Investigators: Parade shooter considered second attack in Wisconsin l ABCNL

Attorney General Merrick Garland spoke about the shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, saying “we must do everything in our power to end” gun violence.

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  1. Who cares what thus freaking says or thinks???? Enough

  2. Do not blame rap for this.

  3. No leader would sacrifice their people but a true leader would have people willing to sacrifice.this is threw word of mouth that resonates truth without temperament to their free will ..A leader does not need magic to lead for a victory but strategy threw mind to see how to lead for thier future…your rydberg collosium is expose so will you aknowlage the Trojan Horse in our homes..if you lead with fear no one will follow if you lead for a cause and righteousness then you will have an army..Wifi 4:16

  4. I don’t understand why this evil 😈 people uses mental disorders as an excuse for their evil actions….. if they truly got mental issues why don’t they shot them selves instead of Killing innocent souls including children?

    Americans needs to wake! The killing is too Much 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. Wait, this guy is getting a defense attorney? What for? Leniency? He's killed people. What else do we need to sentence him?

  6. It wasn't an assault weapon. It was a Kel-Tec sub 2k 9mm carbine.

  7. T.G he didn't bring his shot gun on that roof..

  8. So by killing people that makes you mentally insane right okay so that means every person that is shot somebody is mentally ill when in reality that's not the case because if it was they wouldn't be releasing criminals back out into public who commit another murder with another Weapon by the way can't wait and still somehow managed to get another weapons met another crime it's not mental illness it's called a criminal being a criminal and you're using the mental part to lighten the sentence he needs to serve jail time in prison for life for killing people you take a life your life is forfeit unless it's self defense true true self defense let you know thank god with y'all having degrees and still being this dumb wow degrees in education you're still this dumb boy that's why humans don't need to live in this world no more

  9. Can’t wait untill the parents are charged at full extend!! Life in prison for them and death to him!!

  10. This is where the death penalty should be applied, he has no right to breathe any more air!!! Pure evil 👿

  11. Charge Bobby 3. As he feels sympathy for the terrorist he manufactured, armed, and unleashed on the public.

  12. He’s a liberal Democrat lunatic killer. He is a Democrat voter. You liberals are a pathetic bunch of losers. Your party member did this. Control your fringe lunatics like this and control your inner cites that democrats created for the poor in every major city where death is commonplace. You liberals suck at managing anything. Fact. Your bitching. Crying. Moaning. Complaining has never solved one issue for any American. Cheers woke low IQ libtards!!

  13. Enough with making this moron a celebrity.

  14. Too bad that creature face, looks 100% Sick. If ppl loves guns so much, why can't they easly go to the war country's and meet their fellows!? Destroying your own ppl life's that is a last weaknesses of your humanity. Sick

  15. It's our taxpayer money to keep him in jail. Bring back the death penalty. Then kill his family for intentionally letting this happen. I support the NRA..that's common sense. From a former Democrat

  16. Capital punishment must be apply to all mass shooters

  17. He’s nuts, but it won’t get him a successful insanity defense.

  18. America needs to wake up and be honest about 🔫. Private citizens should not be allowed to have them

  19. What is wrong with him is being Trumper, white nationalist terrorist. That is what is wrong with him

  20. This criminal guy is sooooooo idiot . He had to Eat Cheeseburger before be Monster .
    I will eat cheeseburger when I feel depress or feel stress .
    Because , “ Beef “ meat includes many “ Serotonin “ , “ Serotonin “ makes us to feel “ Happy “ or “ Calm “ .
    Then , I will drink Milk , too , when I feel stress , Milk , Cheese have Serotonin than another foods .
    It’s Medical Science .
    Cheeseburger has many Serotonin by Beef and Cheese . It’s perfect food for our Stress .
    Let’s Eat Cheeseburger !

  21. He put his make up on! It's a disguise shooter, why even bother hiding your tattoos and leaving your registered gun on the roof top. Can we call this shooter smart sycho

  22. Chase closed , why are we even paying for the monster to even breath or eat , friggin coward , pure evil