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Inspector General Finds James Comey Violated FBI Policies, DOJ Won’t Prosecute | NBC Nightly News

The Justice Department’s independent watchdog said James Comey set a “dangerous” example by “not safeguarding sensitive information” during his time leading the FBI. The department is declining to prosecute Comey for leaking memos detailing his interactions with President Trump.
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Inspector General Finds James Comey Violated FBI Policies, DOJ Won’t Prosecute | NBC Nightly News


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  1. How are the american people suppose to trust those who are suppose to uphold the law when they behave as if they are above the law for the purpose of taking somebody (The President) down. I'm glad this backfired. How should I consider myself safe? NOW DEMOCRATS WANT TO TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS? The people should NEVER lose their right to protect themselves. The far left/deep state are clearly unstable and out for blood by any means necessary. Comey and ALL involved should pay back every dime spent by the taxpayers for this mess.

  2. Which I and millions of others would like Barr to explain in detail! Comey is as guilty as they come. He is nothing but a Narcissistic Sociopath, And he wants an apology??? He is a fool and so is anyone that believes anything that comes out of his lying pie hole! He needs to be in prison. He said the IG done exonerated him? First and foremost the IG doesn't exonerate And secondly the report tells what. Liar and leaker Comey is and it says h should be indicted! READ ALL 77 PAGES of it! Then

  3. Cute how the left want to side with him. He was the one who blew it for Hillary LOL

  4. Comey a POS, Scum of the earth! We know his antics with Hillary and Obama….eventually, truth prevails.

  5. Trump admin trying to outlaw whistleblowing.

  6. @James Comey is a very good man @Mr. President Donald J. Trump. With all due respect Mr. President, Maybe had you not asked of his loyalty to you and instead asked of his loyalty to our country & democracy, things would be different! I still think James Comey should get his full retirement benefits too!

  7. Should he be Punished : YES…. After Trump!!

  8. Business as usual at the federal government. These people should be sent to prison but still nothing. The deep state goes deep, even at the DOJ still. Wow.

  9. This guy was drunk on self importance.  He honestly believed that the fate of the republic was in his hands.  And he believes it to this day.  
    He wakes up one day and realizes that he caused Clinton to lose the election through sheer stupidity brought on by his God complex and he sees it as his duty to rectify that situation.  So he hatches this elaborate sting operation and it goes haywire.
    That an ego this big and a brain this small became the Director of the FBI is frightening.

  10. Take out his credibility before the bigger charges and they'll stick!

  11. Obstruction of justice, when Trump asked Comey to drop the investigation………Justice is dead.

  12. This just goes to show you idiots out there how evenly handed Bill Barr's DOJ is handling this mess.

  13. This just goes to show you idiots out there how evenly handed Bill Barr's DOJ is handling this mess.

  14. Guess they didn't read the report, Comey actually broke the law as well

  15. The AG is not going after him for this. He will use this as a stepping stone to bring them all into court Comey, McCabe, Brennan and Clapper. When you go after Big Game you don't use a .22 you use .470 Nitro Express., And this will start with the FISA Warrents and end with these 4 and a few others being charged with real Crimes. And this will not be the scam or Russia Faction people like those on CNN NBC ABC CBS MCNBC or the dying print media have been doing their best to Scam the American Voters with. Hey CNN when the Justice Dept gets an Indictment on McCabe will you help pay his Legal bills?

  16. I hope they nail him on the Fisa warrants

  17. I hope they get him on the Fisa warrants. He was the 1# law enforcer in the country, who thinks

  18. Is he a turd? Ancient alien therorists say yes

  19. I mean you can see how they have picked a few meaningless victims to sacrifice in order to look good as if they are doing something about this corruption but in the mean time the main characters are lose in Washington D.C still working in government and giving speeches for thousands of dollars, and paying the drop outs from the presidential race coop they came up with to still try to take down the president  as another one of their many tricks and you all can call it what you want but the facts can't deny it but you can only see this things if you have opened your eyes and minds and can see threw all the gibberish they keep throwing at the media and papers to reach the people to control what they want you to think and say…

  20. but of curse James is not going to jail and neither are any of this people who committed any crimes while being in office or while they were working any part of the GOVERNMENT. because our government is not going to post its ridiculous corrupted and greedy bunch of degrading degenerates that the government ever had hired

  21. James Comey is a disgrace to the FBI and the nation as a whole. Prosecute!

  22. "TRUST THE PLAN" wonder how many idiots fell for that.TICK TOCK..The bad guys STILL walk!
    He was exonerated. Comey's right. President Trump and his IG,AG owe the honorable Comey an apology. If he was exonerated, Then he's not guilty. Sound familiar? Hillary, Lynch,Holder,Lerner,barry,Podesta,Mueller, Wasserman they all continue to skate for their crimes. Then you have good guys, HEROES like Flynn, Stone,Manafort,Papadopolous & Assange being incarcerated. Sad.

  23. As an American citizen, I am very grateful to James Comey for his service to "us" the people of the United States!

  24. Comey is getting ready for Uncle Sam's Loving Needle of Justice! WWG1WGA

  25. The █▄ying █▄iar Who █▄ied
    Is Vertical TURD jAMES cOMEY- he
    Has been friends with the Clintons for
    OVER (50) YEARS_
    Let That Sink In While YOU Read THIS.
    THe FIX was in FIFTY YEARS Ago__
    James Comey represented Hillary in the 1978 Cattlegate case
    And was found (NOT GUILTY) of Insider Trading.
    COMEY also decided NOT to recommend the H-Beast cLINTON
    For Indictment after White Water Investigation, saying
    “YES she Committed Obstruction of Justice,
    But No Jury Would Ever Convict a Sitting first lady” cOMEY
    Obviously had an Peculiar idea of the definition of "lady"
    Hillary is not now nor has she Ever been a lady! 
    AND too he's the same jAMES cOMEY who sent
    Martha Stewart to Prison for Insider Trading in October 2004
    The Hilda-Beast Skipped jail time for SOoo MUCH MORE.
    ALSO, ITs the SAME FBI  jAMES cOMEY who Changed
    (TWO Words)
    To Help Hillary Clinton Avoid Prison
    Just a simple change in vocabulary from
    “grossly negligent”
    To ”extremely careless”
    So INSTEAD of sitting in Leavenworth Prison,
    The Demon-RAT Embodied in human Flesh ran for the
    Highest office in OUR land. It Is

  26. That's because he did not do anything wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
    Comey pushed Trump over the top.
    Incompetent oaf.

  28. Comey got to almighty for his big and tall britches. He's not off the hook yet

  29. James Comey deserves better than this from our country. Trump is the criminal! Trump is the liar! Trump is a cry baby with the nuclear codes,god help us.

  30. Comey was able to help establish that Trump was abusing power from day 1 in office. Glad that he paved the way for others to come forward with Trump's very dirty laundry.

  31. This sociopath needs his breathing rights revoked!

  32. there is no authority above me.
    i understand no one including leo and justice dept.

  33. James Comey is an American hero!

  34. The deep state has become an abysmal abyss. Justice is dead.

  35. no justice for we the people. f*** off fbi doj and all you political fuc*** criminals.
    comey is atwip
    no justice
    law enforcment will suffer no more respect at all.
    f off leos.

  36. Who is the real liar her Trump? And who leaks still today to Russia?

    Fighting to keep your heads above water aren't you Republicans?

  37. "In order to achieve a personally desired outcome"…. sounds like this is the new way government is run

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