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Investigators say woman faked cancer, collected over $10K in donations | Nightline

Jessica Ann Smith said she had colon cancer and detailed her struggles on social media. After she told her story on a podcast, people became suspicious, including, police say, her husband.


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  1. Oh man lol there’s gonna be allot of people coming after her. I bet she thought hipaa law would save her guess again.

  2. Someone should murder her🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. it doesn't get as low as this. She embodied and lived a lie

  4. Her own husband? Well daaaaamn….

  5. So ?? Lying is illegal now?

  6. Come on ya'll, white women gotta get in on this shit too.

  7. Last year I lost my Mom then over a month after my Mother’s funeral my Father was diagnosed with stage four small cell cancer and passed just after the two week mark.
    This women is the cancer!! This is something that you never wish on. Cancer ruins families.

  8. You SUCK! Making it hard for those whose legitimately have a illness and need the kindness of stranger's to make it through financial difficulties.Please for those who give, dont allow these rotten apples to discourage you from giving if your able.Karma works in the positive as well, if you do a good deed it comes back to you just like when you do a bad deed it comes full circle.Again lying to get money means you SUCK!

  9. As a cancer survivor myself and to lose five members of my family to cancer ..just makes me SAD and discuss with someone like her ..and play with such a bad disease hope one day she doesn’t have to face what I’ve gone through or other survivors. Or others that Have lost family members to cancer

  10. Pretty sure that's not even a women.

  11. This is sad because the people that actually have this won't get the funds they need because other people will think that it's a scam.

  12. My mother In law has been faking cancer for years! I havent been able to prove it yet but I will one day!

  13. She really just put that into the universe

  14. They need to start doing a confirmation process NOW to put a stop to lies and theft while making it fair and able for those who truly need the help can and will be able to have it.

  15. I can't wish such an illness on somebody, but karma is a bitch…💯

  16. People like this are despicable. There are actually people out there with serious medical problems having trouble paying medical bills and here this woman is preying on the kindness of people who would usually lend money to them. Despicable.

  17. I'm tired or people using sickness as an excuse for money and to collect any valuables from people, my auntie lost to breast cancer which is disrespectful to those who won against it and who were also lost to it. God bless those who are going through this

  18. I started a go fund me to get a down payment of 3k for my dream car. Car is Tesla roadster.

  19. As someone who lost a sister to stage 4 pancreatic cancer 6 months ago I find this story absolutely disgusting. To all the people who really have cancer, keep fighting.

  20. My Two Aunts and my one Uncle died from cancer, this individual is sick!! Sociopathic freak! It just brings back the pain I witnessed my loved ones go through!
    she was in no pain, there was no suffering! But now, she WILL suffer her own. 😥😡

  21. Hey… wheres my 10k..? I actually had cancer btw…

  22. Be hilarious if she got cancer for real 😂

  23. My sister passed over a year ago at 28 years old from ovarian cancer. I'm absolutely DISGUSTED! It seems people donate to people who dont need it and the people who actually do need it get no help. I know 'cause I through it with my sister and now shes dead and look at these people trying to feed off of people's hearts because of their greed. Fucking sad and just wrong on so many levels.

  24. Disgusting human being, she has no idea what cancer is, lost many family members and friends to cancer. You shouldn't wish this to no one…but those who claim they have (fake) cancer

  25. I don't wish cancer on anyone – not even this piece of crap, sorry excuse of a human being. BUT if one day she ends up with real cancer – if she got this exact same cancer she faked, it would be poetic justice, served up by Lady Karma herself. Those who gave money to her, did so of a clean heart and they will be rewarded – if not in this life, then the life after death to come. Its okay if you dont believe in that stuff – because if there is life after death, its there whether anyone believes it or not. If nothing is waiting for us? Then there's peace., no worries, no pain anymore. Seriously evil people will not have it so good. There's more to life than what we can see. And that much is a fact.

  26. I had to work two jobs just so my mom could have cancer treatments and food on the table. What made this bitch so special people gave her this money?

  27. People like these make me sick…my best friend died of cancer 6 weeks after her diagnosis

  28. “At Just 32 years old” bruh that’s not that young kid and children are too way more than normally they do.

  29. Attention seeking truly is a disease. Attention truly is a drug for some people. Anything to get people to even look in your fucking direction. People like this make me sick.

  30. Lol. I just think this is funny. The depths ppl are willing to go to to get attention and money…….. At some point it just starts being funny to me. Nothing shocks me anymore.

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