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Investigation of US drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan

The Pentagon said the drone strike targeted a suspected ISIS-K terrorist after the deadly suicide bombing at the airport near Kabul. The strike killed 10 people, including children.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. You know they do that just to say they killed the so called terrorists you know they didn’t

  2. It Was Justified To Killed Incorrect Men And His Children's 👏👏👏 We Did It Joe. 😭

  3. Pat yourself on the back if you voted for Biden.

  4. Today's top story: Top General admits mistaken target in drone strike. Expresses sorrow to family of dead innocents and begs for forgiveness.
    (Now that's REAL fake news)

  5. Imagine if any of the terrorists "accidentally" killed 5 white children ON AMERICAN SOIL. US would have possibly nuked them for that, or either way kill 1000s of middle eastern civillians. I'm not saying that the US is worse than them but it isn't better either.

  6. This is a war crime and nobody will go to jail. The fall of modern Rome may be even worse than the original Roman empire. Emperor Neros every where

  7. The reality is, intelligence said another attack was immenent. The actions and situation dynamics indicated this was the likely vehicle.. *end of story*. When suicide bombings stop then nobody has to worry about Drone missiles at all, good or bad Hits!!

  8. Well, it happens. But take heart sympathizers, Biden has brought Afghanistan refugees into the US with no way to vet them and once on the ground they’re allowed to go where ever they want. I’m sure there’s a few Taliban in the lot that will exact revenge on US soil.

  9. Won't be loading water in my trunk for a while

  10. A “righteous” and “justified” strike? What kind of nation have we become?

  11. Justified we'll see justified when everyone who is responsible will have to answer to GOD, because let you know that every little child on this planet belongs to GOD, as he's the creator of all, so GOD will be the one who will be JUSTIFIED in the end to his judgement is just!

  12. Now Malala Yousafzai, thinks Taliban terrorists are better than the United States, which talks about democracy and human rights, Hàaàaaaa a!

  13. And we wonder why they want to detonate bombs in our airports and buildings

  14. justified killing a man putting jugs of water in a car? Bruh who ever was in charge of the drone should get fired and jailed!

  15. rewatching this to see if the 7 CHILDREN KILLED were mentioned. they weren't.

  16. American intelligence never was right. Killing civilians and claimed otherwise.
    Many children and innocent people were killed

  17. 20 years so much people killing all are justified round the globe

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