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Increase In Reckless Driving At Bus Stops Captured On Video | NBC Nightly News

In 2019, school bus drivers reported more than 95,000 illegal passing on a single day — that’s an estimated 17 million violations across the school year.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Increase In Reckless Driving At Bus Stops Captured On Video | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Back in the late 70's the bus had stopped to let a little boy off the bus and the next thing I knew a friend who was sitting in the front seat behind the driver jumped up and raced out the door just in time to grab the boy by his jacket and pull him back just seconds before a car rushed passed. It just happened to be the 3rd grade teacher from the nearby elementary school.That teacher had a habit shaking kids. She must've thought she could really shake this boy up. I was on the receiving end of one of her shakes once.

  2. Five thousand dollar fine in PEI Canada. That worked and only one incident since then. Our children are our most precious treasures surely they are more important then getting somewhere on time or even worst just being irresponsible.

  3. in gta bus 🚌 be like tee hee

  4. This is why I don’t ride the bus…..

  5. Tell the black kids to hurry up and get off the bus like normal kids.

  6. Well we have like 5 shootings happening every day and now 95000 reckless driving past a school bus happening every day

  7. Dude sounds exactly like Dave Chappelle doing a skit!

  8. Someone did that to me 3 days in a row

  9. When the bus stop sign is out u gotta stop smh

  10. These people are crazy but some of the vid the kids just run across the road

  11. 0:50 Must have been what happened in Crown Heights 1991, impatient Jews running over kids.

  12. Need to make it a law that they lose their driver license for 6 months I bet they'll stop then

  13. Yeah this happens all the time almost got hit last year and they kept goinf

  14. Why can’t the bus driver get out and hold a stop sign? That’s what mine used to do 🤷‍♀️

  15. You're telling me, while I'm waiting for the red flashing lights to stop, other cars can just drive through and not get penalized?

  16. Unless they can't get a license plate. All those video clips looked blurry as crap. Good Luck.

  17. Well instead of school buses stopping while cars and trucks are on the road school buses should pick kids up and drop them off at bus stops that's what should be done school buses should not be stopping in the middle of traffic to begin with.

  18. Y'all school should teach kids how to look left n right first b4 crossing…. Then reinforce law n security….

  19. My kid will never ride the bus. Case closed. 😁

  20. The only way to stop bad guys ignoring stop signs is to have good guys ignore stop signs. 🤔

  21. That'e because just like NBC news, America is completely disgusting and I will always hate this selfish centered lifestyle and yes I can't wait to move. More to life than a dead end 75k job, corrupt taxes, bs loans, and this so called picket fence dream everyone wants. This disgusts me.

    And before any of you idiots comment saying leave the country, you're just another part of the problem that don't see the big picture.

  22. 0:31 the bus did not put the stop sign until within second when the car is close. Bus fail.

  23. Wohoooo the New World Order is in full effect cyborg drivers

  24. Idiots. On such roads the bus should park in the middle to block driveways to deter such drivers.

  25. Those drives that blow the bus stop deserve to be shot!

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