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Inside an Oklahoma hospital quickly getting overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients | Nightline

Comanche County Memorial Hospital granted ABC News unprecedented access to its COVID-19 wards. Staff say they’re running out of beds and equipment. Suzanne Sims visits her husband Curtis in the ICU.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. And yet there are still people out there denying the pandemic and COVID. We are truly living in among a generation full of retards and these heroes have to fight through it. May god protect them.

  2. Some people still don't respect covid 19 enough. They don't even acknowledge its existence. They call it a scam.

  3. I don't see any problems wearing mask to every where I go. I actually find out that wearing mask saving so much of my money from buying makeup and time from putting makeup on and from disaster illness believe me you don't want anyone in your family get this virus, I just loss my father in law two weeks ago from Covid he was the 88 year old who died from Covid 19, you the younger need to wearing mask to protect not just yourself so you will protect your loved ones too

  4. I hate hearing (anti maskers) rebuttal its 99% curable . You dont need to wear a mask. I wish ppl stop saying that!!! Their 2nd rebuttal they already had underlying health issues … pls stop saying that . Pleasse wear a mask

  5. Stupid trump supporters not wearing there mask

  6. Trump just did it again this should be shown to everyone in Georgia

  7. ♥️♥️🌹🌹

    Stay strong, everyone. 🇺🇸 First.

  8. when the doctor started crying it broke my heart. at this point, if you refuse to wear a mask you have blood on your hands

  9. The devil is in one's lifestyle,…

    first & foremost balanced nominal,intakeof alcohol, cigarette, healthy balanced diet……with a balance of carbs,protein(vegan ) fruits vegetables (cooked) for breakfast..( all freshly prepared.)….one or two fruits for lunch & warm water every half hour in the afternoon hours….a glass of lemon juice(fresh) at11A.M… early dinner before sunset…less carbs same amount of vegetables& protein for dinner I…..a glass of hot vegan milk only if you feel hungry before going to bed….two tablespoons of flax powder mixed into your juice or half glass warm vegan milk either at breakfast or supper is healthy…one cup of coffee or tea ONLY after breakfast & dinner…..this is a healthy lifestyle.which boostsi mmunity a handful of nuts per day specially peanuts ( soaked overnight in water,) takes care of ones healthy fat requirement…include cooked broclli, fresh oranges ,in your diet for vitamin c & calcium…..bottom line is ,it is better to gets essential nutrients from fresh food rather than from pills( which is chemicals) for good immunity….


  10. Abc please fight for American people not with sitting president of usa please

    ! My wife's name is Joe biden !

  11. Folks were masks and hand gloves and sanitizer please avoid bar 🍸, flights ✈️ and parties please folks

  12. Face book ceo spent 400 million to steel the election, y he did not give that money to this hospitals in usa 🇺🇸 so sad , God please don't kill people like this please

  13. Treated for oxygen deprivation, most likely.. SCAMMERS!!!!!!

  14. I wish they gave hospital tours to all anti maskers. I wish they could sit with these families and the survivors.

  15. Are focus to fight Covid-19! we need to save lives! We need to get end this nightmare over!

  16. i live in Oklahoma City and when the pandemic first happened I was wearing a mask and people would laugh because they believed that it was nothing serious. They are just now starting to wear mask all the time in the grocery store, but we have a few that will still come in without a mask and no one will stop them. Governor Stitt will not put in a mandate. I quit my job because my boss came to work sick and refuse to keep her mask on her face coughing throwing up and fever. I work in retail. It’s maddening!

  17. God be with you my dear. I am praying for him

  18. my god, im so privileged, covid has almost no effects on me, this is heartbreaking.

  19. This man was in a vehicle accident that happened when he was texting his side chick.

  20. Ivermectin and quercetin have effective in treating covid19!

  21. When the doctor choked up I was sad. These doctors are working hard to treat patients and people still think this virus doesn’t exist smh.

  22. 🙏 can’t wait until this nightmare is over

  23. To mandate to wear mask makes no difference. There's still people who don't care for lives let alone their life. Won't wear mask.

  24. And to think so many deaths could have been avoided if people would wear a face covering in public, and stop having parties.

  25. What about when you call someone and they don't pick up the phone call goes to voicemail isn't there a way to send messages to them so they can hear it of how their families are doing in everyday life just to hear some type of normalcy I think that would be a huge Improvement they can hear their loved ones talkin as if they are not even in the hospital laughing having a good time

  26. If it wasn’t enough to see hospitals in China, Italy, Spain, and NYC being overrun with the most serious COVID-19 cases, nothing will get through to the people that continue to refute the seriousness of this pandemic.

  27. wow me, my family, and my friends got covid and how the media makes it seem even worse how it is. If you have serious health problems you stay home. Anyone else it’ll be just a cold and a sore throat which goes away after a couple days.

  28. That judge said it loud and clear, This is not about politics, People are dying.

  29. Why is everybody surprised that hospitals are overloaded? Our current procedure sends positive patients home without treatment while the virus is multiplying freely in their lungs. People do not become patients when they enter a hospital. They become patients when they get infected. We make them wait and see if their immune system can cope. Until they get short of breath and go to hospital, we give the virus a home run. By that time virus multiplication has ended. We need treating positive people at home with antiviral treatment right after the first symptoms.

  30. Why is the reporter wearing the limited supply of ppe available for hospital staff?

  31. Anti-maskers: "This is all staged."

  32. How long until trumptards admit this isn’t a hoax and it isn’t political?? Guess what election is over. And guess what!?!? COVID IS STILL HERE AND GETTING WORSE. Good job republicans hundreds of thousands of people are gonna die because your blind faith in a cult leader.

  33. Doesn't look the hospital full of patients

  34. "Yes maam! No one is actually sick, but they are quite panicked cause they have been tricked to think this is more than the flu!"

  35. Trump still thinks the virus is going to go away miraculously. Still with no plan after 1 year of congratulating China for such a great job.

  36. But Trump wants more of his supporters to have rallies.

  37. And not one mention of China responsible for murdering all of these poor people.

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