Saturday , July 31 2021
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Inside The Bahamas’ Crisis After Hurricane Dorian | NBC News Now

After being badly beaten by Hurricane Dorian, the Bahamas are dealing with an unprecedented crisis. NBC News’ Morgan Chesky is on the ground getting reactions from those affected.
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Inside The Bahamas’ Crisis After Hurricane Dorian | NBC News Now


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  1. It's our satellites doing this

  2. HAARP lika mafuka.. god help them cuz aint nobody else will in good faith.. how much u think them honkyz gone get for all that melanin n poor black folkz organs? They killing black folkz off worldwide in every way imaginable..

  3. What makes me upset about the situation, is Bahamas are British owned and they say they can't help because these people make f24,000 a year. So they say they make to much money.. The relief funds only help those who make f11,000 a year.. so what are they doing handing out water… it seems to me, that the United states is helping the most and bringing them to Florida… Thank God for U.S coast guard and others who are helping… why isn't the news talking about this?

  4. why do you want to be a boy? your a beautiful girl with a beautiful face but the hair is TERRIBLE

  5. Last time this happened in the Bahamas, it was 1999 and it took 10 years to get back to normal. It'll be 2040 45 before any of this is restored completely, a Very long (Time) and lots of Money, Billions.

  6. People there are saying the death toll will surpass 5K. Why nbc is misrepresenting the facts is disturbing but look at the bologna they put out there daily on President Trump.

  7. I just don't understand why, this hurricane only attack black people's, all these is man mad, black people's wake up!

  8. Don't be upset & or angry p@ps..
    The cross is on it's upside down or on it's head

  9. U can't tell me that only 30 or so people have died, BS. I would say, a minimum of five to seven thousand have died; give me a break.

  10. The French inventor who made his flight across the English channel last month with a rocket worn on his back could be used here with his rocket-pack searching for bodies in places where people can't walk and helecopters can't land.

  11. Bahamas, you can cut all ties with America. In your time of need they turn their back on you. So what good are your ties ? Cut america off and connect to China like the rest of the world.

  12. What kind of help do you need?
    Dumb question

  13. The sadest part of this catastrophe is this, before inclusive capitalism the poorest of people in America would send aid to help fund relief in the past; not today because compassion could lead to stress making ends met for our own families. REALITY CHECK!

  14. This side is near the sea that why it breaks. In This way.

  15. Very handsome reporter morgan love you

  16. is this guy a reporter or a model ?

  17. Those people could be you !…No help as your life slips away and as you rot on the ground !


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  21. There should be thousands of military service persons there right now offering aid


  23. large-scale relief effort providing temporary shelter, water, and food needs to be mobilized asap by navies of major powers in the region, US, UK, France, and China.

  24. Make the casinos pay, they were n have been ripping people off 4years.
    British Gov. Needs to take charge of their colonists. These islanders need help from england.

  25. Forget prayers get on your governments to help the poor brown people. It’s obvious they are getting the cave dwellers out first. Another New Orleans????!!!!! Esau is the devil and y’all need to wake up and stop trusting ur enemies.

  26. Stop waving your hands around like a wizard pleeeease

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