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Indigenous student’s disappearance just one in epidemic of missing native women | Nightline

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Ashley Loring Heavy Runner vanished in 2017. She’s just one of nearly 6,000 missing indigenous women. A complicated, underfunded justice system often leaves these sometimes violent crimes unsolved.

No answers 2 years after 20-year-old student vanishes – a single case in an epidemic in Native American communities:



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  1. If these agencies put in place to protect us are letting so much go un investigated I’m thinking-they are involved

  2. Growing up here in Northern California we have a lot of cold cases about Native Women too.. It’s crazy!! This has got to stop!! It’s very scary..

  3. They are doing this to black Women in the USA as well. It seems like no one cares about women of color in the USA. When a white woman disappears they get media coverage and tons of public resources to locate them. Yet no one has even heard of the hundreds of brown women who go missing every single day in Amerikkka. There is a quiet sanctioned genocide of melanated people in Amerikkka. It’s happening right now. Yet no one even knows or cares that it is happening.

  4. Honestly I felt bad but when I found out its drug related oh shit next story please. We shouldn't waist our tax payer money for missing people on drugs

  5. She's not Becky, so authorities don't care, should be justice for Heavytrunner and other missing indigenous women on or off the reservation… Thx, for bringing this info to the forefront, I had knowledge of these unsolved missing Native Americans… #utterlysad #serialkiller

  6. No more poverty and suffering! Everyone should live in dignity! The billionaires have MUCH MORE MONEY THAN THEY NEED! TAX THEM AND HELP THE ORDINARY AMERICANS!

  7. Drugs and no sympathy from me. They get what they ask for.

  8. The La Platas sheriffs dept in Durango Colorado is responsible for hundreds of native women disappearing.
    The sheriff killed himself because he was caught human trafficking.

  9. MacDonald says he fell asleep. World's worst fucking alibi. I think he should have gone with "Little People took her right before my eyes." This will sound awful to some people, but this is a really diseased culture we are watching. Young women hanging with older men for drugs. Older men manipulating young people. Entire groups of youth so messed up, and living in a constant spiral. And added to that really inefficient law enforcement systems helping the whole circle spin out of control for individuals and communities. I feel terrible just thinking about these children. Our children.

  10. For goodness sake what is a 20 year old young woman doing partying and staying in the home of a 55 year old man and meth user and having affairs with married men old enough to be her dad ? Not much common sense.

  11. Justice for ashley. They took to long 2 mths to investigate. Sam know something where ashley is he partied with her

  12. has david paulides looked into these disappearences


  14. Prayers for these women and there families. Be safe stay strong.

  15. OMG . It sounds like the tribal police don't seem to care . God bless the families.

  16. 1. Quadcopters can search such areas – maintenance free.-
    2. Look in the town-dumps, it is classical for simpletons to waste their bodies over there.

  17. She is a quarter if that native n rest white!!!.. she was strung out on METH.. n her big fat sister kiked her away cause she was on dope when she would go around there house.. don't let that pig lie she didn't like her sister she's only trying to get some attention to keep her fat face fed.. that chick was a meth feen.. kikin it with dope dealers for dope.. her sister didn't like her cause she s on meth.. the fat pig only started this thing after she went missing after 3 weeks cause her sister didn't give her her food stamp card so she could eat.. don't believe fat ass she's just always hungry trying get a free meal n some publicity Ashley was a dope feen who went with anyone who had a sack.. don't believe the lies her family is saying about the situation if they wouldn't of always kiked her away cause she was a feen this hole thing would of never happened!!!.. Sam mc Donald is the main suspect everyone from the rez knows except the feds.. duhhh.. it's just stupid Frank goings is a old coke head turned snitch n became a rez cop.. this hole segment needs to be redone n the truth will b told.. I know cause I m blackfeet n was there the hole time this was going on.. the family didn't give a fuk until publicity was brought into it.. n her fat sister just wants her food stamp card back..

  18. To everyone wondering, there are alot of good people on reservations & also alot of bad people. As in all of America drugs & gangs are rampant. Also, there is the mentality that they can do anything they want. We really should take another look at our jurisdiction with the Nations inside America. I'm part native American & have relatives that left the reservations.

  19. Look at the churches, big money in young girls.

  20. She disapeared alright eating all that McDonalds and went missing 6' under.

  21. Well, Sam didn't kill 6,000 women.

  22. They look at native women like trophies and rarities that's why they are targeted. And obviously they know they'll get away with it because no one cares about natives in the Western hemisphere anymore.

  23. You can't put ALL the blame on U.S. govt/LE because the reservations have their OWN govt/council, their OWN laws. Often, the reservation leaders don't even report it to the closest local LE if it's just a "missing" person. They don't want outsiders involved. They don't like our way of life.
    Yet, when their own ppl are going missing or being killed by their own ppl – the outsiders get blamed for not preventing it, and not solving it. SMH. What a crock of shit.
    And ANYONE can enter a missing person into NAMUS!!
    So, again, instead of blaming LE outside if the reservation – why don't talk ask yourselves WHY isn't the FAMILY and FRIENDS of these missing ppl putting them into NAMUS (the national database for missing ppl)!!?? 🤨
    There's no way I'd live on the reservation.
    Full of drugs, and crime, and again…there's no real justice there.
    If you want your family protected, and possibly helped when something happens you have to live off the reservation.

  24. These indigenous people are on their own lands suffering. What would you have thought anything different when the people of the land are congregated to a small tiny area!? How is that fair? The history of the mistreatment of the indigenous people that's cause them to become alcoholics drug addicts and have a lot of trouble and a lot of problems and it's not fair. and the police and investigators and FBI should help them as much as they help another person. They deserve the best of everything in this country! They deserve special privileges and rights but do they get them no! Eventually the indigenous people of this country are going to be wiped out because they're not going to be able to stay together without losing more and more! So many women I can't believe it how many generations are gone and lost! American Indian people are precious and are like historical artifacts that we have to preserve. Yes they are people but their blood is pure and we have to preserve them and their way of life in their rights because that is what this land is really about! This is sacred lands that we are occupying.

  25. Finally a report on a missing indigenous woman now do more…this is one of thousands of cases

  26. Just watch the movie WIND RIVER

  27. Fake ass indian. The real indians have copper colored skin. These white girls are fake 5 dollar indians.

  28. They are not indigenous to the North American continent. The indigenous nations of people's that were living here on this continent before European invasion were highly melanated like the Khalifian tribes and the Hawaiian monarchy. A DNA test will confirm that those are Spaniards aka Europeans. A 250 million year old piece of Africa was found here on the south eastern region of this country. I doubt they have any African DNA. Why is there no resemblance to the Mexican Olmecs if those are Indians. Those are not the people Columbus described.

  29. Man look thats a white girl stop playing #5dollarindian

  30. This is a big problem in Canada too man it’s ridiculous how people have no sympathy for human life because of their race

  31. Missing for 2 years & 6,000 similar cases?! Where the hell is the media’s priorities? Everyday I see dozens of bullshit political reports across all networks. Not a single mention about massive problems like this until now. How about you folks in the media stop pitching us stories to further your agenda. You should be letting us know about serious issues like this.

  32. Reminds me of the movie Wind River because of the message of disappearance of Native American women. My thoughts to those who lost their love ones.

  33. You don't like it get the fuck off the reservation.

  34. yeah the narrative that it's white men that are responsible is so manipulative and weak.

  35. Bravo to ABC to bringing light to this. Dosen't it all boil down to drugs and addiction though? From reservations,small country towns to big cities and suburbs..there's an epidemic and we as a country need help.

  36. These people are Whiter than I am. 😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Why should I feel bad for a women who does drugs all day and sleep around with multiple men.

  38. That white whore isn't indigenous to shit. Not even the cave she crawled out of #vagabond #5DollarIndian

  39. So this is what wind river was about

  40. I'm sorry to hear about her disappearance but she isn't indigenous. She's a European who is a descendant of the "5 dollar Indians" I.e. colonists who paid to become to be federally classified as natives.

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