Investigation into massive power outages in North Carolina continues

ABC News’ Phil Lipof has the latest on the blackouts after authorities said two power substations were shot at and severely damaged in Moore County, North Carolina. WATCH the live stream of ABC News here: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch more at http://abcnews.go. com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #abcnews #abcnlupdate #investigation #poweroutage #moorecounty #northcarolina

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. “Violent Christian Extremism” or The American Taliban 🫤

  2. Has this ever happened at these sub stations before?
    The reward is pretty high now I’d be throwing someone under the bus if I knew who did it.I know all about having no power and it’s tough,7 days for me and not knowing when it was gonna come back on.I hope they catch them soon and they have to pay restitution

  3. Drag show… oh snap laugh
    … I forget everything but a man is accepted…. Putrid sores and immoral sexual antinatural world order of gods… I'm your huckleberry hound sounding off… bark bark bark ruff ruff riot

  4. Imagine that don't blame the fu gun.

  5. Damn what a misleading header in the thumbnail. We already know organized groups attacked 2 separate power stations simultaneously. Pretty mid journalism.

  6. I guess stock investment n guns outweighs pro-life advocacy. Since the pro-life people seem to care very little about the amount of lives being affected by guns!🤔🤔🤔

  7. I guess stock investment n guns outweighs pro-life advocacy. Since the pro-life people seem to care very little about the amount of lives being affected by guns!🤔🤔🤔

  8. Get ur guns ur gonna need em`…….

  9. BS ! This is a Joe Biden open borders terrorist act ! This is what America voted for! Are you Democrats happy to bring USA to Globalist rule! Are We the next Venzuela? Possible ! Yes ! You Democratic voters get your head out of your Ass !

  10. Any one think this is just a test run ? I mean we have a lot of enemies exploiting the border, 911 will look like nothing if this is done in mass.

  11. Maybe republicans should have had community protections n place 1st-before obsessing over a culture that they have no idea on how to control!🤔🤔🤔

  12. Hey republicans-where were the "good guys" at when this gun crime happened?

    Answer: nowhere to b found as usual!😖😞😠

  13. Dear Christians: this is why service industry workers spit in your food.

  14. The Republican puppet sheriff won't call it domestic terrorism because he's a puppet

  15. These power outages will prove that we're just a step away from being a third-world country.

  16. Good Reporting========AAA+++Bedford, Texas

  17. offer a REWARD of $25K for the vandal , Im sure the gun addicted in-bred Trumptard told someone he'd do it…. duh..

  18. Vandallism is a criminal act.. always.. Every time.

  19. Average temps in South Carolina in winter do not even dip below freezing. Now if this happened in a northern state the misery would be much more widespread. Let's hope nobody gets any dumb ideas. Substations are VERY soft targets.

  20. White supremacist terrorists

  21. Donald Trump's supporters on a Saturday night.

  22. I’m glad it wasn’t people getting shot. There will be damages but it’s not people, thankfully

  23. So very sorry for what you are going through !!! Seems this is politically motivated . Maybe. ? I just pray for those without power, lights, warmth. I am so very sorry. !!!

  24. Okay, maybe a “terrorist” but since any kid can buy a high powered or military assault style semi-automatic and modify and upgrade it, and buy all the ammo they want online, everywhere but California New York and Massachusetts, why aren’t we talking about that? This would be a practically irresistible target!

  25. The FBI held "weekly meetings" with social media giants ahead of the 2020 election and sent in "lists of URLs and accounts" for them to take down in the name of fighting "foreign influence operations," an FBI agent revealed Tuesday while under oath.

  26. Too funny, omg that is funny

  27. It's starting to look like Trumpism more then a Tik Tok prankster.

  28. Warming up for a new election. Make laws to cover emergencies during a vote, It's needed

  29. White Supremes group pissed over that racists oath keeper leader convicted.

  30. It was a Mango Mussolini “fan” case solved.

  31. Crazy how weak America really is. Knock over a couple dominoes and it'll crumble quick.

  32. I actually know the blond lady in the interview

  33. America's power grid is VERY VUNERABLE, another reason to have some solar for your basics.

  34. It's NORTH CAROLINA, ever been to Wrightsville Beach??

  35. Seems somebody doesn't like drag shows…Solution….no more drag shows.

  36. Most these power stations don't have any security. Crazy how one person can cut out the power to thousands. Wouldn't surprise me if this happens and ppl start looting

  37. So much for post-9/11 security surveillance…….