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Investigation into fatal movie set shooting continues

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was working on the film “Rust,” died after Alec Baldwin misfired a prop gun during filming, authorities said Thursday.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. So sad. Wish the media would cover school shootings as much as they are covering this accident!

  2. … A great loss for Mindkind even Pope Francis is fastening for a week….😔….🍗🥓🍔🌮🌮🍷🍷….

  3. How do there be movie's during covid?it's all done by computer?stop lying!all the police are COVID 19 with weapon's and food and fresh water?what fool wake up to prove the bible wrong?and didn't make themselves,a rilfe will pop back in your own face

  4. Too much reality is also hazardous!! My condolences to the family.

  5. Poor woman left behind her husband may she rest in peace, she has more projects to come i hope but no not anymore :<

  6. How Prop Gun killed it’s fake ? So confuse

  7. I thought everything about movies was supposed to be fake

  8. "I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone.." -Alec Baldwin

  9. I'm going to mix it up a bit, make a great novel.
    Could it be the perfect Crime! He was having an affair with her she was threatening to tell his wife she wouldn't accept the Break-Up only one way out of this relationship!? It's not impossible.
    Why was he pointing a gun at her she wasn't the actress actor in the scene, seems a bit bizarre. if he and she were narrating the scene he wouldn't of pull the trigger knowing there's blanks in the gun be a dry run. Where was she hit on the body?

  10. Alec Baldwin cocked the hammer & pulled the trigger of this revolver, He and He alone is responsible for the gun He had in his hand!

  11. That Gun did not load itself !!!!!

  12. Somebody please explain to me how in the hell you can kill someone with a blank? There is no projectile!! Were these guys using live ammo? They must have been because it's the only way to actually shoot someone with a gun. With all the technology they have today and they can't figure this out?

  13. I wonder what Trump thinks now?

  14. Why was it aimed and fired at her was he playing around

  15. She hired a 23 year old female firearms 'expert', got what she deserved

  16. So, you all think it was negligence? Yes, negligence is deadly.
    What happened to Halina is awful. And what happened to Alec is awful as well.
    Was it done to Alec intentionally?
    Who is Halina's husband? Does he work in this field as well? I would like to know true answer to what happen. Hopefully investigation will be successful.
    By the way, when I saw her and her name Halina, not knowing she was Ukrainian I knew she was either Russian or Ukrainian. Something in the face and eyes; I know my people (I am Ukrainian). I lived in former USSR for 29.

  17. I still remember Jon-Erik Hexum, and how he died of a blank cartridge. He was the actor for Voyagers when I was a kid. It should be mandatory to teach actors some kind of gun safety, since this is still a problem. If not actors should do it on their own if they deal with guns!

  18. Why would Alec Baldwin point it at the director of photography in the first place. The prop girl fire arm lady should be held accountable plus Alec Baldwin that's murder. I just got my gun license now. Always important check it's safety

  19. I would NEVER fire a weapon without checking myself.

  20. “The timing of this was perfect.” -news producer covering the search for Brian Laundrie

  21. This isn’t Alec Baldwin’s fault!!! It’s the prop people’s fault. Their jobs are to provide safe props. Poor Alec!!!

  22. Why didn’t Alec as a producer listen to the crew? So many warning signs ignored.

  23. This is so funny.baldwin wants guns banned but yet he makes movies depicting gun violence. He had no reason to point the gun at that mother of two.

  24. I dont know Alec baldwin ,it seems he was not properly oriented or just being careless or what not, YOU dont point guns prop or not to people except on circumstances, once that gun is in your hand you always mind where its pointing.

  25. I learned this year in a film class that guns are not handled by the props department but by an armourer to make sure nothing like this ever happens. Glad they finally mentioned that but how was there not one for this?? And non union? So sad..

  26. i see they are already defending baldwin and singling out the armorer on set, even digging up her past. this is pathetic.

  27. What a stupid dumb mistake. Why were you using real gun? Why won't you check the handgun before using. Dumb@#$!

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