Friday , September 24 2021
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Increased Incidences Of Unruly Customers In Restaurants

As restrictions ease, Americans are now dining out again, but they’re finding not everything is back to normal. Staffing shortages are leading to longer wait times and customers are acting out.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Increased Incidences Of Unruly Customers In Restaurants


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  1. the solution is AI robots running restaurants its coming

  2. Americans need anger management PERIOD

  3. This is happening in retail too

  4. This is happening in retail stores too

  5. People are just psychos!!

  6. I feel like all the events such as BLM, Politics, COVID, and the media over the past 2 years have been making people act like this. If not, then they're pathetic adults and need to act more like one.

  7. The 5G waves are taking the minds of the people.

  8. People are tired of paying and not getting what they pay for at the same time

  9. Everyone else in the service industry has been doing this for over a year we all have to deal with people yelling screaming destroying our products the only place I was close for restaurants we've all been dealing with these crazy f**** for a year

  10. This is an issue of the vaccinated…all those toxins eating away at their minds!

  11. Our society doesn’t value empathy and hasn’t for longer than I’ve been alive. You can’t create a society centered around capitalism and expect empathy to flourish. A capitalist society rewards narcissism and narcissism requires a lack of empathy. The “successful” only got there by neglecting the well-being of others. It could be their families, their co-workers, their employees, even their friends or neighbors. If you think you haven’t done this, you’re blind to the consequences of your actions. This society has been declining since before Reagan poisoned everything with his trickle down nonsense. For things to change, our values would need to be realigned. The world will burn before the entitled allow themselves to feel empathy.

  12. I have a solution buy and cook your own food! Problem solved.

  13. It's going to get worse. The way back to reality is a bridge too far, now

  14. Some people just need their butt kicked.

  15. Increased Incidences of Rude Staff and Poor Customer Service would be a more accurate title.

  16. Only in crazy Trumpland….once known as America.

  17. Imagine my job on Google is a fast paced restaurant

  18. This among many other reasons Is why we need wage raises. 7 bucks to deal with this.

  19. Unruly customers is just a Tuesday at TJ Maxx 😭😭😭😭

  20. Solution! keep those nasty attitudes home and cook your own food!

  21. Don't feel safe in a restaurant anymore not because of Covid, but because of the crazy unbalanced simpletons recently let out into society who escaped from of the insane asylum..

  22. The thing with the red haired girl happen almost a year ago and the employee hit her first.

  23. I'm not eating out…don't feel it's safe to…we have opened up too soon. Would have been sooner if people had done as asked…but no we have adults acting like 2 year olds. I'm staying safe, staying home…making my own food…it tastes better anyways, and who has the money to eat out!

  24. Keep voting Democrat…

  25. Wow I would NEVER NEVER EVER act like that. Even if the waiter made a mistake or is slow. People need to be patient and compassionate.

  26. Prosecute each and every one of the perps.
    Lock'em up !

  27. and you have people claiming people are just lazy and not wanting to work… there are your *R* class politicians in action. sacrifice yourself and your family to the altar of money is all the *R* class politicians care about.. they see pleasure in observing others suffering.

  28. I've never been an unruly customer. I've had orders get messed up, and really badly once, but I never berated anyone or threw a temper tantrum. If the service/food is that bad I probably wouldn't even say anything and would just leave. People/businesses with horrible service are unlikely to handle constructive criticism well so I'd just leave. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time and I'm fine with that as long as they either get corrected or aren't a big deal.


  30. trump and his deplorables bringing pathetic childish entitlement of superiority behavior back into fashion.

  31. We really only stopped going into restaurants because we couldn't that being said we've seen a lot of bad behavior. Employees to customers, customers to each other, management to employees. It's been ridiculous. Maybe it's the effects of normal people being unreasonably pressured everywhere and have had enough too

  32. I noticed this when I worked in retail a few years ago in comparison to when I worked retail in the late 90's early 2000's. People had gotten meaner in my experience so I quit retail once and for all back in 2013.

  33. It’s because we’re hungry and the food service industry right now is a joke! Get back to work people!

  34. as an adult act respectful, as a reminder your not entitled and your not owed, nothing

  35. One more reason why restaurants are understaffed.

  36. Sounds like a lot of angry, entitled people taking it out on people that are easy to attack. Bro, if your response to having to wait a bit is to tear the store apart, you got bigger issues than a restaurant can address.

  37. Not just restaurants. Gas stations, retail, pretty much anywhere dealing with face to face consumers. I have seen people act bad, but never to the extremes they are now.

  38. Says Stephanie who probably doesn't even tip anyone anywhere. It's funny listening to the rich telling us how to conduct ourselves.

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