Friday , December 4 2020
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Inside Turkey’s Offensive Against Kurdish Forces In Syria | NBC Nightly News

The Turkish military advanced deeper into Kurdish-held northern Syria today, as the death toll from the three-day-old offensive rose, and some 100,000 people have fled their homes, according to the United Nations. Richard Engel is on the ground for us in Syria tonight.
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Inside Turkey’s Offensive Against Kurdish Forces In Syria | NBC Nightly News


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  1. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 USA ❤ Norway 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  2. Why should america police the world?? Why must american blood continue to spill cuz those countries in the middle east with all those muslim backgrounds are far away from being a godly nations. So much wars there and ages of bloodshed! No army can police the middle east without continual bloodshed, the countries in the middle east must fight fight fight until they are all weary of seeing death and blood.

  3. me translation totaly dont work in this video 0_o this guys speak normal english ???

  4. I just hope that Turkey can conquer this area as peacefully as they can and return it back to syria

  5. There are no actors in Hollywood that good. Great success

  6. Good job Turkey, clear the terrorists out of Syria.

  7. The US forces pulled out of Syria, which was a dumb Trump mistake. My guess is the Kurdish underground want Trump to be shot.

  8. America is acting very much like a prostitute
    It is unclear whether it is on it's NATO ally's side clearing the way for a Turkish intrusion, or leaving it's terrorist YPG ally to fend for themselves when SHTF, or paving the way for the underlying cause of this conflict which is for a greater israel

  9. Turkish army will destroy YPG and PKK nobody can stop

  10. okay so for the past hours I been reconducting my research. And this is what I found out. During the time of the Syrian civil war the Syrian government pulled troops away from northern Syria to fight against the rebels. At this time the Kurds in North Syria decided to form the DEMOCRATIC union party make their own government. They established the YPG to protect Kurdish living in the north. As they where forming there there own Kurdish state called rojava. Syrian army try to push back the Kurds. But the YPG reppeled while taking territory in the process. They also battle with other Islamist groups. Now what's interesting part In 2015 turkey ALLEGEDLY accused the YPG of ethic cleansing. At this time American where supporting the YPG so they took an official investigation into this and found no evidence of it. Now turkey also accuses of the PKK (a communist terrorist) forming the YPG. Which they didn't but the PKK and YPG had ties which America admitted so a general the suggested a new name to separate from the PKK since the turkey views them as terrorist. So in 2015 the SAYRIAN DEMOCRATIC FORCED was formed and continued to fight ISIS backed and supported by the United States untill well trump decisions.

  11. "American Kurds" are running away when Kurdish Kurds are taking their homes back. Kurdish Brigade of Syrian National Army supported by Turkish Army, liberated Rasulayn today.

  12. so which country is on the good side? If there's any.

  13. We dont surprise anymore..Western Media😏

  14. Europe get ready for another wave of refugees

  15. The Kurds should have demanded more money and power to help America.

  16. Anyone remember Baghdad? or Raqqa?
    hypocritical liar media.

  17. Turkey's offensive against TERRORISTS in Syria

  18. Clash of the champions. Watch with popcorn

  19. They dont know where to go?… 3,6 million fled to turkey, they can do it too… if the YPG allows them. But actually the YPG needs that civillians for human shield protection. this is expected from a terrorist YPG. The pople who fllee from their towns should know that Turkey is accepting refugees from syria. everybody knows this very well. The question is, will the YPG allow it 😉

  20. Support 🇹🇷 from 🇵🇰

  21. Viva Turkey …They have right to defeat Kurdish and illegal foreign troops so called US hypocrisy

  22. Journalist guarded by PKK terrorist.Terrorist supporter communist US citizen.

  23. Now i see how fake news media is I can’t believe it. There not bombing civilians there bombing the terrorists that is a threat to there border and everyone knows that the SDF and PYD are linked to the PKK which a US general that said this before too….

  24. Turkey's Kurdish hundred years with no problems we're having a real problem intertwined organizations like the PKK separatist terrorist organization YPG and it will never be necessary to allow our state

  25. ananızın amına girsin orosbuçocukları

  26. Interesting… Terorist YPG, PKK are allies and Turks which supported USA in different wars like Korea are not….

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