1) MULTIPOR External Thermal Insulation Complex System (Preview)

2) Nudura (Preview)

3) Installation of metal roof tiles (Preview)

4) Cicabloc®

5) Taşmatik

6) Wetpour Rubber Crumb Surfacing

7) PASCHAL Modular/GE Universal Formwork

8) Contech Bin-Wall™

9) Blizz-z terrastone PFM 1K


11) Geoplast Aquabox

00:00 – Wetpour Rubber Crumb Surfacing
01:09 – Cicabloc®
02:09 – Taşmatik
03:00 – PASCHAL Modular/GE Universal Formwork
04:01 – Contech Bin-Wall™
04:59 – Geoplast Aquabox
05:40 – Nudura
06:33 – Blizz-z terrastone PFM 1K
07:30 – MULTIPOR External Thermal Insulation Complex System
08:25 – Installation of metal roof tiles
09:20 – VOLMA

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  1. Let's get this straight, metal rooftops are fucking loud when it rains.

  2. Bro why'd u copy techsources logo and name???

  3. Your construction videos are amazing but could I recommend that you cater to region such as Europe or USA as most of these products are not available across multiple regions.

  4. The manufacturer may call it environmentally friendly, and hope people accept it, but they are made of 100% plastics and styrofoam. Let’s not be fooled that easily.

  5. How about the plastics that when heated up abit emmits Benzens…known for toxicity…i don't like the ideea of plastics in the walls of my house…might be fast to build,but also might be fast of the health degradation…awkward that nobody mentioned that about plastics…

  6. Yeah I notice how none of these technologies are in the USA

  7. Man cut the cap make roofing. That absorbs solar light no more light bill no more light bill

  8. We bought one of those walkway molds about 6 years ago for a path that stretches about 100 feet. My husband did about two molds a day (before he went to work in the morning) for several days until it was finished. It still works really well. We didn't have to prep the surface much. So, it was less expensive than a traditional walkway and used fewer materials.

  9. I always enjoy your videos, the upbeat music too, I noticed a gamer uses it too, he uses it with a faster beat. 🤔

  10. Love how he sprinkles in old ass stuff and passes it off as knew tech.


  12. Whoever heard of concrete forms before? Mind. Blown.

  13. They were using protective equipment they had a ladder up there and they were using the trusses to stand on they're fine people need to stop worrying so much and let people be themselves

  14. Solar is solid ☀️👈😏👍

  15. Always enjoy watching your videos

  16. I wish there were solar panels in the form of roof tiles that could be installed so easily.