Thursday , September 16 2021
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Infrastructure important for the ‘productivity of the country’: Sen. Cramer

North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer on infrastructure and spending negotiations. #FOXBusiness

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  2. While I-5 continues underbuilt, languishing for decades of make believe

  3. Fox knees is garbage they turned off the comments for governor cuomo and other Democrats Politicians.

  4. Infrastructure bill alone is good for are country !!!!
    But with ALL THE GARBAGE ( THIEVERY) That they load into these bills. ,,, THEY SHOULD NEVER PASS PERIOD !!!!!!
    Only bills that help America 🇺🇸 period. !!!!!

  5. We need a financial audit of all taxpayer money NOW

  6. Infrastructure is bridges and power grids not things the average person might OR MIGHT NOT need. The left can stop trying to make socialism how we do things. The dollar is worth about 80 cents as it is

  7. Infrastructure is code for the creation of the security state and labeling Americans as terrorists.

  8. Let’s keep adding to the deficit! Keep the tax payer under water for the next 200 years!

  9. Hi everyone, I'm actually looking for a good trader that can help me trade and make profits, but is very hard to see a trusted one.. Any idea

  10. We need infrastructure, trump sold us out to china supporting socialism with his phase 1 trade deal. We need semi conductor plants in the u.s for national security

  11. Electric transmission are they saying they are funding electric cars but not the rest of us who use fossil fuels i have herd allot of this crap from this bill it needs to be shot down and redone from scratch no Republican should vote on this or they will pay at election time guaranteed.

  12. we need roads more then dr pepper, hair supplies, and who ever else went AWOL and requested like WE ARE SLAVES black and white. were not dominos either

  13. Biden adm is the biggest threat to US

  14. What up bum grow backbone just say no

  15. Get the municipalities to sell Bonds like it has always been done. That will solve all that is needed. And BTW Fix the potholes in my area SCDOT

  16. Slush fund.
    America is lagging behind in so many ways and it's hard to understand why. Where exactly was the Obama infrastructure money spent ?
    Europe is light years ahead of us.


  18. Congress is a clear and present danger to America and the world in general.

  19. Don't worry be happy biedumb will fix it just like fox threw President Trump out with the Trash. God Bless America and God bless fox.

  20. The Republicans do not have a very partisan build ready they haven't decided on anything they haven't wrote up anyting they have nothing to present for a vote they don't want resent anything they want to run out the clock so Democrats cannot proceed with their Recon

  21. Republicans don't want to pass anything they want to keep all the money in the government for themselves if it was up to the Republicans we all will be getting nothing no assistance of any kind they would probably even take your Social Security away Republicans are not to be trusted I used to be a republican voter until recently I have seen the actions of the Republicans and I do not like it so I have changed my position to Democrat Donald Trump needs to stay the hell out of the business of the government he had his time he needs to back off and quit causing chaos go back to his own home take care of his family and his own business leave the government alone he is trying to set the government up for failure he wants Doom for our country

  22. Except this isnt Infrastructure….it's leftist BS!

  23. NO! Stop giving in to the left!

  24. I'd really have to disagree with this Democrat that kind of infrastructure is not needed that kind of money is not needed quit BS and the American citizens you need to be truthful about it and if you will really truthful about it 600 billion dollars is more than for every type of infrastructure that is needed in the entire United States of America and no more than that and yes at keystone Pipeline does need to be open back up we still need to open up all these public places for all and drilling and we also need to make the United States energy independent again instead of on foreign energy where it's going to cost us a hell of a lot more money and dagen you really should push harder hardball questions at this Democrat

  25. A true INFRASTRUCTURE bill…nothing but true hardware infrastructure, for renewal and replacement the American people will support. However, any social justice, green new deal, socialist handout, communist indoctrination spending we will not and any politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike who vote for these wastes of money will pay in the next election.

  26. Nothing for the republicans because they're spineless and need to be voted out

  27. Remember when the bill will feed inflation raise taxes and cost jobs when the wealthy was to pay now that you pay it fixed all that THINK ABOUT IT

  28. Going along to get along is unacceptable

  29. I seen this movie before. Shovel ready jobs is just government money laundering. Wake up people

  30. Priority 1: Ensure that Trump does not incite another violent insurrection like he did on January 6th.

  31. What happened on January 6th, 2021 was and still is the true representation of the Republican party

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