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Indianapolis Police Hold Briefing On Mass Shooting At FedEx Facility | NBC News

Watch live coverage as the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department holds a briefing on the mass shooting at a FedEx facility where eight people were killed. The gunman also killed himself at the scene.

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Live: Indianapolis Police Hold Briefing On Mass Shooting At FedEx Facility | NBC News


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    Seems like our options are "prevent it" before it happens, and "stopping it" the instant it does!

    Article from the AP
    — The former employee who shot and killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis legally purchased the two assault rifles used in the attack despite red flag laws designed to prevent that, police said. A trace of the two guns found by investigators at the scene revealed that suspect Brandon Scott Hole, 19, of Indianapolis, legally bought the rifles in July and September of last year, officials with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said Saturday.

    So since the shooter purchased the guns legally, you will never pass a law that will predict what someone might do with a firearm. Some lawmakers purpose a blanket ban on certain kinds of firearms from everyone good or bad. Laws like this that restrict or ban access to these firearms from people who are neither incline nor determined to use them unlawfully accomplishes absolutely NOTHING. For 31 years, gun free zones have claimed the lives of far too many people. The duration of any mass shooting is dependent on how fast you can get bullets into the bad guy from an armed counter response. It does not matter if that armed response comes from the police, security, or armed civilians.


  2. Such a threat confiscated his shotgun bc not trying to ban them but let him keep his AR. Bidun thinks all u need is 2shot shotgun bc hunting ducks u only use 3shots but ducks never do 4armed home invasions

  3. Meanwhile, as blm burns down peoples neighborhoods…

  4. When a human being feels very devalued, alienated and misunderstood – they give up. What are they thinking? They are thinking there is no way to stop being devalued and misunderstood. No way to stop the pain. They begin thinking of a final day..On the final day, they will end the humans that they believe contribute to their pain. Then end themselves or suicide by police.

  5. I urge police not to identify people by colors in a crayon box. We are so much more alike than further Covid separation by adding color labeling. Color labeling people is inhuman. Humans are not shades on the color wheel. Color labeling will end humanity.

  6. Deceased includes 4 Sikhs.

    Killing people of Asian origin is the new trend of American.

    I'd rather go to Saudi than going to US.

  7. People are looking for a leader who understands each one of us who will come before us and help us all feel life is okay, and will return to an even better calm. People are separated due to Covid distancing. Add to that, we are being TOLD we hate each other by politicians and media. Fear is fuel. People are so confused they lash out uncharacteristically, especially people who have pre-existing struggles. Someone needs to rise up to lead and comfort the population. A leader..

  8. You politicians flood communities with illegal immigrants and wonder why we have violence lol stupid Demorats

  9. Brandon Scott Hall's dream road accident and 5 dead bodies. Why is there an accident in Russia? The police don't care if he killed himself or had an accident. 1 day and 5 corpses or USA 1 day and 8 corpses. Brandon could have run over 8 people with a car. Work for me in a FedEx warehouse. I can't have any money for the road, etc. A 19-year-old kid replaced me and worked and died. Half of the earnings are mine. 30 years old, a man gave a job and money to a kid is a pity. Half or no money and no job. The work is accurate my 8 corpses 2021.There is no forecast and no rescue of 5 or 8 corpses.

  10. The constitution is BS

  11. Thanks for the Democrats creating these kinds of people breeding them and trying to make all these gun-free zones where people cannot protect themselves against crazy people this is the real world people Democrats are breaking the laws of our country you have the right to protect yourself against crazies

  12. There has to be a comprehensive mental health test before buying any firearm.

  13. Why do they have these things

  14. They comment that there are shootings in the hood and getto..this is happening everywhere…all good people arm yourselves help protect your neighbors group with law enforcement…be on the side of the law get trained for safety..this will continue…don't be surprised about anything.

  15. Pandemic, BLM, Asian hate, Mass shootings…. I only feel safe at home.

  16. In the USA mass shooting is become a national sport.

  17. Okay this doesn't make sense at about the 15 minute mark the guy says they're not sure who the shooter is or what his name is since there are a lot of bodies. Then he goes on to say that the guy got out of a car and started shooting in the parking lot which means they watched the video and they can see the guy and what he's wearing and obviously grab his ID out of his wallet which he probably has on himself or at about the 8 minute mark the guy said they were raiding his house so how can they say they don't know him when they're raidng his house??

  18. All these “ Random shootings” at the same time Joe Biden is signing executive orders to abolish the 2nd amendment, Hmmmm🤔 Coincidental I think not! This is Government planned attacks to further fit their narrative to take away good law abiding American citizens their 2nd amendment rights.

  19. Condolences to the families affected by this very sad incident. Thanks to the first responders on the scene.
    We are living in perilous times.
    Only Jesus has the answer. Get to know Jesus.
    John 3:16. Blessings to All.

  20. For god sake. If you didn't have easy access to Arms you wouldn't have nut cases running around with them. It's not hard to understand. Duh.

  21. The guy has psychiatric history with a gun. Gun control fail at all levels. All of the shooting and people was killed all happening in United States of America 🇺🇸.

  22. Is there a photo of the perp?

  23. Pr BIDEN, Why are single MOMS tortured on your watch by US FBI? Just bcs I was born in RUSSIA? Stop the ABUSE! Russia is your Alley, China is your Vice! ANd to ABUSE AN AMERICAN MOTHER just for birth in Russia!! I am an abused, persecuted American MOM, TORTURED mentally daily, placed in prison and it continues years and years.. for.. UNproven Overstay on vacay!!! An American Mother placed in PRISON before even proper Trial!??? No wonder we have Unrest – this is NO Democracy – this is KING GEORGE – model of TORTURE AND PRISON as a solution to Custody Dispute!! I asked EVERY News Outlet for Assistance and NO HELP from my Country or Humans! So HOW can I say we live in Democracy? Or its for my kids Benefit? I am getting sicker and about to die.. HOW does it help ME or my Kids brainwashed by the Monster MORMON Father and Corrupt MORMON FBI? USA continues to REWARD Abusers and Torture me… And NOONE Helped Not a soul!


  25. "Whoever takes a life—unless as a punishment for murder or mischief in the land—it will be as if they killed all of humanity; and whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity.1 ˹Although˺ Our messengers already came to them with clear proofs, many of them still transgressed afterwards through the land" [Quran 5 : 32]

  26. Some one needed protection on them Might have saved some some
    stopping the Basterds smh ..

  27. It’s always a good idea not to be rude or spiteful to co workers no matter how weird we perceive people to be. People tempt others by being spiteful and hateful when being polite uses less energy, not to mention the right thing to do. ☝️😌

  28. The police didn't do that job again and now eight people are dead because they fell to do their job once again

  29. They should’ve impeached Joe Budden, this is terrible! And they said the kid died of a self infected gunshot! I doubt that, the crowd probably bumrushed him! Haha

  30. What investigation, first ban the guns, if not more deadly mass shooting will happen.

  31. I work right across the street and it’s so heartbreaking I had to leave early today my heart is so sad and I just moved here from another state .

  32. GUN CONTROL!!! That's how you help stop these idiots…Stop selling automatic weapons, better deeper back ground checks…these killings are cruel, and can not be tolerated…😟

  33. The long term study of Thoughts and Prayers shows it doesn't work

  34. A government that arranges false flag killings to support their desire to remove gun ownership, without any care whatsoever for those who have lost their lives, and everyone affected. I’m so sorry to everyone suffering ❤️😢💕

  35. Americans love their guns.

  36. Condolences to all the families hurt by this insane individual. God Bless🕇🕊🕇🌹💖

  37. for once, leftists are soooo happy that the perpetrator is a white american male, who likely is also heterosexual and a chrstian. it finally fits their narrative!!!

  38. We can't blame the little white boys mother because she tried to get help for him and no one wanted to listen I went through the same thing with my brother we try to get him help but the police said we can't do anything if he doesn't want to get help so I'm praying he doesn't go off the wall like this stay prayed up everybody😑

  39. Another senseless act..& loss of precious life! Prayers goes out to the victims families & all who were affected! So sorry! Stay Strong Indianapolis!

  40. I feel sorry for the victims and their families. May the victims rest in peace 🙏

  41. This is an eye opener to all Christian Americans, and the same all over the world! This is not about civil rights or race or indifference of any kind! This about the world uniting for the good of our own existence! This is all about shouting with one voice, “Jesus we believe in you! We follow you! We know these things are to come! With out them your arrival will not be! We will not fear these signs of tribulation if that they may be! We as believers of god and his son who gave his life for us will raise our hands in his holy name and pray let it be! Your will shall be done! Bless all races, religions, and all loving Christians around the world! There is good and bad everywhere! Lord it is up to you to decide who’s is righteous in your heart, it is not up to us to decide! If these signs are in fact what you have prophecized in scripture than it is your will not ours! We leave it in your hands, lord! Thy will be done! It is what you promised would happen before your second coming and as much as satan tries to discourage us with these evil things that are taking place we will still follow you and do our best to please you! Is Jesus Christ holy and loving name, Amen!” Believe it brothers and sisters… and we will be ok! Our savior promises this. That’s our problem. Satan uses these tools of fear to turn us away from the true cause! Don’t let him! My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones, as do my my prayers! Don’t let it turn your hearts or eyes from the lord above, for his Devine works are in progress! Love home and believe in his name! Don’t ever let your hearts grow cold do to this lawlessness! Forgive and call for his Devine blessing! Most of all pray for salvation and blessings to all. Humble ourselves before him so that we may not fear the worse which is still yet to come! As a believer in his holy name, I wait him in enthusiasm for his holy return, amen! I await you lord Jesus! I await!

  42. We should have a national day of morning, this 2021 has reached an epic 🤨🇺🇸

  43. RIP to all those that lost their lives and please accept my condolences from Siam. All of you are in my prayers. This is the best I can do.

    All of these could probably be avoided. Since January 6, it appeared to be okayed to do as you pleased there including killings of the innocents.

    Ask McConnell and Rudy Giuliani as well as 71 Million American Voters who agreed with the ‘Rotten Orange’; they would say to ‘Put your head in the ($hitHole) and Ignore’ ANY TRUTHS.

    Until most of these haters are in the $hitHole$, one must be vigilant at all time of the extremists. In particular if you are a Non-White while in the US.

  44. This is getting to be ridiculous there's way too many shootings going on. To the point where I'm kind of vigilant when I'm out in public.. It's everyday it seems here lately there's a new shooting.

  45. Repeal the second amendment for God's sake and be done with all this craziness. Australia fixed their gun problems, why can't we?

  46. Everything must be China, Iran, Russia's fault

  47. So sad God give the families strength 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🔥🇵🇷

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