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In the kitchen with Angela Rye, Sterling K. Brown, Baratunde Thurston, Sunny Hostin

ABC News’ Sunny Hostin, attorney Angela Rye, actor Sterling K. Brown and writer Baratunde Thurston discuss Black patriotism and the moment they realized they were Black.


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  1. You know what, I was sitting here thinking that I couldn’t relate to this because I didn’t have that type of moment. However, I just realized I dealt with the exact opposite. I’m light skinned and I was always called “white girl.” I was told that my really family were the white people up the road and I used to laugh it off because I knew my family love me and they were just joking and meant no harm. Now that I look at it, it did bother me. So much so that I refused to even consider dating light-skinned men and I was thrilled when two out of my three children came out with brown skin. I never realized how much power colorism has over us but it does. I have done my best to let my children know that they are all gorgeous and I pray that they carry that with them throughout their lives. I couldn’t understand why my husband refused to let our kids wear those little money outfits for babies, and this has helped me understand so much. Thank you guys for this conversation. Please keep it going ❤️

  2. Damn, at least have a kitchen somewhere in the background. This don't make no damn sense

  3. While I appreciate these conversations on one hand, I’m tired of them on the other. I don’t want to offer any more energy to reflecting on the damage whiteness has done. It’s draining.

  4. Fabulous talk show focusing on blacks. Great conversations even for those who don’t or can’t handle uncomfortable conversations . Real and truthful and relatable whether you are the individual who exhibits the biases – racist views or your on the receiving end of the bias racist views. Bravo

  5. Abc, the beown supremacist channel.

  6. I watch this today I'm a white lady I enjoyed every one of you and your show and I'm sorry that each and everyone of you have ever had to feel like that and go through something like that in your lives 😢

  7. Rich people talking about something they don't know about smh america is sick… Why a different world was a great show? Because they didn't say they were black. These middle class & rich people are out of touch

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  9. Here we go- Angela & Sunny, they are 2 of The BIGGEST RACISTS IN THE U.S. ! They HATE AMERICA but Refuse to Go to a Better Country !
    P.S. The U.S. started in 1776 & led by
    Abe Lincoln, we Knocked Out Slavery in Under 100 Years, 88 Years to be Exact ! The U.S. did Faster than Any Country in the World ! So many countries still have slaves, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia & ALMoST 100 other countries ! Most countries had Slaves for Thousands of Years !

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  11. Humans are all equal and should be treated with kindness

  12. We all the same not matter what race, color, culture we are, we all bleeding and got the same organs inside when we need a donated an organ, blessings to everyone

  13. I got fired from Home Depot for being a BLACK activist #soulofanation

  14. African American cinema is evolving in a good way. And start to get the recognition he deserves.

  15. not Sterling asking where the food at off jump, lol.

  16. Great kitchen table talk 🌞🌞🌞

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