Impeachment talks on the rise for DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Rep. Juan Ciscomani, R-Ariz., discusses the ongoing border crisis, DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ dereliction of duty and the debt ceiling deal.

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  1. Where the hell is the borders car Harris? Biden, Harris, and Myorcus are showing treasonous actions against the United States of America.

  2. Why is Mayorkas still in his job yhat he is not doing ??why is congress still letting him keep his job .. is it because they dont want to do their jobs??All questions that have to be answered … 😊

  3. No More Talking about it, JUST DO IT ALREADY!!

  4. It's about time as Myarkis is just destroying America. Illegal immigrants are treated better than American Citizens, American veterans being kicked out of homeless places for illegal immigrants. Illegal means illegal, send them all back to Mexico and let Mexico send them back to countries they came from as Mexico allowed them to come through them first 😤

  5. He is doing what OBAMA tells him to do

  6. He’s following instructions

  7. He won't be impeached….kabooki theater

  8. It's all talk. They aren't going to impeach mayorkas..they should..but just talk talk about it..republicans do nothing about this abhorrent person not doing his job.

  9. Yeah put good loyal American in office. Impeach Mr M.


  11. He needs removed big-time

  12. Why would we give them liers any money or a new office for anything.We should bull a big jail put prisoners there an put them in an old saquentjail they don't deserve nothing new or old

  13. Don't do it you might hurt his feelings. Arrest the guy what the hell are wrong with you people

  14. Should of happened long time ago!! 🌎✌️

  15. Just fire him already!!!,or impeach him,but do something!

  16. All he do sitting in the office and get paid by tax payer. Thats all he want

  17. so sick of Myorkous, what a sick SOB

  18. Just hope America survives.

  19. Secretary of home land is just about as Bad as Herris .no good trash. Take the trash out

  20. she must have the worst voice on fox but one of the best programmes

  21. I can't even contemplate what I'm hearing as reality losing eight children would be unacceptable losing 85 children would be unimaginably incompetent losing 8,500 children would be the most ridiculous absurd pathetic thing I've ever heard losing track of 85,000 minor children is disgusting evil and purposefully done that's not an accident that's not losing the children in the last time I checked this was the United States of America I didn't know that we had slaves camps for children here maybe everyone should stop worrying about parents being terrorists and worried about the slave camps in America that are apparently here where they lost 85,000 children that they invited to come illegally into our country? Should he be impeached they should all be arrested

  22. It`s as if they are all part of this waiting game. The border is open as we speak and were paying for this debacle. An army of men has walked across our southern borders. Obama`s Fast & Furious guns ended up in Iran and Mexico. Where are the rest of them?

  23. In the Rise????? Good God!!!! What does it take to get rid of EVIL!

  24. He should get whatever the penalty for treason is. Actually he should get double the penalty, Since he should, as part of his job clearly know what he is doing is wrong.

  25. Impeach and imprison this Criminal ( Mayorkas)

  26. Please impeach please impeach please repeat and add to the list

  27. Fjb,woke poop show,trying to buying votes,liars

  28. Lets go start impeachment NOW!


  30. our nation our country is unsafe…impeach all biden/harris/mayorkas

  31. no more waiting do it

  32. Well if this true.dont for Joe biden and kamala Harris. It not just mayorkas.get all of them.

  33. Utterly incompetent boob, woefully out of his depth