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In memoriam: Remembering those who died in 2019

“World News Tonight” takes a moment to honor the rockers, lawmakers and legendary people, including journalist and political commentator Cokie Roberts, who touched lives.




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  1. These people left good legacies and are capable of grabbing many hearts. Rest in peace to them all, the ones who weren't listed and the every day folks who passed on this year. It was very tough losing you, dad.

  2. Epstein should've been outed years ago, shame on you ABC news.

  3. I knew that they were not going to show juce world SMH RIP homie:)

  4. What about my hamster? She died in 2019…😔

  5. Many more people but ok boomer

  6. R.i.p. those who died too soon
    You’ll forever be remembered 🕊♥️
    No matter how old your never too old to be loved

  7. Oof actually more than 1 million people most likely died this year. Based off the average of 1 person dies per second

  8. Surprised ABC didn't pay tribute to Epstein after all the covering up they did for him.

  9. I have received so much grief on the Internet when it comes to God living in truth with nature that I came up with a challenge of my own that goes out to all comers… scientists, religious leaders, bankers, lawgivers, historians, the 1% club, even other through-hikers in life. My statement is this… "Truth Can Stop Time Dead in Its Tracks"! This includes the sciences with all meanings to the hydrogen bomb, the Big Bang theory, cosmic strings or anything else you can come up with. Anybody wants to argue what it means to live in spirit to life bring it on I'm not going anywhere. If you want to take this challenge seriously do it, talk it over with your friends, try to get meaning to perspectives, the last thing I want to hear about is your feelings about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

    PS. For someone who is homeless and also someone who has walked the Appalachian Trail how can I say that in nature I am not homeless? Why does the law make people homeless when nature does not? I have had some great times sitting on top of the mountain looking down at the Valley eating cheese and drinking wine out of my backpack. I don't need a new Learjet, a yacht, or a vacation home in the Bermudas like everybody else to be happy. Why do I get persecuted for the things I don't need because other people do? Where does my homelessness come from? I am sure it does not come from my inalienable rights in learning how God exists with nature. We have more criminals and prisons in the United States than in any other country around the world, does anybody know the reason why? My opinion goes like this. It is not just your guilt you have to live with it is other people's guilt as well which probably got Jesus killed. All Jesus was wanting to do was to share his eye in life in nature because his reality took on a different shape than the other realities around him. It is so sad what people will do to keep truth from going free. It's a good thing people have hearts, what can not live in the world can still live in your feelings, maybe God can live there as well if you are into finding your space in a greater reality than the one you left behind. Truth does work people whether you like it or not human nature notwithstanding!


  11. What about Eric Copper the Umpire

  12. The year ain’t over yet buddy

  13. You can't make a list like this as a news outlet ,and not mention the hundreds of kids killed by gun violence not to mention the black Americans getting shot by police officers. Ooo and the kid dies in cages still… Because Trump wants a big walll …. 3 minute video 🤦🏽‍♂️


  15. One of your own ? Fuck yeah!

  16. Rip those classic oldies rock singers

  17. The comments…definitely the humanity will falling down….or just some…

  18. Rip to my mom as well she was a star 😢

  19. I am not saying that these people do not matter but let's not forget all of the people that were murdered by law enforcement officers or who died unjustly !!!! 😭😭😭😭

  20. Big Bird 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  21. Good bye and farewell old friends

  22. Çnn died to. But on a more serious note. I hope some of these people were saved.

  23. Lost some Great's this year… In the media and in Film..

  24. So R&B Singer James Ingram wasn’t important enough to include?🤷🏿‍♂️🤔

  25. 😥bye big bird- I will never forget you

  26. This was a beautiful tribute. 🌕☁️☁️

  27. Thank you for not including Don “The Racist Dingleberry” Imus. He will not be missed.

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