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Indigenous student’s disappearance part of epidemic of missing native women [FULL REPORT] Nightline

Ashley Loring Heavy Runner vanished in 2017. She’s just one of nearly 6,000 missing indigenous women. A complicated, underfunded justice system often leaves these sometimes violent crimes unsolved. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2OQyiH7

A family’s desperate search for a missing young woman highlights questions about justice on tribal lands — https://abcn.ws/2OQyiH7

When Ashley Loring HeavyRunner, a 20-year-old college student, vanished from the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana this summer, her older sister Kimberly Loring thought of a promise she once made.

“When we were young, we were in the foster care system,” Kimberly Loring told ABC News. “She told me, ‘Don’t leave me,’ and I told her, ‘I would never leave you, and if you were to get moved, I will find you.’”

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  1. This is crazy….do we really live in America??? How could the government allow this ???


  3. That ladys body language screams GUILTY!

  4. The reason why no one cares is because you NATIVES are nothing but a forgotten whisper of the lands these white people have taken over. All you do is get high and forget your culture so I say fvck you and your people. Oh well…💁🏽‍♂️

  5. So upsetting I want peace for all Natives

  6. I'm sure they'll blame whitey lol

  7. Im so sorry !!!! My heart is broken with you 😞
    May the L-rd help you and comfort you .

  8. When one says “sweeping” it sounds like it’s just now occurring…This is something that has plagued Native People since white people stepped on the shores of North America…WHEN WILL THESE PEOPLE GET THE JUSTICE THE DESERVE? I include Canada in this discussion!

  9. Whoa wtf!!!!!!! This should be a national outrage!!! Who is harming these women?

  10. Gzzzzzzzzz, im very sorry she's missing

  11. I wish our tribal leaders had the heart and the courage to pursue on behalf of our broken hearted brothers and sisters….they claiming sometime there on a higher pedestal over it's own members.
    I apologize if I offened….I write this because it's angering.

  12. 12:45 in this video explains what happened…

  13. The bia and FBI have known of these disappearances for many years. In the year 2000 someone was killing native people from Pine Ridge and rosebud reservation and those cases are still open.
    unsolved and and there's no chance of ever being solved. Personally I think it has something to do with the Mexican cartels selling drugs on my reservation and the FBI refuse to stop it.

  14. You guys are imbeciles if you are trusting ABC news for anything.


    The bullshit this network pulled this week is inexcusable.

  15. God help this family and the many others who are lost, this country sickens me on the way they treat their natives

  16. the lady in the pink sweater is not telling the truth…and her fake tears are fake for sure..

  17. Indigenous?
    You Mean Missing $5 Indian!

  18. Truly heartbreaking. Speechless

  19. Aásháání Ashley 😢we are praying for you little sister. We may come from different tribes but, as Indigenous women we are all sisters🦅💯 May The Great Spirit guide your spirit and flesh to peace❤ Burning cedar prayers to the sky in hopes that your family FIND JUSTICE .❤♾🦅

  20. I know one missing Native American.

    Elizabeth Warren. Missing from the Insane Asylum

  21. Where is your apology video for the mistake you made by assuming knob creek was syria? You know this is why no one believes anything you guys report and if they do its only because they are high functioning retards. You seethe signs on Airplanes saying do not open durring flight? That isnt for me it is for those people. People who have no common sense believe every bullshit race baiting story you post. Maybe quit the news buisness and learn to code? Maybe…

  22. Can someone check the British royal family's properties? Because the queen and king sure love some native American children. Search, Canada, Queen Elizabeth 1964, disappearance of native Americans children from an orphanage. You will be shocked how vile the queen and king of England are.

  23. This is heart breaking, I hope they give the attention to the testing you all and she deserves. May they find her. Prayers and hugs.

  24. Let's not forget that it was Democrat policies to destroy the native Americans..

  25. Happy Christopher Columbus day ( this incredible celebration was the beginning of birth for the United States of America )

  26. Somebody needs to start investigating all of these cases right NOW! And I certainly dont mean friends and families. Theres no such thing as disposable people, goddamn. RIGHT NOW!

  27. Reservation police underfunded and may have little investigatory expertise, or power. Alcoholism, addiction, violence, abuse thrive. Indigenous and other men commit crime against women there with impunity. Crime committed on reservation not easily investigated. Tribal council may have jurisdiction due to problem of non-indigenous taking advantage in past. Casinos may bring prostitution and trafficking into reservation.

  28. just the fact alone that the police car has a cracked windshield…… come on America… what happened to us.. ?

  29. Racists white people! The reservation police should have jurisdiction to do their investigations nearby. It’s a total disrespect to them

  30. The worst of it is that they were all meth users. Not uncommon and in the isolation of tribal lands it's just horrible. Follow the trail of the meth and they'll find bodies.

  31. That’s so sad , she’s gorgeous .

  32. So heart breaking
    Prayers for Ashley’s friends and family 💙🙏🏻
    Lord please help find Ashley and all the missing indigenous women

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