Sunday , December 5 2021
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Inside The Nation’s Supply Chain Crisis

NBC News’ Lester Holt got a rare look at the supply chain crisis from the Port of Long Beach in California, where workers say not much has changed since President Biden announced 24/7 operations. Aside from the role ports play in the supply chain, there’s also a shortage of truck drivers and equipment for moving containers.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Inside The Nation’s Supply Chain Crisis


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  1. National Guard is helping out in:
    Hospitals, schools bus drivers, etc….

    🤔But CANNOT help in ports???

  2. The US deployed 73,000 men, 3,000 landing craft, 2,500 ships, 500 naval vessels and 822 aircraft in a single day, D-Day, at Normandy during WWII.

    Does the Biden Regime really believe the current supply chain is a problem we cannot solve?

  3. I agree with one person that mentioned our log books ! before you blame it as a truck driver shortage look up ELD's.
    Not once any of these media reporter have mentioned our hours of services.
    Times lost in traffic, picking up freight,as well as waiting to delivering it in heavy traffic.
    I truly think no I truly wish they opened up truck 2 Truck lanes or bypasses that would keep freight moving undisturbed this is the major issue by cars during back up's traveling thru these cities in this country in our industry moving goods Is killing drivers get freight to where it needs to go in a on time or timely manner. To any fellow driver's please weigh in your comments in case I left out some key thing's.

  4. They should just make however many positions avaliable everyday to whoever, first come first serve, and be willing to pay each person eachday they go volunteer to work unloading the containers like that guy said, its not the boats being docked its the moving the stuff out of the containers and its not like we couldnt figure out places to put the stuff so that it could then start to go back to the shelves, i mean plus it would give ppl the abaility to work and make some money at a time when ppl need money and i think alot of ppl would show up maybe not everyday but i knbow i would be down to go forhelp and work for a few days a week at the least, plus those who are homeless or just in need of money would be able to make some without the full time commitment of a job job as we know them today. I dont understand there is going to be a shortage but yet theres tons and tons of stuff just sitting in trucks everywhere … thats just stupid

  5. hopefully after the seasons it will drop a lil

  6. Let’s consume less. And see what happens 😒😒😒

  7. Blame the current administration for restrictions; for being allowed to gaslight others; there is not a driver nor a labor shortage; it’s those retiring and those that refuse to occupy positions due to certain circumstances or merely being lazy.

  8. Don't bother watching the US crap news-you will NEVER get the truth. Watch WION or Gravitas. I boycotted our news 6 years ago. All a waste of time!! The WORST news in 20 years!!!
    I work in retails-even US made furniture will never arrive. Some sofas made even in Texas take 6 months!
    Enjoy the insanity-always vote wisely or we will never see any relief!

  9. Those are all union jobs. These long shore man are actually pretty lazy.

  10. We have a port in Charleston, South Carolina. Use our port

  11. The profiteering of the entire education system in the country has gone on too far and long enough. They need to stop charging people to get a CDL. That's a big problem. People do not want to owe on a tuition loan two to three years into their CDL experience.

  12. that results when you want to introduce socialism. Reagans joke about buying a car in the Soviet Union now also applicable in the USA. Come back in 10 years and get your car-the other fellow: in the morning or afternoon?

  13. America needs a strong leader as president. Trump would be there to find ways to solve these problems.

  14. It’s all coming from China isn’t it 😔

  15. Send that crap back landfills are full.

  16. Buttigieg will get this straight… uh, I mean figured out, when he gets back from maternity leave.

  17. We have too much dependence on imports.

  18. All this food stamps and no food 🙄

  19. The Elites are trying to stage a global economic collapse and the crescendo will be a nuclear war with China.

  20. This was never and issue before and Long shore men have said that they are only unloading 1/5th of what they normally unload. This is intentional.

  21. I'm sooooo tired of the lies!!

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