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International demand for Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine soars

ABC News’ Patrick Reevell reports on Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine, billions of doses of which have been ordered by more than 50 countries.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Russia doesn't deliver they're vaccines and it's totally fine the media doesn't mind. Any western country doesn't supply theyre vaccine and it's racism, it's elitism ect.. the media is the worst they are feeding you a bias

  2. Getting the Russian vaccine be like:
    "Wait, it's all vodka?"
    Always has been

  3. I live in Sydney, Aus and a vaccine is better than no vaccine

  4. Remember folks it’s legal for the US to use propaganda aka make up bs news stories to further their agenda

  5. Vaccine rushed? Bro the technology they used is old soo its reliable from old Vaccine ( just virus is different). All the american using new tech from 2011 not proven effective and all cost 5-10 more than sputnik. Just saying USA still doing propaganda how bad is russia simce 1950. Just my opinion

  6. Please pick one of the following:

    A)The coronavirus vaccines have undergone vigorous testing procedures totally in line with normal testing requirements that usually take years longer


    B)Emergency Use legislation around the globe specifically allows governments to deploy experimental vaccines that have not undergone a full testing process and are currently still in clinical trials

    If you admit the existence of the second, which is easily verifiable and on the statute books now of most nations, you cannot believe the first.

    Similarly how about this one:

    A)There are public health measures in place which prevent rushed or botched vaccines being given to the public


    B)Vaccine suppliers like Pfizer have been given specific legal immunity to any prosecution or legal consequence resulting from injury or death caused by these products

    Again the second is easily verifiable and negates the first. In the case of full testing, it’s even been alleged that severe adverse reactions prevented full animal testing out of concern for the harm being caused.

    Ask yourself if before 2020 somebody had honestly posed the question ‘would you inject yourself with a completely experimental medicine that has not been fully tested in order to mitigate the effects of a virus that you don’t have and that the vast majority of people suffer no significant harm from?’….would your answer have been a resounding ‘yes please, and anyone who says otherwise is mad’.

    Yet this is the current mainstream position on this topic, held with furious contempt for anyone who deviates from it in any way. Does this make sense when we are talking about what is effectively the greatest medical experiment in history affecting millions of people across the globe?

  7. This Is For You ABC NEWS
    Envious people always look for some fault. If you find it, comment on it. If you can't find it, make it up.


  8. Thank Gawd the pharmaceutical companies are coming to save US all -> the asbestos baby powder company, the opiate epidemic company, the $400 a pill company, the $530Billion annual profit company, but that's okay because the Vaccine is Freeee!
    come and get it

  9. They developed another one , with as they say has even less or no side effects. Russia, also India and Chin , gave their vaccine patent free. We should do it too with our vaccine. Cashing on pandemic is not ethical and it stops fight against disease.

  10. Vaccines are a very succesfull way to kill ppl.If you survived more than a year in this dangerous ''pandemic'' why anyone would take an untested ''vaccine''?God gave us the immune system and you survived because of this.Humanity survived 7000 without mask,social distancing and other stupid rules.All covid rules are against immune system and human rights.

  11. I had Sputnik V four months ago, no side effect and never got Covid despite my job as the hardest working exotic dancer in some of America's hardest hit nursing homes.

  12. Why would the Russian people be denying their own vaccine? What do they know that we don’t and/or why don’t they trust their own government and Pharma approval process?

  13. It's a good idea to blame Russia for the local problems of distribution in the countries that have contracted with them. I.e., the product doesn't work, they aren't producing it fast enough, etc. and on and on, yawn…..

  14. Even Americans living in Russia have imported the common US stereotypes and propaganda concerning Russia. Big surprise!

  15. Sputnik is the best had a friend who took the vaccine he is not showing any side effects on like other vaccine… It's so sad why African government is not projecting to buy and distribute this vaccine as quick as possible. Am not criticizing J&J vaccine but why would Africa go for this first where we have sputnik which is easy to transport andin a high efficient than any vaccine. Can we leave unnecessary politics and save lives first.

  16. Слава Русии и великом суперстару Путину

  17. Irina Yakutenko* sounds Ukrainian*; why are trying to fool* the people ABC*

  18. Dr Fauci does not want Russia to succeed in their distribution of the Covid 19 vaccine. Why? Dr Fauci makes money, on every US Covid 19 vaccine. Since each person needs 2 vaccines, that is a lot of money, Dr Fauci is making. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, only requires 1 dose of the vaccine. Dr Fauci makes less money if or when people take the J & J vaccine.

  19. What ever russia does that's deplomatic for u guys..even they are doing good u still kind of critize them lol…

  20. Are the Russians in on the world depopulation plan?

  21. Its all about urgency of situation as thousands are dying so vaccines are urgency now. Chinese vaccines are also now in great demand .

  22. "…only 2% of russians are vaccinated and 62% don't want the vaccine…because they don't trust the vaccine …." thanks to the smearing campaign by western fake news like abc and others, now thousands of people are gonna die due to this propaganda, guess "freedom" and "democracy" don't care about people's lives

  23. Oh but I would vaccinate with the Sputnik V if it was available in a second. I actually don't trust the rest.

  24. Lol the guy living in Russian : medical technology is not one of the things you think of whne you think of Russian know how !!! lol is he serious ?? well i won't blame his ignorance since he is an american, it must be very hard for the corporate medias to admit that Russia can produce a vaccin since they keep brainwashing people that Russia is a useless country lol

  25. Europe should turn to Russia, including France. They are our European brothers and sisters. I would have no problem taking the Russian jab.

  26. I wouldn’t take a vaccine that Russian people refused to take???? Good luck the consequences that will come along Sputnik V

  27. Russia taking Care of The World. Thank You!

  28. Russians are skeptical not about Sputnik V, but generally about any vaccination, and this is a big problem

  29. Russia won’t tell you this it’s just vodka in a vile. Placebo effect

  30. Haha propaganda
    Based on the poll, 62% of Russians have doubts. It doesn't mean they don't like it or they don't want to get vaccinated.

  31. All the bots in the comments trying to convince you to trust Russia and Putin 😂

  32. We should've called the American vaccine Apollo 11 just to troll the Russians.

  33. Biden blowing vaccine distribution in US but yet he allows in Covid positive illegals!

  34. if it's so popular why is Putin refusing to take it?

  35. I am from Russia from the city of St. Petersburg. Last month my mother was vaccinated with Sputnik V … She is 63 years old. After the first vaccination, she did not feel anything at all. After the second – 1 day she had a temperature of 37.2. She feels great now!
    Don't let politicians fool you! It's about your health, your lives !!! Are they worth all this propaganda stuff? Take care of yourself !!! This vaccine will save thousands of lives!

  36. Putin is more honest and believable than Biden.

  37. The russkies are shooting their foot by peddling too much antivax bs on the internet. They were hoping the US will stay in this covid quagmire for years with their asset in charge and people are leary with the vaccine. They will have to go the vaccine passport route in order to get their own citizens vaccinated.

  38. I'm not taking nothing il take my chances besides it's made with aborted baby cells in it

  39. ahhh, ABC news at its finest…. "Sputnik V joins the international arsenal…." And whose fault is that ABC? Sputnik was the FIRST vaccine, but because it was Russian, the powers that be probably only heard "Novichok"….lol

  40. Having 10% efficacy of Astrazeneca for South Africa, ofc Sputnik demand will go up. Also, Pfizer and moderna prioritising US citizens and superrich countries so Russia and China are moving faster in distributing to other countries especially the poor ones. It's not like they want it wholeheartedly, it's just that they don't have choice and people are dying….

  41. As long as America does not politicise Covid19 and the vaccines produced by other countries, everything should be OK.

  42. But this vaccine is vector which is very good

  43. Those Russians have some smart scientists/engineers. Look at all the cool stuff China stole(reverse engineered)from them.

  44. Still american propaganda outlets hasnt given up discrediting
    ruski vaccine.

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