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In El Paso, a resilient community that stands strong against hate: Part 2

The border city has been a focal point for anti-immigration politicians and the site of a shooting that killed 23 people. Yet, its residents remain unified and proud of their connections to Mexico.

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  1. DEMOCRATS only lie when their mouths are moving !!! A.K.A Good faith DRONE STRIKES ??? HOSTAGES IN AFGANISTAN !!!
    TREASONOUS Administration !!!

  2. Stopped watchingf at "LatinX " That's not a term used in El Paso.

  3. This is great to watch. This community seems to be very friendly and forgiving. My condolences to the victims. From England.

  4. Just applied for a job in either El Paso or McAllen Texas. I'm from Puerto Rico trying to move to Texas. Such a beautiful story told by the reporter well done.

  5. I never comment anything but El Paso is my hometown. It’s my ❤️ we moved away .. but I always go home to see my mom and friends and visit Fort Bliss where my loved ones are buried. I met my husband there. My kids were born at Del sol. I graduated from Bel Air . It’s my home forever. 915 till I die ❤️😊

  6. I don't think white supremacy is the biggest issue in America in 2021. No doubt it still exists in the fringe

  7. I just don't believe this, HOW IMPORTANT HERITAGE IS to people because, if it's so important WHY are you NOT STAYING IN you're so important and much loved 33 countries or moving back to your Latin countries like???

  8. Should talk to the people about the illegal immigration…

  9. El Paso is a beautiful place to live. We have wonderful weather 300+ days a year. A very affordable city. People work and play hard. I’ve lived in El Paso for almost 34 years I just love it here. Stay Strong El Paso Tx.

  10. As a white person that grew up in a hispanic community this is rough…

  11. El Paso reminded me about the importance of gun rights.

  12. The hate? Texas tax payers are paying the most. Did you mean hate toward America?

  13. wasnt this story debunked as paid actors

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