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Inside Look At Covid Precautions At Tokyo Olympics Swimming Venue

Olympic venues have Covid precautions in place, including measures to encourage social distancing in locker rooms and a ban on spectators. NBC News’ Tom Llamas goes inside the aquatics center, and speaks to Tokyo’s governor about the restrictions for the Games.
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  1. Why doesn't Japan have signs in other languages?
    Isn't Japan hosting the Olympics which athletes are from around the world?
    Are the triathlons swimming expected to swim in the winter which Japan is DUMPING the RADIOACTIVE WASTE INTO THE OCEAN.

  2. Congratulations! Amazing for Japan to hold the Olympics 2020 under stressful Covid19 conditions. Some stress can motivate everyone more

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  4. I don't believe japanese' saying . They just examine the spit . It is not the PCR test .

  5. Thomas Bach, the IOC chief, is complicit with Tokyo. Bach seems complicit with displaying Japan's war-crimes flag, the Japanese Swastika (aka rising-sun flag) and thus he must feel okay with nazi Germany's history. Thomas Bach is from Germany.

  6. [[[[[[[ Japan's biotest Tokyo Olympics ]]]]]]] The Tokyo Olympics is a biotest of the corona virus and radioactive water contaminated by Japan on people around the world.

  7. No spectators yikes that’s terrible

  8. As the reporter said at the end, the whole thing could be called off if Covid cases increase a lot, something very possible at the least, even likely.
    If that happened, calling off the Games would be even more costly than if they were postponed or cancelled earlier, and a lot of time and effort and the travel to get to the Olympics would have been totally wasted. Moreover, the reputation of the IOC and Olympics will, to put it mildly, be very severely damaged for years, maybe decades, especially as it would be appear the IOC would rather risk people’s health and lives than not to hold an event that could always be held later when it would be safer to do so. I know making money is very, very important but is the health of people not more important? Surely it must be.

  9. This is what it’s really like in Tokyo, state of emergency doesn’t mean much at all

  10. The Ugly Truth of the Tokyo Olympics.
    1. Japanese player gets gold every month by keeping him awake with corrugated cardboard bed
    2. Eco-friendly corrugated paper and Fukushima contaminated water discharge
    3. Corrugated cardboard supplier is Prime Minister Abe's brother
    4. Filled with water from the Tokyo Bay Yacht Stadium – Japanese players have already adjusted
    5. 100% responsibility of participating athletes in case of corona confirmation – Japan has excellent technology and hygiene, so there is no problem with quarantine at all.
    This is Japan, the host country of the Olympics.

  11. US Covid deaths 625,363 New Zealand 26. US has 24,048 times more Covid deaths than New Zealand.

    11 months since New Zealand's last Covid death, watching American media is like stepping back in time.

    America: Stop looking in the mirror for answers and start following countries that lead the world in pandemic management.

    Americans spoiling the Olympics for those countries that took the pandemic seriously.

  12. Stop the Olympics, period.

  13. Greetings from the US 🇺🇸 Japan Should STOP feeding radioactive Fukushima foods to athletes at the Olympics! This is totally irresponsible and evil of them; they are NOT safe to eat!

  14. Yesterday the number here was 3,738 new cases. Getting higher and higher each day. People are worried.

  15. Tokyo Olympics will be remembered as the most useless Olympics of whole history.
    This Tokyo Olympics is just covid-19 Olympics and Fukushima nuclear radiation Olympics.
    The most disgraceful and the most useless Olympics of whole history.

  16. Not in NBC's interest to see Olympics cancelled $$$

  17. Why is the world trying to play the Olympics in a country where Covid 19 is expanding?

  18. Waoo in tokio is going bad 13000 infection we have to be safe from the covid 19 right

  19. Covid precautions when there are already numerous cases of COVID inside Olympic Village and incoming athletes from around the world. Seems like not cautious enough.

  20. Should have been canceled!!

  21. Wear your mask nbc don’t go in our trains or streets stay at the village

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