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India's journey to the WTC final


It came down to the wire for India despite their superb performance in the Australia series

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  1. Ravi Shastri is a damn good speaker….he seems to be a tad rude but his words are just source of motivation for the team….❗

  2. Australia series is just one of its kind…it was like a movie script , can never forget that!!

  3. "Ee sala cup namdee"😘😘

  4. Why do people always forget Gill’s 91 while talking about the last day at the Gabba? Disappointed to see no mention of that innings.

  5. Copied content from Cricbuzz. Only some editing done.

  6. """A khuda jo hamari message ko padh rha hy uske mata pita ko lambi umar de 🙏👍🙏 aur usse duniya ke har khushi milye ❤ 💙 💛💙

  7. Good luck india for the finals
    .❤️from sri lanka

  8. I think they should have mentioned Nattu in the Gabba win.He took many key wickets in the first.Marnus,Smith.You guys don't like south indians😏

  9. India deserves to win this wtc but some emotional bitches are saying that new zealand will win cos they lost the world cup final😂😂

  10. India will win WTC final ❤️

  11. Only India deserves to win the WTC. No one else. Our road to the final is history. We overcame the hurdles of the ICC(percentage system) and we beat the Aussies in their backyard without our main team. And we’ve been the number one team for 5 years. We can’t lose the final to a team who only won at home.

  12. The battel is going an epic level 💥

  13. who is eagerly waiting for WTC final

  14. Waiting for 🇮🇳 🆚 Newzealand 💥💣💥💣💥💣


  16. Waiting for Rogit and Kholi

  17. """A khuda jo hamari message ko padh rha hy uske mata pita ko lambi umar de 🙏👍🙏 aur usse duniya ke har khushi milye ❤ 💙 💛💙

  18. Eagerly waiting for WTC final 💙

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