Inflation Hit 8.3 Percent In April, Remains Near 40-Year High

New data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on Wednesday shows that inflation rose to a near 40-year high of 8.3 percent in April compared to one year ago. CNBC’s Silvana Henao reports. 

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    The Federal Reserve isn’t even really “federal”. It’s a privately run bank, although its head is appointed by the President. Although the Fed is required to periodically meet with Congress, it is one of the most, if not THE most secretive organization in our country. It has been said that Congress is more aware of what the CIA does then the Fed.
    The Constitution says (many don’t know this) that:“The Congress shall have Power to coin money, and regulate the value thereof.” (So technically, our Fed today IS unconstitutional) Thomas Jefferson worried that if a monopoly power to control the currency was placed in the hands of a private organization, this would give them power to influence elections, it would open up the US to foreign interests, and it would create economic instability. Thomas Jefferson had seen this happen with the Bank of England across the sea.
    “The evil was not in bread and circuses, per se, but in the willingness of the people to sell their rights as free men for full

    bellies and the excitement of the games which would serve to distract them from the other human hungers which bread

    and circuses can never appease.”
    -Decimus Junius Juvenalis

  2. It's global inflation from a global pandemic. Do you think its just the US?

  3. Biden owns this terrible economy: 40 year high inflation, record gas prices (>$1 per gal before Russian invasion), GDP actually shrinks, stock market in tanks. Voters will not forget this in November.

  4. Yeah I make less than 40k a year lol so inflation+low salary= struggle

  5. The price of gas will go down in America if American gas executives and their families were targeted by MAGAT Fox TV/Facebook followers.

    44 Americans are shot by other Americans each day so who would notice?

  6. These anchors pay 50 dollars to put whale speed on there face. No room to cry about inflation

  7. Hope you’re happy liberals👍

  8. Viagra causes inflation.

  9. Food or Fuel, Eat or Heat? 🤔

  10. But they promised us last year that printing all that money would not cause inflation .

  11. A lot of people in this comment section do not understand what 1. The power politicians actually have over the economy is 2. What causes inflation and what control the market has over it.

  12. Yet Biden can send 40 Billion to Ukraine, to get blown up and leave behind 80 billion dollars worth of equipment, assets, and training behind when he exits out of Afghanistan LOOOOOL

  13. love the optimistic music for such crap news

  14. 77% of registered voters say government corruption is the most serious issue facing our nation.

  15. Nobody in this administration knows anything about economics. But we were told that before Nov 2020.

  16. If only someone could have seen this coming…

  17. Leading up to today, there was a bunch of talk about inflation peaking in this next report, but that doesn't appear to be more than wishful thinking–wishful thinking that isn't helpful as it establishes the wrong expectations and worsens the markets…

  18. I'm sure we will top that by the end of 2022, EASILY!

  19. I’m tired…. Give me MAGA back! At least I had money in my pocket, can drive my car without a worry, eat out a couple times a week, and not worry about my job!

  20. Y'all want Democrats now do with it 😆 🤣 😂

  21. Are you lefties getting tired of losing yet? 😂😂