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Indian-American Families Rush To Send Supplies To Loved Ones In India | NBC News NOW

As India battles an overwhelming second wave of Covid-19, Indian-American families in the U.S. are sending supplies to loved ones overseas. NBC News medical contributor Dr. Vin Gupta joins News NOW to discuss efforts to get help on the way and why the rest of the world should be paying attention to India’s crisis.

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  1. Why did this government not follow the CDCs rulings? When the vaccines were available did, they just forget to order enough. Hospital equipment what were they thinking not to have their supplies?

  2. Western:A populous country in Asia is concealing information about its epidemic, that is Chi…
    India:Yes,it's me!

  3. The factory that makes those oxygen concentrator in China, they doing 24 hours shift nonstop production even in the holidays. The price also go apps for 5 times to 10 times.

  4. This is desperate and heartbreaking. Poor poor people of India. My love and prayers for you.

  5. India have 366,240 less Covid deaths than the US. The world should ban America before India.

    India helped Traitor Trump make money selling snake oil hydroxychloroquine even after the Orange threatened India.

    India were one of the first countries to produce a vaccine, months before the US warp speed/snail speed became 6th to market.

    US has kept all their vaccines for themselves and now says they want to help India. Monitor this space as Americans lie.

  6. Praying Blessings upon them

  7. Give my vaccination to India

  8. Telemarketing calls are down at my house.😚💀

  9. Request to India's Supreme Court and all Human Rights organisations in India and overseas – Please stop the BJP Govt. from proceeding with the Central Vista Redevelopment Project immediately.  This project includes building a new house for the PM, a new Parliament Building, a huge conference centre etc. costing about 200 Billion USD.  This is not the need of the hour.  That money should instead immediately be diverted to be used for Indian citizens' to help them overcome the pandemic, by supplying oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, vaccines, medicines, more crematoriums and burial grounds, building temporary hospital beds with oxygen and ICU facilities and financial assistance for people who are struggling etc.

  10. Diversity is Humanity's (and America's) Greatest Strength.

  11. "Indian-American Families Rush To Send (Covid) Supplies To Loved Ones In India" thereby motivating us, the people of America, to redouble our efforts to rapidly find out at any given moment, including even while On-Line, who among us are unwittingly contagious (i.e. pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic) in order to #ConvinceItForward for them to call their doctor and to self-quarantine per CDC guidelines in hopes of stopping this pandemic instead of having more #MourningInAmerica. Thus, we're hoping for the best while preparing for the worse-case scenario of the #UKvariant strain(s) mutations and others like the South African, Brazilian, Californian, Texan (BV-1), & #Cluster5Mink mutations rendering current vaccines no longer effective.

  12. Wow I’m not getting any more IRS scam phone calls now I wonder why?

  13. First Of all …dun put words in India’s Govt mouth by saying they t lack Of Oxygen amd Vaccine. They never said that…and they r the World Highest producer Of covid vaccines….Go Google and hear for yourself what the minister Of health in India spoken about covid in their Country. The Numbers is coming down…they as won the covid war since the begining Of this year

  14. When India hits 2,000,000 deaths, it will nearly equal America's per capita death toll. Of course the India death toll only counts those lucky enough to die in hospital. Many, many more are dying at home and in the streets, because the hospitals have no room for most of those needing hospital care.

  15. And yet the entire Republican Party says that covid-19 is a scamdemic, all these tragic images from India are fake, and lamestream media should be outright annihilated or strictly controlled by a GOP government.

  16. Was it OK that that India's government allowed the the Holi celebration to continue and take place and ALLOW MILLIONS to gather together ??? WTF ???

  17. If India is an educated country, they have to arrange oxygen themselves not to ask other countries ! It's a crisis situation and I can not be judgemental but to reach help. How long and how it become.

  18. Kamala will make sure her people are good.

  19. What about those poor Indians who do not have rich loved ones overseas.

  20. We can send rover to Mars but not oxygen to a country here on earth

  21. This all falls on the government of India. But it also falls on Indian citizens for electing a criminal and bigot in Modi. They elected someone who prides himself in trying to make India theocratic Hindu nation and disparages minorities particularly Muslims.

  22. Quran, Chapter 112:
    1. Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;
    2. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    3. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
    4. And there is none like unto Him.

  23. just like chinese american last year

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