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Inside the lab that discovered the possible link in vaping related illness l ABC News

The Wadsworth Center in Albany, New York, made a stunning public health discovery and gave ABC News an exclusive look at the process for testing patient samples related to the vaping investigation.

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  1. Report this video everyone

  2. 2290 people die of black market thc carts that literally have nothing to do with flavored nicotine vaping
    480,000 people die every year from smoking in the U.S.
    Government: Silence
    Media: Silence

  3. Breaking News China increases shipping of Flavored Vapes containing Vitamin E Oil addition to the tons of Fentenyl that is coming into the country. Come on man ! China is not a threat to the USA.

  4. So they went to the lab that proved that this was caused by vitamin e acetate found on ILLEGAL THC CARTRIDGES and he still asks about people vaping to stop smoking cigarettes? THC has nothing to do with nicotine!!! Are they for real?!?!?

  5. Vaping is killing people because they dont stop to breath in some oxygen! Oooooooloook clouds

  6. The public health sector is corrupt and endangering the lives of 30 million Americans with a campain of lies.

    The real truth

    There have been about 4,000 studies showing the safety of nicotine vaping. The output of toxic chemicals is lower than you get frying an egg, and usually equivalent to a medical nicotine inhaler. Vaping is at least 95% to 99% safer than smoking cigarettes. There are often more toxic compounds found in indoor air than put off by a vape. Nicotine vape is mostly comparable to a medical nicotine inhaler. The most objectionable substance found in any nicotine vape was cinnamon(Cinnamaldehyde) flavor. Are we to ban all cinnamon, as when you smell cinnamon, you inhaled it, as a flavor is a smell? I don't however see the employees of Cinnabon dropping dead, and they inhale far more Cinnamaldehyde than any vaper would.

    Nicotine vaping is the most successful smoking cessation device available. Nicotine patches for example are less than 1% effective over a 2 year period. Cessation of smoking from year one to year two is most striking with the patch being 9% effective for those who made it with the patch for the first year and 80% effective for those who made it a year with vaping. Pfizer’s Chantix is the least desirable, least effective, most dangerous option for smokers trying to quit. Chantix has quite the body count.

    As for the illness(lipoid pneumonia).

    Samples of lung fluid from patients with the 'mysterious illness' all contained Tocopheryl-acetate(vitamin E acetate). So 100% used THC or CBD vape products containing vitamin E acetate. Nicotine vape liquid does not contain oils and as such can't cause this.

    Tocopheryl-acetate destabilizes the fragile, lipo-hydrophilic balance of this lung surfactant, causing occlusion, affecting the permeation of gases and substances in the bronchial structures and alveoli. Tocopheryl-acetate’s chemical acetate ring enables it to cling even more strongly to lung surfactant than the non-acetate form. It’s like Saran-wrapping the inside of your lungs and lung cells die. That damage can initiate a runaway immune system reaction resembling hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or immune checkpoint-inhibitor pneumonitis. This may especially occur with high doses of tocopheryl-acetate, such as in formulations found in an illegal THC vape cart cut heavily with the oil(caster or mineral oil). It may occur even at relatively low vaping temperatures.

    Also most samples of THC vape tested extremely high(50x legal limit for ingestion) for Eagle 20(myclobutanil), a fungicide. When burned or vaped, it releases hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen chloride.

    Hydrogen cyanide is what Zyklon B released in NAZI gas chambers. It blocks aerobic respiration in cell mitochondria. That is your cells can't use oxygen to make energy. Ever run full speed until your muscles burn? That is lactic acid produced because there is not enough O2 for aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration produces lactic acid. Cyanide blocking the Krebs cycle causes acidosis. Symptoms like headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, cough, vomiting and diarrhea are found in cyanide poisonings, and in this illness.

    Phosgene a WWI chemical weapon releases hydrogen chloride. hydrogen chloride reacts with water in the lungs to form hydrochloric acid, dissolving lung tissue.

    Although Tocopheryl-acetate is the primary cause, Eagle 20(myclobutanil) is probably also a factor.

    Are we to believe that the CDC, FDA, hospitals, and the media can't do an hour of research to solve their "mysterious illness"?

    Health commissioners like Howard Zucker want to profit off of the slow death of 30 million Americans by getting rid of the most effective smoking cessation tool. Howard Zucker is a death commissioner.

    Just follow the money.

  7. Thease lies are getting old it has nothing to do with nicotine vaping FAKE NEWS


    People that get hurt because they buy stuff on shadey websites because it's cheaper a retarded. Save up a few dollars go to a vape shop buy vape juice from there. That's not hard to bottles of 32oz last 2-3 months depending on the vape.

  9. What bull, the vaping community knew it was vit e almost from day 1 and its from canabis liquid not nicotine

  10. Cigarettes…. vaping are disgusting! Glad NY just raised the smoking age to 21!!!


  12. What took everybody so long, nicotine vapers have been telling you this for months already. Now you hail it as this major breakthrough………..really.

  13. Can they name the legitimate E-cigarette companies like Juul that use vitamin E or is this a blanket statement to mislead the masses and is it only illegal drugs like weed or is it also in nicotine products?? They way you people cut it make it seem like smoking black product weed is the same as smoking nicotine E-cigarettes products made in a clean lab also how much money does abc or the owners have invested in tobacco bonds i bet it's not $0

  14. people love vaping poop juice

  15. Who could ever have guessed that inhaling noxious chemicals could be dangerous to their health. /sarcasm

  16. Stop running vaping products down to the ground everybody knows it's THC products that's killing everybody take that shit off the Market stop giving people fake news and lying about shit vaping saves lives

  17. So is its vaping or people smoking carts? they are the same fucking thing.

  18. You guys are so slow along with CDC and bunch of other Tobacco funded associations like Tobacco free kids, The Lung and Heart Association….Every vaper tried to tell CDC from day one, ENDS are not the cause of the issue and Honey Cut is which contained Vitamin E Acetate, but CDC didnt listen kept telling the public to not vape nicotine delivering ENDS instead of warning public accurately to stop using black market THC CARTS. If every Mainstream Media outfit would report the issue correctly lives would have been saved and you would be on the right side of history, but I guess we live in highly corrupted America these days so I personally dont expect any honest news these days. And just FYI, I replaced my smoking with vaping 9 years ago and haven't felt healthier since.

  19. Get over it smokes do the same thing

  20. This is something people who pay attention have known for about 2 months.

  21. Everybody out here sayin' these whippersnappers vapin' look stupid. Does anyone remember cigarettes? How about cigars? Were those any better?

  22. Well, this is why we need regulations. Maybe if the government would stop destroying those . . .

  23. Lol cig industry is desperate.

  24. This news channel is so out of touch yet they are trying so hard to report on a subject they know nothing about. They are also keeping their hands tied to the state driven agenda 💰 MSA 💰 ( ) meshing nicotine vaping which is so different than thc vaping. Thc black market cartridges are THE how and why people are getting so sick and dying. This news channel just doesn't want to look foolish because they and the state of Massachusetts are the cause of many smokers who will continue to smoke and never even try vaping nicotine eliquids bought from reputable companies. Vapers affected by bans are going back to combustible cigarettes due to false, negligent news reporting like this channel has done from the start of the illnesses. Shameful to report on a subject they know nothing about. The vaping community has far more information. Anyone reading this: Check out GrimmGreen, RegulatorWatch, DashVapes, JaiHaze YouTube Channels for accurate vaping news information about what is really going on! You'll learn more than this news channel can provide! #WeVoteWeVape !!!

  25. The CDC already knows the problem is black market THC, not vaping.

  26. Nicotine eliquid has NO vitamin E acetate oil only illegal THC carts. They've known this for over two months now. The only CRISIS is 1400 deaths in U.S. everyday from smoking cigarettes! ABC news=terrible reporting.

  27. This vitamin E acetate was news weeks ago – what up ??

  28. This is Black market juice, just buy juice from your local vape Shop.

  29. Howard Cox Zucker needs to inform himself before commenting on things he's SUPPOSED to know about but doesn't.

  30. There is no Vaping Crisis, don't be stupid boomers, be informed boomers.

  31. Don’t need to be a scientist to figure this one out. It’s called common sense and I just wish people in this world actually used it. When Science said Kale was good for you – Everyone started abusing Kale – then Scientists said Kale was actually bad for you, they reported it on the news – People were scratching their heads. Scientists this, scientists that, how about just using your brain for once without having to wait for a scientist and actually tuning in with your body cause our body actually talks to us in a much more advanced way then any scientist. Hopefully this will wake some stoners up! Nothing that goes in our lungs other then oxygen is good for you. Our lungs were designed to breathe clean oxygen and the only play we have is humidity and aromas from nature such as flowers, plants, etc..

  32. The issue is lung cancer counts are down so even tho vaping has been going for 10 years now suddenly we have “kids” dying sure ok

  33. I call it thinning out the herd! If you smoke ANYTHING into your lungs you are taking a chance! So if you die oh well.

  34. The do know!
    Keep the vaping in the dark the people keep on smoking or going back.
    Msa money.

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