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Investigation into fatal shooting of a toddler in Detroit

According to police, a family was driving home from their 9-year-old son’s basketball practice when the car was shot at. Both of their sons were struck and their 2-year-old son did not survive.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This is beyond fucked.

  2. Biggest problem is nobody's walking with JESUS, just using lip service!

  3. The Violent Uncivilized 13%. And they wonder why they generate so much police attention. And they wonder why police are always wary around them. And they wonder why people of other races avoid them. And they wonder why employers are wary of hiring them. And they wonder why security at stores watches them. And they wonder why other races move away when they move in.

  4. Humans need to stop acting like wild Animals.

  5. Soo SADLY!!i am sjokked!!stop all This Guns Loven!!i am From Ålesund Norway Aries mom mother 50!!Trist!!

  6. Detroit is trash I’m from Ypsilanti we always had more class rip to the baby lord bless

  7. 🙏🙏🙏 Prayers to Brison😇 ❤ & his family 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Why would anyone come to ABC for news….They are just the mouth piece for the Democrat party and will on present what their masters will have you see.

  9. Shot by Democrat Paramilitary Death Squads….Did ABC tell you how much Nancy Pelosi loves and Defends MS-13 and other Democrat Gangs???…..I didn't think so…. They are just Democrats at ABC. Hell they probably have a few gang bangers as editors right now.

  10. Democrat paramilitary death squads sent to cause hate and discontentment in the community so they can get support for gun control and then they will blame it on white supremacy so the can use it as a cudgel against their enemies….It is really quite simple..ABC will not remove the Democrat Phallus from their mouth so they can't tell you this…..Their master won't let them.

  11. Let's see did the blue do this? A white man? No. Probably not.

  12. Mistaken identity??? That doesn't justify anything.

  13. They found the 2 suspects. They seen their car on the camera.

  14. Time for someone to make Bullitt proof carseats. Like backpacks. Lord what have we become?

  15. Black lives Matter is going to march for him now, RIGHT?

  16. lol. They just hastened what would have happened 16 years from now

  17. How does a case of mistaken identity make this shooting any less acceptable? It would have been egregious no matter who was shot.

  18. This is why I stay away from humans as much as possible. I safer living with wolves, lions, tigers, and etc…

  19. This is the second time I've heard another child killed. 6 yr old Aiden & now this 2 yr old boy.

  20. I hope the person who killed that boy gets the death penalty

  21. It ain't gonna stop.
    With these people in charge, the anti-cop moral and defunding.
    More young blood will spill.

    Y'all asked for this when you voted blue.

  22. Sooo. He thought it was somebody else's vehicle. And it's ok to fucking be so violent enough to just shoot your damn gun anyway. I'll bet you ain't at all tuff without that gun. You need to to be tuff now. They gonna find out real quick.

  23. 😪😪😪😪
    Can we please stop! Just stop! This is the absolute worst. My heart is broken for this family. God bless them
    I just CAN'T

  24. So soon after the other little boy met with the same end. Do little kids now need bullet proof child seats and blankets.

  25. This is so disgusting an I’m from Michigan prayers for the family

  26. This is breaking my heart. I just can’t… That little baby is gone…

  27. Lightfoot this is your death. This is your fault. Like being mayor now. Shale you be judged someday by your own maker. Change or blame it's on you now.

  28. The mayors is really a simpleton. How did a person like him get voted in. "It was a mistaken identify of a car" oops sorry it was a mistake. A little kid was murdered and the idea was murder anyway even if they got the right car. This jackass acts like it was a mistake and similar to a pizza being delivered to the wrong house😡

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