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Inside President Biden’s Revamped Oval Office | NBC Nightly News

NBC News’ Peter Alexander takes us through President Biden’s revamped Oval Office, which features new artwork to symbolize his administration’s priorities.
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Inside President Biden’s Revamped Oval Office | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I wonder if anyone sees that Old Joe is trying too hard to hide his racism.

  2. swamp scum propaganda

  3. Beautifully done; tasteful and elegant.
    The whole theme is of respect for science, rational thinking, courage, and positive leadership. I love it ❤️🤍💙

  4. All Fake news, marshal law…. wake up

  5. Biden is NOT the legitimate president. He stole the election and should be tried for Treason.

  6. Gold curtains that Counting Dracula (Trump) hung are cheesy.

  7. Cool but where are the kfc buckets and mcDonalds wrappers?!

  8. They had to cheat to win and you know it. So what does that make you?

  9. I hope they got all them trum germs out of there.

  10. Make sure you Lysol that wh real good get those trump germs gone

  11. Definitely love the blue rug better than the white one.

  12. You should’ve gave them better pass code for the White House Joe and Jill locked them selves out that is hilarious

  13. Dominion -> Smartmatic -> Chavez.

  14. Let's focus on designing the white house and let's forget
    global warming, stimulus check, corrupt politicians, aliens,
    As long as politicians push everything under rug and have daisy gardens crimes against humanity and this planet will continue

  15. Joe Biden has swagger no lie 🔥

  16. ngl a part of me thought he would have a portrait of Obama somewhere in the room. Now that would’ve been wholesome-

  17. Thought it said oral office for a bit 😳

  18. The government shuts down small businesses not the pandemic!!!!!!!!!

  19. And a parking lot outside the oval office window??? hahahaha. Castle Rock Studio!!! It's all a pretend to be president play. Wake up folfs.

  20. I hope u all like it u and . China paid for it. Lol

  21. Are they doing cocaine in there. To bad he is a fraudulent person. Trump is america's PRESIDENT 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

  22. Does it have a Presidential "Potty Chair"

  23. Looks amazing but I think the drapes those golden drapes need to go and he needs to put blue 💙 drapes

  24. There's gonna be a lot of kid sniffing going on in there

  25. We the people say Biden for prison time for you to lose this war

  26. Did you sweep for bugs AKA listening devices???

  27. Chinese bag man deliver paper bags of money too the Big Guy crack head son the door man.

  28. Wonderful room🥀 🇺🇸

  29. Molestorbiden got his eviction, he has a cell at gitmo waiting on him.

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