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Indianapolis official comments on latest mass shooting

Mayor Joe Hogsett is calling for stricter gun laws following the city’s second mass shooting in three months.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. What is wrong with people?

  2. “My heart goes out to the victims” I am sick of hearing all these useless griefs. Do something

  3. Guns like this are seen as very cool, as badass. Hollywood, which is actually not liberal at all, has helped turn these weapons and the characters who use them into the ultimate male symbols of power, individuality, and will. We hear that they want these weapons to stop tyranny, when its their murders that are tyrannical. Guns have become the only cool thing in the lives of so many scared, confused, and weak American men who can't grow up. The ability to commit mass murder on totally innocent people is apparently so important in this country that we won't do a single thing to try and prevent it. As a nation have become just as incapable of growing up as these pathetic creatures. We are, like these gun fetishists, killing ourselves.

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  6. Na America as not got a gun problem guns don`t kill people they say yet they have more mass shooting than any 1st world country wake up num nuts

  7. Doesn't come off as sincere at all. Sounds like a political speech. And btw, way way too long!!!



  9. Welcome to the Second Amendment.

  10. No real information, just 2 damnocrats blowing steam on attacking the second amendment.

  11. It happen and will happen again becouse the access to fire arms is too simple.. U have to make a choise between the freedom of be all armed and social safety… It's simple..

  12. My condolences to the family and friends

  13. Biden – we need "common sense" gun control! Media – we got you bro, just leave it to us.

  14. I wish these officials would just say "we don't care. This country doesn't care about gun violence so get used to dying".

    At least it would be honest.

  15. Only in the United States. This should tell you something. Time to leave the country.

  16. If he’s not white – watch how fast the media “forgets” about the story…

  17. Seems like a lot of the normies are waking up in this country….
    Lock and load everyone.
    Don’t let this happen to you or your family.
    The crime of these people is out of control and out for all to see now.

  18. Is this news even "Breaking" anymore? It happens just about every day now. There's nothing special about this incident as compared to the the couple dozen that have taken place just this month.

  19. Save your thoughts and prays 🤦‍♂️ it never saved or helped anyone but it’s time for everyone to wear bulletproof vest and all children in schools as well but stop reporting because it’s too late and another mass shooting will happen as your reading this 🤦‍♂️ I blame the government all lawmakers and the NRA

  20. Alot of crazy incel type crimes like this lately. Was he one of those people ?

  21. I think they should pass a law that you can't go into any work place and begin shooting. It may not change things, but at least we can say" we passed some more gun laws".

  22. 19 year old incel with a gun. Nuff said.

  23. Background checks is gonna do what🙄.

  24. Mental healthcare reforms now.

  25. America with it's holy 2nd Amendment. The dream of owning an assault weapon stems from persistent media portrayal of heroism and dominance. Like the GI Joe comic books of the 1940s and 50s. Modern assault rifles and pistols for actual animal hunting? Very cautiously yes, but definitely NOT for angry, crazy DEREANGED, racist individuals who shouldn't be allowed to own even a slingshot, let alone an assault weapon. The price of the 2nd Amendment: Very acceptable until one of your own family members gets her face shot off by an *sshole bearing a grudge against "just anybody". The 2nd Amendment changes only when its supporters feel the pain in their own lives!!! "God, I lost 3 of my most favorite family members. Maybe I gotta rethink this 2nd Amendment b*llsh*t."

  26. We will hear the same speech again in the near future


  28. Yes, we might as well get use to it as long as we remain a culture with more guns than people. Yes, we might as well get use to it as long as some State politicians race to the bottom on looser and looser gun control. Yes, as long as the opening clause of the 2nd Amendment is ignored. Yes, as long as we retain a wild, wild west attitude towards guns. Yes, as long as we keep modeling gun violence to our children. I could go on but can only hope sometime in the future we grow up and banish so many guns.

  29. Horns and crowns are the automobile industry. Rev 13:1 Mark of the beast Toyota. Rev 13:18 Rev 14:9

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