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Inside Trump’s historic second impeachment | Nightline

Key players and those on the ground recount Democrats’ chilling evidence and how the former president scrambled for a defense. “Trump: The Reckoning” is now streaming on Hulu.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Thank Nancy for all the work you have put in please keep attacking those crooks in the GOP we see you thank you and the world see them truly they have to go bye any means necessary my uncle Malcolm X😎

  2. historic only in reality that it was a absolute unconstitutional frame job led by pathetic democrats who know seventy five million votes will only double in four years.

  3. Comment section filled with salty Trump supporters😭😭💀

  4. Wasnt impeaches… Again.. even though this crappy news channel has been saying for years… ABC news sucks

  5. They're impersonating the United States of America and they got Ashli Babbitt blood all over the house and senate chambers and desecrated the place after they trampled through the blood of a United States Air Force vet on January 6th to certify a late fraud vote for Biden

  6. Start the impeachment! In 2007 Joey Biden Admitted to David Letterman that he participated in storming the senate chamber when he was 21 years old and got his gnarly ass arrested!

    Today the US government including the DOJ and FBI are ruining people’s lives for walking through the US Capitol on January 6th.

    The FBI has arrested over 250 people so far in connection with the Capitol raid on January 6th.
    A vast majority committed no violence and were just walking around inside the US Capitol building.


  8. Let’s talk about Hunter’s Laptop.
    Worst documentary ever … C movie 🍿
    Nazi playbook propagandists !
    That’s not Nancy … BTW
    Chuckies negative entity has possessed him completely.
    Donald J Trump is still my President and these Democrats and Rinos are going to be sorry they stole this election.

  9. Trump wants peace just like the Real Americans!! You all are cowards!

  10. Raskin is a coward!! Just saying. Plaskett you also know the FBI me about this being planned!

  11. It's saddening me that people don't know his good personality.

  12. Fitting ABC would want more legal trouble for Trump. They are owned by Disney and he was a famous Nazi supporter back before ww2. So makes sense that a news organization that lies for the Dems is owned by a Nazi supporter.

  13. Trump is good man or bad man?Trump 100/100 great people,Matt Gaetz 2024 New USA

  14. “Just follow the money” and you will find the mastermind behind all this dilution. These Democrats and the media, big tech. They are all being used for the elites. The agenda they have may not be in your best interest. That’s why they were so aggressive to Trump. He was a major hurdle in their agenda. I remember when people admired Trump. Media is a powerful weapon. Great for manipulating uneducated people. Just like what Mao did with the Chinese. Brought communist ideology to millions of uneducated farmers, abolished schools, vilified intellectuals and the controlled media with propaganda. Look how miserable they are. Sounds a lot like what’s happening in America right now. Woke extreme left ideology, vilifying people with different ideologies, closing down schools and controlling major news media. You Americans will be the same.

  15. Are these people working? Or are they putting on a circus. get to work clowns! H.R.8373 is not going to vote for itself. The Chinese are rapidly advancing towards superiority in the space of digital assets. You morons are lacking!

  16. Democrats are a JOKE! How about doing something meaningful for the country instead of the constant witch hunt on PRESIDENT Donald Trump. The ONLY reason I turn on CBS evening "news" with the joke of a journalist Norah O'Donnell is to laugh at the utter stupidity of the over dramatic delivery of things considered "facts and news".

  17. Didn't he claim covid is fake. There's one.

  18. Great. More time waisted. Government is failing even harder than we thought it was. Propaganda!?

  19. The careless Democrats who has wasted the money of the Uunited States people should pay out of their own pockets the tolal amount that was spent on these UNFOUNDED IMPEACHMENTS OF TRUMP……WHERE IS OUR MONEY, YOU USELESS DEMOCRATS….??????


  21. Trump beaten popular votes twice😅😅😅

  22. America, especially with the administration of Trump, is the biggest joke of the century. Ever since he took position, he only does what he thinks that could benefit ONLY him and not his country. The president is appointed to the position to serve his country and to protect its constitution and Trump never done any of that. With his lies, especially with the Worldwide Pandemic going on right now, he lost majority of his supporters to COVID-19 and that is because there are lots of dumb peoples continuing to believe in what he only says and does not take the opinion of others or look into reality. I’m glad I was never born in America nor I am American because right now, I am living in a country where we have unity and we are almost COVID free. Trump supporters are delusional af.

  23. The nitwits idiot Democrats were so evil and hungry to destroy Trump that they fell flat on their stupid faces. They were portraying Trump as General Patton. If it was a Patton event there would be nothing left of the building.

  24. Democrats are amazing story tellers. They can make a simple walk through a beautiful park on a beautiful day sound like a walk through the depths of hell😂

    This video is so biased it’s basically satire

  25. Why he hVe kid there at a meeting

  26. U can switch anything .people do it to the Bible all the time

  27. The door has been opened keep persecuting one person and you can bet your bottom dollar we will go all the way back and impeached the following Presidents twice: Carter/Clinton/Obama/Biden/Harris when we take the house back Jet them spend millions defending themselves.

  28. Don Juan, has some stuff going on that's for sure!

  29. My heart sinks into my feet with the reality that this is now us, America. It saddens my soul to know that ugly acts can go unpunished as long as you have the power to terrorize the right people. There will never be true accountability for the actions taken by the people that are suppose to take care of us as long as we have people in office who cater to their careers before caring for we the people. As ugly as it is, it's our reality. This is us, are we proud? I for one am not.

  30. this is the one democratic comment you are looking for

    I know one can run out of steam to oppose all those MAGA people on the internet, so many of us don't even have the energy or will left for that

    so at least give this comment a like to show them how many Democrats are actually just tired of all the MAGA nonsense

  31. The Democrats need to be exiled from politics forever, never such a hateful, spiteful and machiavelical political establishment to see the light of day ever again. All it's tentacles cut and never again to have such a monster roam our public discourse ever again.

  32. Today 2/17 when doing some shopping there was a patriotic tent with leftover Trump merchandise. No prices on the crap at all and all made in Asia, Vietnam Malaysia etc. Oh yeah make America great again. Producing his merchandise crap in Asia? People wake up Trump even stole donations made out to GOP. He was 4 years in charge and his promise make America great again. I don't see it. LOL

  33. Insane that this happened But, These Government ppl really, really needed to know Ppl are NOT putting up with the Corruption any more.

  34. I like the part where Raskin says “Cold hard facts” then they get caught doctoring their evidence . 😂 🤣 😆

  35. Not accepting the result of election is not along way with the constitution but he ia saved by it that it is not telling that simple majority is enough.

  36. Imagine hating someone so much that you make him look so good. History will only show him winning just st like he said …..TIRED ON WINNING YET.

  37. Impeach slick Willie CLITon💩🚽🖕

  38. Impeach crying chump Schumer💩🚽😭🖕

  39. Impeach Nasty Pisslousy 💩🚽🖕

  40. Impeach lying biden💩🚽🖕

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