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Intense legal battle between Robert De Niro and a former assistant l ABC News

Chase Robinson accused the famous actor of sexist and abusive behavior.

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  1. De Niro is a dumb and immoral actor with delusions of intelligence

  2. I Love Robert De niro when he cusses and im not backing down now. Deniro for life!!!

  3. F**k him
    Such a hypocrite
    He talks about Trump 💁💁
    He talked to this girl like s**t lol
    What a pompous POS

  4. This woman was clearly paid off by trump

  5. De Niro is nothing but a liberal cuck. I hope he dies today

  6. This is contradicting for liberals. Should we believe all women now? Should men be allowed to talk to women like that? He gets a pass because he a celebrity who hates Trump. But imagine if Trump was in his shoes. Everyone here would be bashing Trump.

  7. F**K DE NIRO

    He's an Abussive Mysoginist Asshole

    I mean he is so blatantly stupid

    he's a punk, he's a dog, he's a pig

    he's a con, a bullsh*t artist, a mutt

    a senile old fart

    who doesn't know what he is talking about

    who doesn't do his homework, doesn't care

    he's a national disaster

    an embarrassment to America

  8. Where is the view and the me too movement. Imagine a conservative actor saying the same thing. What would the headlines be… liberals scum of the earth so much hypocrisy

  9. De Niro is sexist asshole … does anyone doubt he harassed women ? … and she won't be the only one

  10. Both de Niro and the assistant are nutjobs. Two flawed leftists looking like complete idiots. "The voice of reason" Robert De Niro (the Trump critic), and Robinson using the MeToo movement to gain some filthy lucre.

  11. "How dare you?" I see de Niro is influenced by the little "climate change genius" at least 50 years younger than him.

  12. De Niro comunist and paedophile

  13. Im sure many respected you as an actor . now seeing how you are as a person who thinks he's on a level as God or thinking your better then most. Dude. Your shit stinks like anyone else. Your value is not worth crap. Fuck your movies and who you think you are. Whatever business you have with that women. Handle it as such. And stop being a crying little bitch .

  14. Wow.. all these comments defending him sound very alt-right. But wait, De Niro is hard core left?…I love it.

  15. The assistant is definitely a transgender person imo. The walk, the Adam's apple, that white male privilege!, (suing for $12 million for terrible tirades). Her hands look really large as well, On a side note, she looks sad. Her feet worked, she could have left, she didn't. She stayed 10 years, so her argument is weak. So petty! How very dare you Ms. Robinson!

  16. As he says himself, f….De Niro! I think it's fair to respond to this bum in his own words, don't you think? But it seems that I'm in lunacy land judging by the comments. Typical leftist selective moral outrage. Nothing to see here when the culprit is a notorious Trump trasher. "How dare you criticize me?" I'm a "liberal". What a bunch of hypocrites! No wonder the USA are so divided.

  17. To the jury: give this gal 40 million from this pervert

  18. i dont care i still like him!! lol HE WAS JUST STAYING IN CHARACTER LOL JK

  19. Sounds about white 💊💉😳

  20. Shes just looking for an easy payout. Women gender discriminate against men all the time live or on the net. You dont hear us bitching about it ya fucking dirtbag.
    And watching netflix while at work , you deserve to get your stupid ass beaten like in Casino with like 5 guys with 3 baseball bats each lol

  21. Since his following gives him standing Os for dropping F bombs I'm not surprised by the vile abuse he spews on her in the tape. he's a liberal which means he never has to say he is sorry. Clinton, Kennedy, Allen, Weinstein, Franken, CK etc. Know your place ladies, they say they care, that should be enough.

  22. De Niro right 💯, fucking American feminist destroyed men

  23. What a fucked up woman …

  24. What he did isn't right. On the other hand $300k a year to be one of the greatest actors of all time's assistant and all you have to deal with is him occasionally yelling? Sign me the fuck up.

    I'd do more for less

  25. Life imitating art. Robert DeNiro has transmorphed into TRAVIS BICKLE. A completely warped and classically insane human. Do you need any more PROOF of how DeNiro is a SLIMEBALL and woman abuser. Check out the movies he was involved with alongside the second WOMAN ABUSER Harvey Weinstein. Too many pictures and information out there to show the contact. Oh, just in case you were wondering who own the WORLD TITLE on woman abusers GOOGLE is BILL CLINTON a sexual predator. Again many links to prove this. I hope this ABUSED woman and her lawyer TEAR PYCHOPATH Robert a new rectum. Listen to the audio recordings and decide for yourself if he's WAY TOO ANGRY to be near woman.

  26. Sounds like snowflake de Niro is gonna need his meds for his TRUMPER TANTRUMS! 4 more years!! 👏🏻👏🏻 seriously, liberals are a disease.

  27. She had to travel all the way back to 2012 to find this voicemail? 🤔

  28. He should have said, "You talkin to me, you talkin to me, bi**ch." I'm sure he's your typical Hollywood elitist. The Metoo movement won't target this guy though, he's anti Trump.

  29. I'd scratch his balls and zip his fly for the money he's shelling out! What an uppity twat.

  30. Ropert De Creepo is Getting a Taste Of his Own Medicine…!!!

  31. The worst job you could ever have is it been a personal assistant. And for an old fart like this omg

  32. Who is that? Looks like a dude

  33. Robert De Niro is a motherfucking asshole.

  34. That sounds like every employer with an employee…actually some employers are worse than that and they don’t get in trouble.

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