Inside hostages’ 49 days of captivity while being held by Hamas

New details are emerging about the hostages’ time in captivity as they reunited with their families after being released by Hamas. NBC News’ Raf Sanchez speaks with some of their family members about the conditions they lived in for 49 days.

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  1. Please interview a man with his daughter, the last part of this video, there is a man with red scarf around his neck

  2. Everything you Said contradict the statements of the kidnapped persons who were released, who praise the good treatment by Hamas, and the videos also suggest this. Enough of lying and misleading people. The whole world now knows who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed

  3. Why the lies.. let the people speak for themselves.. they seem very content.. you know about the tunnels and giving everyone that line to use EHUD BARACK SAID THE IOF BUILT THE TUNNELS.. why aren’t you questioning how the IOF HAVE SO MANY PALESTINIAN WOMEN AND CHILDREN.. WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS OWED THE RIGHT TO A LIFE FREE OF OPPRESSION

  4. Why NO news re Palestinians hostages who did not need to wait for bathroom breaks; they were tortured instead. I'm tuning out if u can't give equal representation. "Sense of agency"– really? Tell the PALESTINIANS about that: 75 years and STILL counting NO SENSE OF AGENCY. NO SENSE as regards sadistic Zionists and NO AGENCY as regards millions of Palestinians, especially the 7000 hostages.

  5. The lying the deception in the hypocrisy is amazing. Children are literally being tortured, while in captivity held by Israel, and they have the audacity to lie about this. It’s shocking you people have no dignity and no shame.

  6. Why are they lying? Literally they release elderly women and young girls, and these people wrote letters to Hamas, thanking them for the gratitude that they have for them.

  7. Why no one talks of the 4500 hostages Israel holds for torture? Where are they? Can we talk about those first?

  8. 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  9. Its telling israel wont let them talk to the actual hostages. Probably dont want them talking about not being tortured (the opposit of how israel treats Palestinians they kinap) and bombed by israel…

  10. Same for Palestinian children held captive by Israeli suppressors without trial. Its been a terrible watch, but Israel government is the cause.

  11. Prayers for them

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  13. I would really appreciate some consistency in the terminology being used here. If you’re going to call them hostages of Hamas then Israel also took hostages. If Israel took prisoners then Hamas took prisoners. The only consistency here is your blatant bias.

  14. Don’t occupy other people’s countries! Israel beats women and children in prison! #Palestine1948

  15. All those Palestinian children you killed.. the images are haunting

  16. Can we hear about the Palestinian families that have been massacred their baby girls/boys,mothers, sisters,uncles,brothers ⁉️

  17. We want to see interviews with the actual hostages. Non of this “Israeli spokesman” crap

  18. The old lady slapped dudes hand away like, "Not this time"

  19. What about babies and children Israel which is proven is a racist apartheid county has held for over 5 years. Israel is a terrible country full of racist and Jewish extremists in their government

  20. Pathetic reporting, how about thousands of children in Zionist dungeons.

  21. 🛑🛑🛑They are making so much big deal about hostage for like 1 month while the damage has been created tripple ….. I am keep skipping first 2o min of the news because of this blabla bla and some girl name abigel….. Out of so many kids i think these teen abigel gonna be the next icarly 🎉🎉🎉abigel gonna be new icarly 🎉🎉🎉news is only about her. 🛑🛑what about old mens🛑

  22. That is a big lie they are saying.

  23. This is tragic. Would have never happened if israel didnt systematically oppress the country of palestine.

  24. The Gazana released are in bad condition and were tortured…. Thats the info you are not getting….

  25. Happy to.see the innocent safe at home , may they stay safe with their families . ..may All the children in Israeli prisons be freed too . And Israel stops murdering children in.Palestine Aameen

  26. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  27. 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸✌️✌️

  28. Why the lies
    We know now how hamas treat their hostages
    No hostage were harmed by any means or treated bad
    Western media really lies to their people how bad they are but social media exposed them and all😂

  29. How can the massacre of more than 14,000 people, the destruction of 60,000 houses and depriving people of water, electricity and medical assistance be called Israeli self-defense?

  30. I saw on MSM that according to the latest IDF intelligence, the Hamas fighters and the hostages played soccer all day. As the hostages' heads were take off and used as the balls, the hostages always lost. Apparently when they got tired of playing soccer, they gave the hostages back their heads and then gave them food and medicine. Wow. I'm amazed.

  31. They are feed, not tortured and some are given medicine when majority Gaza people are starving and bombed all time. Hammas truly treated them as guests. Meanwhile Palestines are even been forbidden to celebrate their reunion with their teen families who have been badly treated for many years by Israeli army.

  32. A bunch of lies…. the hostages were treated in a good way unlike what you are showing… show the real videos of release to red cross staff….. what about the 5000+ children that were killed by Israelis?!!!! what about the palestenian children prisoners who were arrested years ago for only defending their land?!!! God will come after you one day abd it's so close.

  33. How can you launch an attack and then claim the victim? This is beyond a manipulation of politics; it's a manipulation beyond theology, no matter which side.

  34. What about the 20000 palestiniens who were killed in Gaza by Israel and thousands more severely injured and what about the thousands of palestiniens in Israel prisons including children or are Israeli lives matter more than palestiniens’

  35. This is contradictive to what literally most released hostages have shown and stated. Amelia’s mother even wrote a letter to the captures thanking them for treating her and her daughter as a queen and being so kind.

    Idf is not allowing hostages to speak in public unless it helps their own agendas!

  36. This fake news still feels off. NBC needs to pay the toll of its unconstitutional actions.

  37. As sufferer of PTSD my self from multiple childhood traumas I balled at this like a baby.
    I wish nothing but the best for these children who have had their innocence and sense of self just stripped from them.

  38. New disclosures add to the growing body of evidence indicating many Israelis who died on October 7 were killed by the Israeli military. Meanwhile, the Israeli government has muzzled captives freed from Gaza to prevent further damage to the official narrative.