Sunday , November 29 2020
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Inspector General of Intel Community testifies behind closed doors | ABC News

House Democrats are moving forward with the impeachment inquiry, seeking new documents and gathering testimony from key witnesses.


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  1. Get pence!! He'll sing like a Canary!!! 🕊️

  2. I hope they gave Atkinson a standing ovation.

  3. So he pulled a 6ix9ine on him?

  4. Enough is enough! Drumph is the poster child of Cancer of Corruption!! So SICK and tired AND fed up with all of his LIES!! IMPEACH him already!!

  5. Three or four Republican senators can change how things work? So how? Here's hoping MSNBC takes up that topic and will 'splain. Thanks!

  6. Democrats trying to silence the investigation against them

  7. Damn the Dems are so corrupt.

  8. Impeach Trump, Impeach Pence …. they also have to shut down William Barr, and Mike Pompeo. Make Nancy Pelosi President of the United States without anyone's VOTE, Exactly what the Democrats are Planning a coup d'état, and those that are allowing this is involved in Sedition. It is in plain site if anyone is looking for it.

  9. Pence: insane religious retards who calls the woman he (presumably) has sex with " mother" probably has a foot fetish…

  10. Oh mother! That's right, mother….just like that.. faster! It feels soooo good…yes..yeS…Yeeesss!! Thank you, mother…ok, lay down it's YOUR turn..mother, you make me so hot…

  11. Why does an Inspector General know anything outside the agency they manage ??..Just Askin' !!

  12. The dominoes are falling on the long march to the White House.

  13. Y'all are nuts, anything trump does dems will exaggerate, the transcript of the phone call didn't incriminate him so make one up.. You should be ashamed but you're a democrat..

  14. If the IC IG and the whistleblower didn't push the issue, this report would be buried. I think that congressman was deflecting. I am sure he wasn't happy with what he saw or heard from the IC IG.

  15. Pence, yes, impeachment is political, duh. That is why they call it politics.

  16. Everyone Agent Orange in the WH touches, becomes more dishonest and corrupt as he is. #Subpoena/Indicted/Arrested

  17. Call , email and text your local republican to impeachment trump

  18. 🗼😝…7 👀🥋✊🏽

  19. This is the time in the game when the star quarterback wants the ball, Joe. You either decide you want the Presidency or you give it up to Warren. So Trump wants a mud fight? Who cares? Who says he always gets to fight on his terms? You guys are so scared of a widdle, widdle man.

  20. Now that President Trump has asked a foreign country to investigate his political rivals Congressman Ratliffe, is the President now officially below the law?

  21. Biden is CROOK, just like the trumptard, the clintons, bushes, obombers and all their slimey greedy associates, Cheney, Bolton, Pompom, Kissassinger…etc. etc. etc.

  22. Go get’m! The tower is crumbling!

  23. Impeach this administration for obstruction of congress if they don't cooperate.

  24. 7 ways from Sunday? Ignore the real crimes that have been going on for years?

  25. I have a thought for all of us who see mr. Trump for the absolute traitor he is. I think everywhere Trump shows up in public, thousands of us need to be there with whistles around our necks. The moment he starts to speak, everyone should blow their whistles at him. That would say it all at once, and it would show all other whistleblowers out there that we stand with them. And the worldwide press coverage will be something beautiful to behold. No translation needed. Time to blow our whistles on traitor Trump, because the sound of whistles will drown out the sound of hateful tweets.

  26. Schiff totally hurt the trust of all lawmakers. All lawmakers need to pressure him to leave.

  27. Joe Biden is more famous after Mafia Trump's conspiracy on Joe.

  28. Gang of four(Mafia Trump, big neck arrogant Barr, west pig point Pompeo and idiot Rudy) are ruling USA with shame.

  29. Atkinson is a career diplomat. Incidentally, also a brave man, and a hero. SHAME ON THE GOP. They all drank Trump's Kool-aid.

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