‘Institutionalized Police Culture’ Allows Abuses Of Power: Ben Crump l This Week

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Dude is such a clown. He was killed by 5 BLACK officers and somehow still has the gull to blame white ppl. Ofc ABC would have this moon cricket on here to be racist

  2. I don’t mean disrespect but I’m curious is race the determining factor in exess force or is it noncompliance?

  3. Just listen to this idiot. The five officers are black and he’s still blaming white people and ABC has given him a platform to spew his racist garbage.

  4. Way to go Disney and ABC. You now have black people all over the world agreeing with Whoopi Goldberg said.
    Go to Youtube and you’ll see their disgusting racist things they want done to white people because of what she said.
    I’m canceling our Disney + subscription today and we’ll never go to Disney World ever again because of what you’re allowing her to say.

  5. I don't want to hear this tounge tyde money hungry sharecropper jack.

  6. These vile disgusting human beings like Benjamin crump get on TV then black malesia getting courage to break the law that's encourage to break the law resist arrest several times then hope they don't die just to get millions for themselves and their family and wealthy Lords like Benjamin crump that's laywer s not Lords did you know that when cities have to pay out these lawsuit big settlements the first thing they do is cut services to the poor mostly black areas of town including donations to the Urban League improvements made urban areas special grant money for scholarships I can go on and on and on so these ignorant people out there special you protesters you think people like Benjamin crump Benjamin crump is worth over 100 million he doesn't give a damn about black people black families victims or black members of the community he's out for himself what he's actually doing is a crime but I'm get I'm going to say this one more time and I want people to listen to me read my comment he's getting on TV not for compassion but for himself and black males people especially black malesare going to purposely try to get pulled over by the police for some traffic violation or some minor felony Miner Miner violations are warrants purposely get arrested but before that they resist being arrested several times hoping they don't die just to get money for their families themselves and people like Benjamin c r u m p can't you see that a whole new generation of black mammals are listening to him and will do and will resist arrest in the future just because of this guy just to try to get themselves more money their families more money and Benjamin crump if you do get it I feel sorry for you some of my reading on top is misspelled our misspent because I used the microphone on my phone and not the computer but she'll get the message

  7. I heard that President Joe Biden invited Tyre Nichols' mother to be a guest as his STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS…I hope it's so that he can PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE to her and all the FAMILIES of all the black men and women who have been brutally killed at the hands of the police in Democrat Governed cities and states in the last 5 years. Everyone is trying to blame this on SYSTEMIC RACISM, but, they fail to see the truth before their eyes…it's systemic racism in Democrat areas of the country. The fact that Democrat cities and states, despite the numerous times this has happened, has not taken any initiative to enact POLICE REFORM at the local level, the way they enacted laws to ensure abortion access after the Supreme Court decision. Notice the difference…ensuring abortion access was important to Democrats…so despite Congress not being able to codify Roe V Wade, they handled the problem at the LOCAL level, in areas of the country that they control politically. They can do the same with police reform. They don't have to wait for any kind of police reform bill to be passed in Congress…they can choose to lead by example and fix this problem in their areas of the country…but, they won't, because it's more beneficial politically to pick a fight with Republicans in Congress over police reform, and they know Republicans are not going to go for it, because these problems are not happening in their cities and states at the same alarming rate that it's happening in Democrat cities and states. So, when they get push back from Republicans, they will then say…"see black people…we can't do this because of Republicans…they hate you…they are racists…but, if you keep voting for us, we will keep fighting to get you police reform." Democrats can enact police reform in Democrat controlled areas of this country TODAY if they wanted to…but, they don't want to…this is a political GOLDMINE for them!!!

  8. Race hukstering is big business with the help of the pond scum media

  9. Telling these racist white folks what they already know..

  10. I say fight fire with fire.
    That’s all they know .

  11. I do not condone what happened .
    It was not humane.
    Do any of you out there know what it’s like to be walking with your girl friend or wife in ATL
    I do .
    I was the victim, my wife was a victim
    The blacks involved left us laying on the side walk , other blacks just walked on by,

  12. Maybe the entire black culture should check themselves.
    They’re always in the news, rappers sing about drugs and killing .
    They name streets after them.
    They make movies about the same , check HBO.
    Can’t even go to ATL to enjoy a dinner out
    With the family.
    Have to go home before the sun goes down to be safe .
    Why doesn’t crump and the rest of the race baiters check your own culture and fix that
    Before running to the next pay check through
    Law suits.

  13. This family couldn't have went out and hired a bigger ambulance-chasing piece of garbage than Ben Crump

    Whoever repents of all his sins (turns from sins) and calls on the Name of the LORD, will be saved. He who died on a cross for the sins of the world, rose from the dead on the third day, and by His blood, whoever repents and believes, has full redemption of sins and eternal life.
    Today is the day of your salvation, repent and confess Jesus Christ now as your Lord and be saved, because you broke the law but He paid your fine with His life's blood!

    For those with understanding: Matthew 24:40-41 will take place very soon, this is the sixth seal! This is the generation of the harpazo, rapture, and behold you will witness the trumpet blast that will make the sky recede as a scroll being rolled up! Therefore, be ready and be the five wise virgins, do not be the five foolish virgins! (Parable of the Ten Virgins…)

  15. Lol 😂 I'm so glad they got caught..more than one lawsuit is on its way lol come kill me unjustly my family definitely can use the millions lol 😂 these cops just don't understand

  16. Ben Crump is race baiting maniac, it's his whole career

  17. As a father of biracial children, I hope people don't keep falling for this black vs white game where the minority wins on the books at the cost of long term resentment and societal mistreatment by the majority. The REAL fight is equality vs inequality and classism.


  19. Why Not Sue the Woke, Socialists City Council Members that circumvented Police Standards to Hire these Gangsters for "Diversity"??? While Socialists are in Full Cover Your Own Asses Mode. When Wokeness Goes Wrong…. 😒

  20. Those blacks require a heavy handed approach or they do not understand it. We will never find a happy medium dealing with this. This issue is complicated but once you have the cops badged and armed with legal backing and with the mental abilities of mild retardation, your gonna have this sorta thing. Maybe these thug blacks need to fear a bunch of thug cops. Maybe that is what it takes. As long as the cops are not corrupt, maybe excessive use of force isn't excessive if your trying to maintain decency for the larger sections of society. Maybe they understand that if they don't act right they get beat down. Maybe that's what these "brothers" and "sisters" need because myself and most of the hard working God fearing tax paying people in my circles are tired of being scared and watching their cities be destroyed. We are tired of that.

  21. A police officer that fire more than one bullet is a murderer don't your justice system think like this a cop is there to prevent crime not protect himself American are you real the officer must see to the safety of the general public first that what he gets paid for if he can not do so he should look for another job

  22. Grifter Attorney extraordinaire….

  23. "If you think about it" long and deep enough, you can come up with anything. Whites will be blamed ,some how some way. White Supervisors, Paramedics, Academy instructors, wives, President Trump, even the Governor. If I was a white cop and pulled up on that I wouldn't go anywhere near it.

  24. The U.S. Gov. has NO intent on protecting Black men women and children from police brutality and murders. It's been 30 years since the horrific beating of Mr. Rodney King and how MANY blacks have been murder that we KNOW of? I shutter to think of the police murders that has been covered and undocumented!

  25. What is the one thing that all of these communities have in common that we see these instances of police brutality from? When are we going to start holding those responsible for hiring these violent cops responsible?

  26. it's just SO SAD TO SEE!, how these thugs!, GOT BAIL???.

  27. To put the blame on the "Institutionalized Police Culture".. without any empathy for the daily duties of witnessing horrific crimes and deaths, not knowing if you will survive to come back home.. is wrong… Not having any empathy for the victim, his family, friends, his community, is just as wrong.. But, sooner or later, the black glorified culture of violence, will have to indure the pain and responsibility, of black on black death rates. Life is a gift.. until it is respected as such, by all of humanity.. it will only become worse for us all.

  28. White Racist Laws Been Killing Blks For Decades..Blks Needs BLK Laws That Will Actually Protect Blks An Not Just Say It Does..Remember Slavery Blk Ppl Everyday..As It's The Same Today Not All Blks Can Be Trusted They Sell You Right Back Into Chains

  29. Discernment remaining asleep or intended to be put to sleep. The world & people neglect Discernment but everything leads to the common sense consisting of the welfare & the wellbeing of others, basically anonymous. Unescapable that particular common sense, everything & anything unescapably, perforce leads right there. Check it. Imagination's sure boundless but so are consequences. Check it.

  30. Aliens from another planet ape-men kind

  31. Horrible police culture.. excessive powder

  32. need to get rid of police immunity

  33. I am in a danger someone help me how much trouble can a person ask people for dollars 😔 if any big hearted person in USA please help me with 350 dollars . I am speaking from Bangladesh I know 350 dollars is your 1 day earning in our country to earn 350 dollars you have to work hard for 60 days 😓 Please help me with 350 dollars I will give you 350 dollars I have to give 60 days for this 😢Many people will think this is a fake account but this is my new ID. If you want, I can give you the link of my personal ID. I can give you all the information you need. Please help me with 350 dollars. I will pray for you all the time.

  34. The family of Tyre should be able to sue the police for not having a Sargent on that scene, amongst a bunch of things.

  35. What about the white cop who tased him and the paramedic who didn't render aid, please go after them also

  36. Now it don’t matter if cops r black or white 🤣😂 it only don’t matter now bc cops r black listen to this house nigger who comes every time to make money off black victims he acts like he cars and then sucks up 30% of settlements last family said he only takes advantage of black victims of crime oh this never happened to white ppl ruby ridge look it up Uncle Tom ass nigg

  37. Only solution is to Defund the police and replace them with politicians. Lol

  38. Ok, so we cry police reform , so they are going to replace the police with killer robots……and say we asked for it🤖👘👀

  39. I'm from Canada, and I can guarantee that Canada has the same chronic systemic issues of racism and discrimination, police brutality and corruption running across every province in Canada.

  40. Ask what police reform means and they dodge the question. What they really want is no police. That’s what defund the police means. It always the same people. Does any sane person really believe that will make our cities safer?

  41. Funny how all this police abuse and mass shootings are in democratic controlled cities.

  42. How you going to spin this to blame the white race for this one then ?

  43. True !! every Mexican or Puerto Rican I’ve had conversations with always had it rough with police officers, seriously never a good ending.