19. If President Trump is impeached, the banks will lower your CD rates.

  20. This whole trump impeachment story is just a scapegoat so we the people forget about the Epstein case and all the unanswered question.
    The news cycle is just telling us to move along and focus on this story now…
    How many more times will we fall victim to this tactic

  21. I'm fighting for you😀😁😂🤣

  22. Trump you’re not helping us at all you’re killing the earth you’re not even really need the president you are elected by Russia you have no right to be in The White House

  23. Steve Miller has one hell of a forehead

  24. Lol the trumpets are all crying on tv

  25. If President Trump is impeached, the banks will lower the rates on your CDs.

  26. What's more important impeaching a president or making sure girls that are raped are forced to have their babies ?

  27. 2:15… When the lawyer is waiting for his client to guide him… thats when you should know… you done fucked up!!!

  28. here we go again, least people have forgot that the Democrats were once the party that advocated slavery in the the south, big surprise they would use dirty tactics to win the election…..Duh

  29. You Would Only Think Trump Was Wrong If You Are Listening To The Lies On The Left…Look At The Real Facts…The Left Is Handing The People A Bunch Of Lies.

  30. Joe Biden has got to be the most STUPID politician ever , he sets up his family for literally millions and millions of dollars from China & Ukraine, he could of just retired into the sunset , but people like him get greedy and believe that they're untouchable , let's run for President ! Good idea Joe , you Stupid SHMUCK , now you and your family are tarnished forever and hopefully going to prison ! No wonder obama said you shouldn't run and you didn't listen , hopefully you'll bring that CROOK down too !
    Nice job Joe ! What a PATRIOT !

  31. Who believes a thing that CBS has to say ? Anyone ?


  33. As a former dem a current union member who quit the the democratic party for their failed promises to protect the working class but instead has hurt me and my fellow members by protecting and sheltering a flood of illegal immigrants willing to work for starvation wages and steal my tax dollars by using benefits that I pay for with my tax dollars that they dont pay and now trying to impeach a man who has done EVERYTHING that the democratic party should have done that they should have done themselves I call and plead my fellow union brothers and sisters to withdraw from the democratic party and for all unions to stop fund raising activities for PAC committees to benefit the democratic party FELLOW brothers and sisters we are cutting our own thoats AND digging our own graves


  35. Nasty Dirty Ass Sniffing Dems . Stupid Liberals taken over your news !

  36. I just want to know one thing. What are the Democrats going to do once he's not impeached? What's next?

  37. I thought whistleblowers and witneses had to exist and not be made up that way if theyre real they can testify lol. Thats how law is curropt and in wrong hand one thing about courts and democracy its supposed to be transparant for all to see justice and no corruption at work hiding invisible testifiers is wrong they have to testify to the people and the courts for all to see. Safety is issue but as we know thats price of freedom and democracy and transparacy some people mysteiously forgets that probably its because they like curoption and government can hide its crimes more.

  38. Behind closed doors means to get everyone’s story straight. If the democrats can’t pull this off, they can kiss 2020 goodbye and hear trump flush the toilet on their careers

  39. POTUS is completely unhinged. It's so sad for him and country. He's admitted what he said to Ukraine and now he and Guiliani blames everyone else for their wrong doings. Threatening whistleblower with virtual death threats and BTW who is lawfully protected. Threatening Civil War?!?!? What normal leader would make such threats to our country because it's unfavorable to him. If the whistleblower had reported potential wrong doings against any democrat he'd be elated!! When did hatred and division become so prevalent and outrageous?!?! Never was it a crime to be associated with one party over another. We may have disagreed on policies but NEVER was there so much hate because of your personal politics. It became this way when this president was elected. Shameful and Disgraceful.

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