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In new book, Ronan Farrow takes aim at NBC regarding Matt Lauer

He alleged the company was aware of claims of misconduct against the former anchor for years and stopped him from looking into alleged abuse by Harvey Weinstein.

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  1. I feel sorry for the sheep that still believe the Fake News like NBC🤮ABC🤮CBS🤮

  2. Even the title of this video is distorted…why not: Ronana Farrow presents claims against NBC that he says his book substantiates?

  3. oh this WILL be a movie. Just watch hollywood make millions on the backs of the women they abused. Ah the irony of life.

  4. What kils me, if 1 lady says a particular man raped her, they dont believe it until 2 appears with the same claim, then its believable…ALL A MAN HAS TO SAY HE SLEPT WITH 1 LADY< EVERYONE BELIEVES>>>SMH

  5. No complaints in over 20 years! ? K so he was accused 20 years ago? That a long ass coverup.. NBC is gross! Money and pussy hogs!

  6. I come back to see him and I'm totally gobsmacked! it is so obvious he's not Woody's child. he even has a light Sinatra drawl as he speaks.
    but be he wrong or be he right, I have to hand it to Ronan for his tenacity and for showing that he's not a money brat. he's trying to make his own mark.
    I'm sure he knows were he comes from, but I will leave it to him to tell us, or not. that's his right.
    congrats on your Pulitzer Price, Ronan. that shows depth on your part.

  7. Can't wait to read it. Yes, he is the spitting image of his mother, and Frank Sinatra (eyes, brows, forehead).

  8. Ronan farrow's got the tea, and receipts! 🤔 Hello! 👀

  9. Weinstein is using a Scientology hat trick. Having investigators follow him

  10. No offense but Fergie looks different in the thumbnail

  11. Is Frank Sinatra his dad ?

  12. Lauer an ugly slut. Yuck

  13. Matt Lauer is or was a partisan lying hack and was definitely part of the corrupt treasonous media. But the real story here is how the media (all the msm media) covered up for Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein along with every democrat pedophile and rapist in the Democratic party, but in this BS (me too) movement Matt Lauer is still innocent until proven guilty. He has the same right of due process as everyone else in this country has. We may not like what he is accused of but without jurisprudence our constitutional republic will surely fail.

  14. Ronan Farrow looks like Mia Farrow. That is all

  15. No mention of how Hillary tried to stop Ronan from reporting on Weinstein…….of course not….had to find that story on RT!!!!!!

  16. That gal Lauer plowed in the ass is a real skank (period)

  17. Has Wimpstein been executed, yet ?

  18. A lawyer AND a journalist.

    Ronan Farrow ain’t nothin to f*ck with!

  19. Paying people to stop spreading rumors, isn't an admission of guilt, but more often than not, is done to thwart disinformation capitalists.

  20. That is Frank Sinatra's son!

  21. God forbid frat guys learn they should go around blowing whistles at all times of day and night. That way when a woman is getting taught a lesson, it will be disregarded =) considered just another false alarm


  23. Nobody CARES about a woman who says she was raped and then admit she had consented sex multiple times after with the guy !

  24. Man he looks like Frank S.

  25. who ? seriously? who is this guy and why should anyone actually care about what he has to say? this is sad .. how lost are you?

  26. He looks more like Frank S. than Frank S. Jr. did!

  27. Wow Ronan looks alot like his father Frank Sinatra.

  28. Farrow just seems paranoid

  29. Wow, another person willing to speak truth?
    Exposing the Mockingbird Leftist Luciferian Media? Amazing! Incredible! A Miracle! Looks like Trump's INTEGRITY might be contagious! Wouldn't that be a hoot?!

  30. Everyone nowadays writes a book

  31. It thought he looked like a young Frank Sinatra in the thumbnail

  32. Fighting against pricks who want nothing more for this to go away….. it won’t with people like Ronan putting it out there…. the truth!!

  33. In hey George…. why were you at so many events with Jeffery Epstein? Juuuust wondering how you were associated….

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